• joe burns

    have you seen a black person at any of the 12 shows

    clearly none at this one

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    and that matters because?

  • BigWill

    Shake you shouldn't have even responded to that idiot

  • http://www.myspace.com/cuj CuJ

    ^^ Word to Shake

    Hip hop can be embraced by all types of ppl

    SUPPORT [dope] MUSIC

    looked like a sick turnout tho

  • joe burns

    u racist bastards

  • Onederin

    You're going to try to determine if there's black people there just from a few pictures? lolz. How about you go to the show and see for yourself.

  • joe burns

    i was just playin... im seein them on thursday

    two of my favorites

  • http://www.TooMuchPretty.com Lexx

    Clearly, someone overlooked the photo of Blueprint.
    I could be wrong, but I swear he fits the bill....

  • wowsies

    breakfast burger!

  • Tone Riggz

    I've always heard that their shows are amazing.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hotnikelz Hotnikelz Tha Don

    nobody gives a shit about this

  • wowsies

    i care more about this than your favorite band, soulja boi. f'n figgit piece of poop motherchucker.

  • Tyree

    Shake, you should have flown to MN for the Lazerbeak cd release. That shit was out of control, 2 Doomtree sets and Ensemble Legends. Amazing night.

  • wowsies

    fat piece of doodoo lookin, trying to grow a mustache havin', eating piece of dirt daily, no call of duty skills havin' moflucka.

  • 10dopeboyz

    Yeah, get em wowsies!!

  • http://2dopeboyz.com dwayne

    i was only the few black people there. But the show was straight hiphop

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    damn! wish i cudda went to this. never seen dem perform in person.

    btw, anyone know if Banks is still droppin a track for Blue Friday for this week?

  • Pasta

    looking cute there shake :) i like the hat

  • David

    Blah.. No fair. Oh well. I'm sure I can catch a show later..

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


    i'm in none of these flicks. the one with blueprint is budo (dj).

  • robertTHEallen

    quasi unrelated but yo shake, any updates on the mathaddicts site?

  • Pete

    I was there aswell and wasn't too impressed with Atmosphere but Grieves and blueprint definitely did their thing.

  • mmkayy

    some ppl have double standards when it comes to white rap fans...make ur mind up

  • Bstew

    soo jealous of anyone who went to this

  • ct

    saw this tour on the opening night in madison, too bad you got there late and missed grieves, i thought he killed it and the show overall was great, minus the bass being too heavy for some of atmosphere stuff or maybe that was just because i was in the front row.

  • bebe

    do you have any more photos of the crowds? loved this show <3

  • JD

    What was once underground Hip Hop turned into chick music long ago... I think the photos show my theory is correct. Nothing worse than having some college girl ask you "OHMYGAWD you listen to hiphop!??!!! Do you like Atmosphere!??! I like Kid Cudi and Atmosphere!!!!!"

    Lame. But good for Slug. Hope he's making money off it, or at least getting a bunch of ass. I guess my other theory is that everything that was once good evolves into p_ssy sh_t at one point or another.

  • http://www.ywslyfyrgzii.com Asley Goulart

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