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Smoke DZA – Always Been (The Smokers Club) f. Mac Miller (prod. Big K.R.I.T.)

blame it on Meka September 30, 2010

The behind-the-scenes footage dropped yesterday, now here’s the end result between the K.R.I.T.-DZA-Miller collaboration.

DOWNLOAD: Smoke DZA – Always Been (The Smokers Club) f. Mac Miller (prod. Big K.R.I.T.) | Mediafire

  • varsityballin

    im bout to light this chem dawg #5

  • Based Angel

    Hook was horrible, Verses were decent, Beat was OK.



  • AD

    I fucks wit it.

  • Hook was horrible, Verses were decent, Beat was OK.
    Based Angel said this on September 30th, 2010 at 4:50 pm
    cosign except i think the beat is piff n mac did horrible.

  • GangGang&J.E.T.S FOO!

    I liked mac when i first started to listen to him.. but now i realize … He kinda sucks yo. But DZA is still that nigga.

  • gilly4

    Mac is some hot garbage people are gunna regret co-signing this

  • @gilly4 i know…dude is beyond weak and generic.

  • Onederin

    I agree with Based Angel. And Mac Miller is pretty weak imo. Not sure why people are so interested in him.

  • While we’re talkin about how much we don’t like Mac Miller, I’m hoping he’s not there when I go see the tour in Orlando.

  • Eustice Ghostal

    mac goes in .. i guess it juss depends on what it is

  • One of the worst tracks I have heard this past year next to that garbage Wayne shit. Fucking trash rappers.

  • SomeGuy817

    Krit stay killing even when he aint rapping (that beat is smooth)

  • tHEiNKReDiBLe

    This colab was meant to happen I most definitely approve of this

  • jamminonthe1

    mac miller < trash.
    only reason why people think he's good is because he gets nice beats and/or flows over legit oldschool tracks. the kid has no bars. it's time ya'll realize it.

  • GOD


  • Antone

    wtf, i just dont get some people (well, i guess the same thing could be said about me)…

    i think they all did their thing and the song is fire.

  • tHEiNKReDiBLe

    i’m with u Antone i love this shit but shit jus let ppl hate cause i doubt its gonna make them stop rapping

  • feeling this one…Dope

  • mmkayy

    that beat is hella smooth….krit killin as always

  • broken pen

    mad mac haters its hilarious dude has talent you see how smooth fluent and quick dude lace this track in the video? dudes gunna go places yall watch bitter on the sidelines

  • Delusional Dolphin.

    where’s he going broken pen? he sounds lackluster at best… definition of mediocre. beat is dope tho.

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    He has no delivery. Nothing wows me. Shit is corny cmon man, wake up. Just another hypebeast jumping on the wagon, milking the game for all he can because of a Wiz Khalifa connect. Bitches don’t talk about hip-hop if you don’t know it. Keep downloading your bullshit Miller joints, and watch 6 months from now you’ll be deleting the trash out your itunes.

  • D.r.e.a.m.s

    most of you bloggers are gigantic pussies. go out and spit something if you know good rap from bad rap. you guys are the reason hip hop is turning into this bullshit internet based phenomenon. go outside and do something. fuck the haters, biters and wanna-be planes.