• http://planetcob.com slaughter BOSS

    finally he decided to drop that motherfuckA

  • For The Wolf!

    This guy looks like the Angry Black Preacher.

  • blacky

    nigga get a haircut

  • Matt

    Damn his artwork must be designed by the same 3rd grader that made the cover to Memph Bleek's last tape

  • saywaaaaa

    cant wait till this drops
    One-2 is the truth!

  • Neighborhood Crip

    he's relevant because... ?

  • harvin

    cant wait for this real westcoast shit the covers good enuff for me niggas dont stare deep into covers lookin at art work analyzing it fukin faggot we want the music

  • David Stern aka boss of all bosses

    what harvin said...the artwork's cleaner than whatever the fuck yall make on Paint.

    I mean I know blogs are the place you're safe to hate all you want behind a computer screen but damn

  • Per

    Haha, fuckin Knoc-Turn'al.. Will be interesting.

  • Rio$

    finally this means it's actually comin out.............unless he pulls an nba elite and scraps it the week before