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Travie McCoy On Andre 3000, Gym Class Heroes, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake October 3, 2010

Travie chops it up with Rap-Up about wanting to work with Andre 3000, touring Europe with Bruno Mars, depression and Gym Class Heroes next album (The Papercut Chronicles II).

  • bucknasty

    he’s not even close in talent to Andre 3000, but then again, not many people are. too much of a hipster for my tastes

  • DJ Hot Ballz

    gym class heroes still suck for covering “Under The Bridge”. seriously WTF!!!

  • Vagitables

    @bucknasty STFU you idiot, youre in idot so because you think hes not close in talent that means he cant have an idol or someone he looks up to? Drake says he looks up to Nas does he have as much talent as Nas I think not youre dumb. & for the record Im not even a Huge Travis fan

  • phenom

    i thought GCH broke up when he went solo ?

  • and why do we care what travie mccoy wants?

  • stephen

    wheres that sunday session at

  • Nito

    Hey shake are you going to upload a sunday soothing session today?

  • saying andre 3000 in a series of namedrops is not fucking impressive. it’s overdone and nearly a cliche now.

    nobody cares, and it’ll never happen. 3 stacks is one of the best lyricists of all time, but he’s also one of the most lazy and most overrated. let’s find a new emcee to dickride, hip-hop.

  • glad GCH is coming out again & he wants to work with 3 stacks….

  • Matt

    Who doesn’t want to work with Andre 3000?

  • errrrrrrr yip yip yip chun li

    This nigga’s corny.

  • Angrous

    this guy said he’s pushing the bar…of what bubble gum rap? gym class heroes is dope sometime but this guys solo shit is garbage imo

  • kalabash

    I want to fuckin hear something from 3 stacks’ solo album. In a interview I read he’s producing much of the stuff alone. I want to HEAR it man!!!

  • Shawnice

    GCH is my favorite band, so im hella juiced about PCCII. and yeah i wasnt feelin his solo album either, i still love the guy tho!

  • shady

    too bad his music sucks ass!!!

  • straightkillah

    LMAO everyone wants to work w/ andre cus he’s like.. the Lugia (pokemon reference) of hip hop right now. he’s one of the greatest alive, a living legend but…where the fuck is he?!

  • KirbyTheAlmighty

    I still think Gym Class Heroes are still pretty dope.

  • Idris

    Andre like that chick you can’t get in High School that ends up dating the scholarship winning football player that use to be the senior jock 3 years back. Aint nobody gunna get no love from this dude, give it up, buddy.

  • :P

    why are yall acting like its fucking impossible to work with andre, yall will remember he was on the walk it out remix, and stop talking shit about the guy he was depressed and hes trying to be happy now. support that man, even if the songs do kinda suck