Spec Boogie - Introspective (Album)

Although the Lessondary member moved out to Amsterdam, he still takes it back to Brooklyn with his debut project. Tracklist and (purchase) link down bottom.

1. Introspective - Produced by: Von Pea
2. Bed Stuy - Produced by: Von Pea
3. S.B. - Produced by: Aeon
4. The Stoop - Produced by: Loosie Bike Gang
5. Eviction Notice w/ Tanya Morgan - Produced by: Brian Brizzo
6. Better Than Ever w/ Peter Hadar - Produced by: Aeon
7. Memories - Produced by: Mr Rourke
8. Slave #1 - Produced by: Spec Boogie
9. Show Up Drunk w/ Von Pea, Elucid, Che Grand & Donwill - Produced by: Von Pea
10. Brother's Keeper - Produced by: Loosie Bike Gang9

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  • dev

    where is Ilyas?

  • SB!! swooping this up when i get off work.

  • JaySole

    That's a dope looking album cover

  • Peter

    Who's got a link?

  • williamhsince83

    The album is dope. Brother's Keeper is ill.

  • t.bigums


  • D. King

    Very Dope Album.. Big up to my Brother.. You making things Happen SON.. One Love King


    Bought it. Suggest you do too.


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