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Drake – Hot97 Interview (Video/Audio)

blame it on Shake October 5, 2010

While out in NYC for tonight’s Kodak x Hot97 event tonight, Drake chops it up with Angie Martinez. UPDATE: Now with video.

DOWNLOAD: Drake On The Angie Martinez Show pt.1
– Intro / On liking older women.

DOWNLOAD: Drake On The Angie Martinez Show pt.2
– On the gift/curse of the internet and Wayne’s punitive segregation.

DOWNLOAD: Drake On The Angie Martinez Show pt.3
– On his upcoming R&B mixtape, being a bi-racial emcee and early career Eminem comparisons.

Shouts to Miss Info for the linkage/break down.

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  • Let the battle between Drake stans and haters commence

  • prk

    drake blows!!

  • ILLadvized

    I keep trying to give the kid a chance, cuz sometimes I feel like “1 million people can’t be wrong. Is there something I’m missing?” But after I give any attention, I find myself feeling like “1 million people may not be wrong, but 1 million people can be reeaaally stupid.”

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  • is 40 trying to lose the name 40 and start going by his real one?

  • zookeeper

    fuck this guy…never compare urself to enimem

  • TrollN

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  • zookeeper

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  • team lupe

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  • team lupe

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  • Equani

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