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Pusha T x Denzel Washington Jay Pharoah (Video)

blame it on Shake October 4, 2010

One of SNL’s new cast members pulls off a spot on Denzel Washington impersonation while backstage with Pusha T.

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  • sik

    damn tht was dead on

  • Blogger

    Dude is hella talented! He deserves a great deal of success.

  • lmao

  • Spot On

  • VA 2 VA.

  • ninja4life

    hahahaha my nigga haha nice

  • Ca$h!

    Talented dude,I like when he impersonate Will Smith more tho,it be mad funny lol

  • I think that might be the best Denzel I’ve ever seen…lol

  • 30ROCK

    spot on snl should be glad they found this guy wow and yeah his will smith impresonation was spot on too…shiiit my nigga

  • Maya

    perfect hahahahaha

  • TVA

    They are at some point going to need to switch out Fred Armisen with him doing Barack cause it’s a much better impression. Damn continuity we’d prefer quality.

  • pro d

    Please Pusha, the braids maaaaaaan…..Dude is hilarious!!!

  • dude, that’s not an SNL cast member, that’s his freaking manager steven victor. how could you screw that up?

  • That is Jay Pharoah, an SNL actor. He is fucking hilarious!!!

  • G-Funks

    good look for both. pusha tore it down on stage. the mpc adlib levels were a little high tho.

  • LB

    lets go VA in this shit! twice!



  • Yall gotta see his Dipset impression.


  • DoubleClutch95

    Pusha was trying to play it cool but couldn’t help but laugh lol.

    Jay Pharoah that dude!!!

  • VA VANDALS. Whatup va?

  • jojoba

    yo good for pusha t.. glad he’s getting his shine now… he’s been in the game awhile and is one of the best

  • james dean

    i agree with that fred armisen comment…i mean at least get that one guy from funny or die who looks like Obama…Fred Armisen looks nothing like him lol

  • so_me

    spot on spot on stewie voice