Some new visuals off Danny Brown's latest album, The Hybrid. Spotted at NR (via Donwill).


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  • solo

    this dude is too dope

  • Hal A. Tosis

    Danny Brown is ILLL!!!!!!!!!

  • gcash

    By the looks of this video, he should rename the track Grimiest Rapper Ever!

  • danny_

    This nigga spits it raw!

  • YaBoyRampz

    "I'm spittin' that dope shit, smokin' on regulars/ Writin' sixteens like internet child predators"

    Yeah, he went in.

    I'm always lost as to why this nigga is missing teeth though. How did that shit happen? lol.

  • zany blunts

    chyea! D Brown is crazy... madd original n awesome...

  • Berp Willie

    "off them pills that had carlton dancing fast" lmao y'all remember that fresh price episode?

    danny brown is sick

  • peteyb03

    Damn near can't stop listening