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The History Of Rap With Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Justin Timberlake (Video)

blame it on Meka September 30, 2010


At this point the only thing keeping Jimmy Fallon’s show afloat is The Roots, so why not milk them for all they’re worth utilize them as much as possible?

  • balla

    they should make an album…

  • can i get 3:32 back somehow in my life?

  • Groucho

    The Roots have been the only thing keeping the show going since day one. The agony of being a band who also gets paid to perform on TV show…

  • Stephanie

    That was pretty entertaining haha.

  • IllicitMC

    i know everyone was going to dis this, but really guys? this is actually pretty good; i mean think of the skill, precision and planning it took to create that. the roots proved any doubters that they are the best band, period. what other band could seamlessly go through all those songs and make them sound perfect.
    and i realize jimmy fallon, and jt are not very good rappers, it was till entertaining, and give them props for using some classic tracks that the average jimmy fallon watcher probably never heard.

  • just watched that on youtube
    good stuff

  • JuGo

    Jimmy Fallon mah nigguh

  • Nick

    Meka why do you guys hate on Jimmy Fallon so much? It’s because of him I get to see The Roots every night! They work well together! Stop hating!

  • MarzDaKidd

    watched it last nite…wish that em&snoop song was longer 2funny

  • Onederin

    This was cool, but that doesn’t make the show (when The Roots aren’t playing) any less shitty.

  • Tha Phantom

    That was actually really cool to watch. the empire state of mind ish at the end was surreal lol

  • yeah this was actually pretty dope. the roots did their thing. justin is a good performer….and jimmy was clearly trying to cheese it up, but thats ok…

    it was really funny seeing justin do the eminem song. cause em was def dissing nsync back in those days

  • BUCK

    i strongly dislike both fallon and JT but this was real cool

  • red

    Haha that was awesome, good shit. I love how white the crowd is, the more recent the song the louder the fans get.

  • lymaund

    I gotta disagree Meka, my mom actually stays up late to watch Jimmy Fallon now because she saw me watching it once so i think he might have a pretty strong viewership

  • And Won

    Jimmy Fallon > Meka’s opinion

  • Maga D

    Really though? Jimmy Fallon wrecks. Best late night show besides Jimmy Kimmel. They need Conan back though. and the Roots, I don’t even need to say anything about them, you know what it is.

  • poo

    Im not a fan of Jimmy Fallon, but that comment was pretty ignorant on Meka’s part.

  • And Won

    Conan > Fallon > Kimmel > Letterman > Ferguson > Leno.

    They need to bring back Arsenio Hall though.

    Obviously, the Fallon show gets a BIG boost for having the Roots but Fallon does a great job and you could tell it was rough when he first started. Meka is being snide, big suprise, those XXL editorials (that few people read) must be getting to his head.

  • Meka u are a damn fool. his show is hilarious. Alot more than the roots are holding it afloat. Sometimes i wish u were kinda intelligent, shake seems to be.

  • @MagaD Conan is gettin a show on TBS. and George lopez’s show is on that network and its decent. so we’ll see how it goes…

  • fallon’s show has gotten absolutely great after a terrible start. anyone saying otherwise prolly tuned in the first month and saw him being crazy nervous and awkward and wrote it off since then. fallon gets great viewership and great critical reviews. the only thing that still sucks is the monologue, but he even puts enough recurring quirks in it to make up for the corny jokes. i don’t know why anyone’s knocking it.

  • @ChrisCampbell i love when he gets a bad joke in the monologue and just goes and gives that cue card to someone in the crowd haha

  • so_me

    fallon got tar balls in his mouth, hubble got me, lets put it in reverse, LATE, Its time for THANK YOU NOTES, etc ….

  • J.E.T.S.

    jimmy fallon has one of the best late night shows. don’t hate on him bitches

  • poo

    At this point the only thing keeping this site afloat is Shake…. so can Meka please go back to whatever corner of the internet he crawled out of?

  • Kameron Casey

    watched it 3 times, this is awesome

  • DontGetIt

    Besides Letterman Jimmy Fallon is the worst part of television, and I gotta say if this was JUST Justin Timberlake it actually might’ve been pretty dope.

  • Tone Riggz

    Shouldn’t this be a “Random Acts of Fuckery” video? Fallon has always been corny, ever since SNL. The only good thing about his show is that The Roots are part of it.

  • @Poo hahaha well said!

    @J.E.T.S. Bitches is plural. the only one hating on jimmy is meka

  • @J.E.T.S scratch that, looks like Tone Riggz hopped on mekas vagina

  • emil

    Ive said this many times… Meka is a bitch!

  • Entirely white audience. Seriously?



  • Entirely white audience. Seriously?

    what do u mean? of course y wudnt it be? its jimmy fallon for one. and its a predominantly white country. did u expect it to be full of blk ppl cos they did a hiphop medley on jimmy fallon..cmon son.

  • tHEiNKReDiBLe

    now that was actually dope

  • Tone Riggz


    I tend to disagree with a lot of Meka’s XXL rants, but I’ve always believed that Fallon is corny, ever since his time on SNL, which predates this website. In other words, my opinion is not based on Meka’s opinion. I know how much it pains you to see somebody disagree with you. Opinions are a horrible thing.

  • somethingcrazy

    dude. jimmy fallon is dope. unlike leno and letterman fallon actually brings in a viewership that is significantly younger than most talk shows, which is a major feat for late night. and i love the roots and all but to claim that the roots are the only thing that hold afloat the show is a stupid thing to say, meka. explain to me what it is that the roots do exactly that keep the show afloat. they play music dummy, thats it. every late night talk show band does that. man meka, sometimes you just stupid

  • looll

    man meka sometime you just stupid

  • mmkayy

    damn why r ppl so mad at fallon…i dont watch the show but him on SNL >>>

  • love Jimmy! His show is usually great, and I think he’s super talented. He does a lot of funny skits etc. (unlike Ferguson who seems to hate his job). I like the cute way Jimmy “fistbumps”, dances and how good he is at playing the guitar and singing. I actually set my TV timer to get out of bed to see the show if I’ve gone to bed a few hours earlier. There are lots of funny things most nights, especially the “thank you notes”, the backwards segment, Bieber reflections…..to name a few. Jimmy is definitely the BEST!!!!