Kobe vs. Lebron… (Video)

blame it on Meka October 4, 2010

… in a one-on-one ball game? Who do you think will win. The two meet up this X-Mas. Get ready. Props to TSS.

  • oohla vegas

    kobe hands down.

  • thatguy

    black mamba

  • YO


  • yeah

    Tyreke Evans, gtfo with kobe and lebron

  • mmmmmyyy nigga! (c) Denzel Washington

  • Kobe would wreck Lebron compared to shooting.

  • chitownhrey

    d rose

  • Skip Bayless (Diabolical Hater)

    Kobe in 1v1? Are you niggas delusional? Bron would destroy him..

  • Jonnielluminati

    Lebron is like 80% athleticism..if Kobe was 6’8 250 pounds and was runnin that fast and jumpin that high…he’d be averaging 53 points 15 rebounds 11 assists 9 blocks and 14 assists per game lol same with Deron Williams prob the most skilled player in the league

  • B-Mac

    FUCK ANYONE who thinks Lebron would take it!! HES GAY!!

  • Jonnielluminati

    14 steals per game *

  • CooL-C


  • FreshHeir

    Lebron defitnitly. Too big, too strong and too athletic. He is a 2 time scoring champ as well but he’s only a great passer according to Kobe

  • Shy

    lakers in 7, mufuckers.

  • Hugo Bawss

    Current day, Durant beats ’em both. What.

  • Hugo Bawss

    Current day, Durant beats ’em both. What.

  • Mc Persia


  • JD

    Kobe, Yeah Lebron’s got power and strength over him but Kobe has finesse and accuracy and experience. Really just a no brainer for him

  • FreshHeir

    I mean 1 x scoring champ but lets be real, dude can score at will and if he wanted to win multiple scoring titles he could

  • dumb statements bug me

    Yeah Jonnie except no one else has his athleticism so what are you trying to say? What if New York had California weather, it’d be awesome… Why say something so obvious and irrelevant? If I had 100 million dollars I’d be rich… LeBron is better than Kobe now, and if you say otherwise you’re just a stan.

  • Jonnielluminati

    ^you stupid? Durant is great coming off of screens and finding ways to score, but not 1 on 1…the best 1 on 1 players are Kobe and Carmelo…Carmelo would beat Lebron 1 on 1 he’s got a thousand moves lol but Lebron is a better overall player

  • Jonnielluminati

    @dumb statements bug me…I take skill over athleticism, that’s my point..Lebron’s nothing special to me..plus winners (Kobe) are better than losers (Lebron)

  • Franklinko

    Voted Kevin Durant

  • Hugo Bawss

    I am a DWade fan til the end, but I hope the Heat never win shit.
    LeBron can ball yeah yeah yeah but fuck him. Charles Barkley is right on this one (as he is on most things LMAO). The whole “Decision” TV event where he wasted an hour of time “for charity” before ripping the heart out of a city and fanbase (no matter how shitty the city is) and then pulls the race card cuz there was inevitable backlash???. LMAO. Riiiight LeBron. You can try to make everyone love you but that doesn’t mean everyone will love you. No matter how good of a PR team you have. Grow up and enjoy your hundreds of millions of dollars and STFU.


  • dumb statements bug me

    Yeah, and if you switched Kobe and LeBron last season the Cavs would be lucky to win 50 games and the Lakers would have CRUISED to a title. LeBron > Kobe #facts

  • Kobe. If you were LeBrics size you’d be jumping all over dudes too.

  • Equani

    Lebron is the Lil B of the NBA. He’s a princess.

  • JaySpaceE

    Love the Jesus Shuttlesworth reference by Persia. Durant will be the next Kobe and sure Lebron won 2 scoring titles so did Kobe. Kobe also won a dunk contest which Lebron is too scared to compete in. He also has a hand full of priceless rings that would leave welts on Lebron’s face after he bitch slaps him down. I am a diehard Celtics fan from Boston, as much as I hate Kobe you can not tell me he wouldn’t school Lebron 1on1. Btw Durant will be the best a little later down the line when Kobe is gone, he already draws his Kobe calls

  • nito

    Kobe good and all but lebron is to strong for kobe in a 1v1 it would be like saying shaq vs fisher

  • k

    isnt this old? regardless kobe easily. like people said about prince james, if kobe was that size WOW.

  • Jonnielluminati

    Yeah, and if you switched Kobe and LeBron last
    season the Cavs would be lucky to win 50 games
    and the Lakers would have CRUISED to a title.
    LeBron > Kobe #facts
    dumb statements bug me said this on October
    4th, 2010 at 5:24 pm
    Lol now your making assumptions just like I did..how do you know they wouldve cruised to a title? As far as I’ve seen Lebron is 1 of the greatest regular season players of all time

  • Jonnielluminati

    Plus Lebron would be more of a Scottie Pippen type player in Phil Jackson’s triangle offense….
    Kobe WINS championships, Lebron gives up and joins other teams when he can’t win championships #facts

  • Ken

    @Dumb statements bug me

    Have you read the name that you entered for yourself? You say dumb statements bug you, yet you go off on ignorant “what if’s” more than once. What a dumbass

  • markaveli

    KOBE HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  • FreshHeir

    Yeah Kobe won 2 scoring titles cause he’s a great scorer, anyone who wins a scoring title is a great scorer. The reason i brought that up is because kobes talkin about dude like he’s some point gaurd who can only dish the rock. He averaged 30 for a season along with the 7 boards and assist so its foolish to act like he can’t put the ball in the basket

  • yeye

    best pure scorers right now: kobe, durant, melo. lbj is not, i repeat is NOT a pure scorer like these three. give them the ball and they can score in sooooooooo man ways possible. lebron is limited in how he scores

  • AnT

    ^^ cosign with “yeye”
    Kobe v LeBron = Kobe (kobe can just shoot 3’s all day to win)
    Melo v LeBron = Melo (so many moves and has a nice facial 3 pt shot)
    Durant v LeBron = idk

    Lebron is limited for his 1 on 1 capabilities. There are a ton of NBA players that can do different moves in different situations.

  • Hatin101

    @Hugo Bawse

    Oh… you mad?

  • purp douglas

    #24 cuz hes one better than the rest

  • thetruth

    hate kobe with a passion and everything lakers, but his defense alone would keep lebron from winning and he fade away jump shot would be unstoppable

  • Jonnielluminati

    5 Best 1 on 1 Players
    1. Kobe
    2. Carmelo
    3. Paul Pierce
    4. Deron Williams
    5. Dirk Nowitzki
    ..1 on 1 these players got a million offensive moves and really can’t be stopped in a iso situation

  • kevin

    Kobe is a better overall player. But 1 on 1 is a whole new game.

    Kobe couldn’t stop LeBron from getting to the rim.

  • King Geezy

    @ nito: Derek Fisher would dominate Shaq slow ass. Derek Fisher has a good jumper and can score from long distance. Not to mention my grandma can break Shaq’s ankles. lol

  • K

    kobe hands down..hed jus have to pull out eevery trick he has, which is quite a lot lol..he cudnt rely on his athleticism really

  • van

    Kobe would win.


    Kobe. Anything else would be uncivilized.

  • bucknasty

    kobe 2-3 years ago, lebron now. durant in a few years.

    and most skilled player? not deron williams, it’s steve nash. have you seen him play before?

  • DaKiddMarz

    Kobe”BlackMamba”Bryant ALL DAY EVERYDAY”nuff said”

  • Christian Dior

    Wade would beat Kobe, Lebron would beat Wade therefore Lebron over Kobe. BRON BRON.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    I think it would be dope as hell if the NBA had a one on one game for the All Star break instead of a slam dunk contest. The Dunk contests have been getting stale & I’m sure many people like me would rather see Kobe vs. LeBron, or Melo vs. KD, or D-Wade vs. D-Rose. The NBA should make this shit happen.

  • saywaaaaa

    Kobe easily

  • dumb statements bug me

    lol @ Jonnie not having Bron in his top 5 1v1 players. No point in arguing with a dude who is clearly a Bron hater and scared of the Heat.

  • Jonnielluminati

    @dumb statements…What moves does Lebron have 1 on 1 besides using his 1st step or simply posting up a smaller player? (Uses either speed or size NOT SKILL) Then look at all those players I listed they’ve got a plethora (big word) of moves when it comes to 1 on 1

  • Jonnielluminati

    They can beat you 1 on 1 in more ways than Lebron basically

  • bigherb

    ^^^^ lebron not being in dude top 5 is perfectly reasonable bron does not even have an effective fade away LOL people forgetting kobe is a 7 time first defense player he know’s every trick of keeping guy’s in front of him and kobe has the best footwork in the game…kobe ftw literally lol

  • leprechaunmafia3

    Child please, Kobe will get bodied

  • Jonnielluminati

    “Bodied” tho? Not even Jordan would body Kobe..this man scored 81 points in a game fools

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Dwade, Iverson, Dirk, Durant.

  • varsityballin

    What moves does Lebron have 1 on 1 besides using his 1st step or simply posting up a smaller player?

    tru fuckin that. lebron uses his size. kobe uses his smarts

  • Rickrossisfat

    Kobe cant effectivly post lebron up even tho kobe has a sick back to the basket game now thanks to the dream. Kobe can’t blow past lebron either cause dudes just too long and agile, u rarely see him get beat off the dribble. Kobe has a deadly jumpshot and he’s clutch as all shit but having to settle for contested jump shots against a guy who can get to the rim anytime he pleases or use his size and back u down into the paint isn’t a recipe for victory. When ur the athletic freak james is u don’t really need too many moves. Bron ftw

  • haithere

    Kobe. His one on one game is pretty much perfect.

  • ley

    KB24. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish.

  • Matt

    kobe’s skill> lebron’s, lebron’s athleticism > kobe’s… the tie breaker goes to kobe for the killer instinct that lebron doesn’t have

  • jfulkerson

    Larry Bird.

  • Mr Xclusive

    no fucking question….Kobe !!!!! if you say Lebron you dont know shit


    Bron Bron

  • NoLimits

    man fuck all these niggas, im going with my boy Master P on this on…

  • Kobe

    Lebron = lame cry baby fag

  • kindbuddy

    Kobe is a better overall player. But 1 on 1 is a whole new game.

    Kobe couldn’t stop LeBron from getting to the rim.

    kevin said this on October 4th, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    What you said… Kobe doesn’t want another knee surgery.

  • Mr. Jack

    Kobe all day, any day… he outscored the mavs in 3 qtrs (62-61), dropped 56 on the grizz in 3 qtrs and dropped 81 in a game

  • giovanni.chase

    kobe but id rather see durant vs. lebron tyreke evans in that mix too

  • Ca$h!

    Fuck Kobe

  • Ginobli stopped Durant on several occasions last season…I don’t think he’s ready for Lebron quite yet.

  • GhettoBlaster

    KOBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima repost this for you stupid niggas.

    “Kobe all day, any day… he outscored the mavs in 3 qtrs (62-61), dropped 56 on the grizz in 3 qtrs and dropped 81 in a game” – mr.jack

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Mutambo >

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Im really sick of kobe he needa retire iSeen ya ass 3yrs in a row in the finals we kno u the best now, iFuckin hate the lakerss irespect them but damn son fuck you & ya team.

    Anyone > kobe.

  • Kuruption

    I hate em both so fuck em. John Wall all day!

  • ThirdIII

    1 on 1, No refs? LeBron will plow over Kobe and touch that rim a ridiculous amount of times. If Kobe were to get lets say the first two points then ok, he can just shoot his way too a win. But I give LeBron a better chance at stopping a jumpshot then Kobe stopping someone who weighs 50 pounds more from getting to that basket. I’m not just spit balling here either, that’s what Bron does in under NBA rules. 1 on 1 he can lower those shoulders and only look up when its time to jam on a nigga

  • ThirdIII

    And for all ya’ll that keep talking about stats and games….you missed the point. This is purely speculation and its not about no NBA court match-up

  • Phonte Stackhouse

    Kobe all day.
    Top 5 all time
    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.Allen Iverson
    3.Antfernee “penny” Hardaway
    4.Carmelo Anthony
    5.Kevin Garnett

  • stevep

    KOBIE ALL DAY! Lebron would just quit when the game got to rough for him…fucken pussy..OH10

  • pistol pete