• http://rassonarigato.com/ Arigato

    Big up....

  • The Prophet Muhammed

    BoB sucks.

  • marksppl

    Man Good look B.O.B But Fuck Obama tho

    25 outta 44 presidents r Related to the Royal Family that rules the world

    Obama is related to all other U.S. presidents except one

    do u find that odd ??? it means your vote doesn't Matter bloodlines rule the world presidents are SELECTED not elected

  • The Prophet Muhammed

    We just found out that marksppl's favorite movie is Zeitgeist and he gets all his news from PrisonPlanet.com. Moron.

  • omfgtom

    Guess what marksppl!! not only that, EVERYONE is related to EVERYONE!!

    i know, its scary. so kill urself.

  • niggas is trippin

    fuck you muhammed illuminati is real, get ur research right

  • DallasTx_Groveside


    its not hard or just pretend this shit real

  • red

    I thought B.o.B. failed and that he wasn't a success. Yet again, this proves that record sales don't amount for shit. When you have Obama, Jay-Z, Eminem, and so many others putting you on, then you fucking made it even if you sold 10 CDs.

  • JD

    Wow this nigga den made it. I slept on the nigga god damn who woulda thought he'd perform for the president?

  • http://www.bobatl.com B Rich

    @ Red get your shit right dude BoB has sold over 600k recoeds over 10 million singles!!!