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  • :P


  • SayItAintchris

    SHAKE!!!! Again, Where the Dom Kennedy 4 Heartbeats video come on i know you have it. just post IT!!!

  • crackadon

    i don't know how the hell you guys can tell these Vado/araab songs apart

  • fact


  • craigRmani

    araab releases weak ass beats.

  • Kal



    shit is wack as fuck SLIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    New Drizzy Mixtape Single Tonight.

  • csedrgt

    vado is alright but not on this track. lonely>>>>>>>

  • Ca$h!


  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    so no one is going to say anything about shake and meka joing the illumnati with these mountain HORUS pop can advertisments

  • Barack Obama

    Shake and Meka I am the president and advise you to stop thinking you are the best blog in the world. You place second, 1st Nahright then 2dopeboyz I dont care.

  • ititi

    vado is dope as hell

  • Kal

    @Truth damn conspiracies everywhere fam

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  • itsacelebrationbitches

    @sliiiimmmmmeeeee, all of you are wack ass stans pumping up an awful song. vado is cool, but hes not even flowing with the beat (which is awful btw, araabmusik has been getting more and more recycled and boring with every new mpc pad he breaks). damn wtf i miss dipset/heatmakers bangers, this shit makes them look like illmatic

  • hiphopzpop

    Damn Shake U A Gangsta Now Ain't U??? Using That Kind Of Language..

  • omfgniggas

    damn i like vado but i gotta agree with itsacelebrationbitches, this ian't a good lake. araabmusik need to stick to MPC demonstrations. Nigga is wack at actual beats. Salute, now this?

  • Harlem

    How many times is this cornball gonna use the same sounds!!! Same sounds = No Creativity!! Do urself a favor and delete that scream, and perc from ur MP forever, Heatmakerz was using that scream long before u. Wow what a waste!!!!!

  • Rio$

    they just let anyone rap these days don't they?