• http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    wheres Blue Friday???

  • who cares

    Hell yea been waitin' for this shit......O DAMN!! This shit's 158 mb?!?! I'll wait till it gets reduced

  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey

    Why does this have a 2005 style cover? I really thought that wack shit was played out....

  • red

    ^Because this style of music is still stuck in the past.

  • food4thought

    @1dopepuertoricanfromjersey - you're so ahead of your time

  • Zee

    cant stand stupid fucks that care more about the god damn cover than the music

  • Lotlan


  • RealRap

    stuck in the past = STILL REAL HIP HOP

  • http://www.online-betting-guide.co.uk/?tx11653 Epic

    No Vinny Idol production?

  • Tone Riggz

    Hope he brings out Jada and Styles at the Ghost show...

  • the surg3on

    i love my boy sheek, but i dont even want to listen to this. wtf is up with people ruining the rip by making it one large file?

  • killa kah

    Sheek Louch And The LOX Are One Of The Realest Artist Still Out Fuck The Cover Listen To The Music D-BLOCK!!!!!!

  • shawn

    could someone put up another link. i cant find this anywhere