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Kuniva (of D12) – Team Shady

blame it on Shake October 5, 2010

Off Kuniva’s upcoming Midwest Marauder 2 mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Kuniva – Team Shady | Mediafire

  • word

    *waits for

    Joe Budden (of Slaughterhouse) – Team Shady

  • mmkayy

    kuniva is underated…heard he killed it at the BET cypher

  • Rympul

    …. these lame bitches get to stay on shady but obie gets droped? fuck outa here.

  • James

    Kuniva ain’t lame plus he’s D12…obie left btw. #TeamShady

  • ‘PAUSE’

  • ***********************

    obie didn’t get dropped

  • He got impatient cuz Shady Records wouldn’t release his lame shit! He thought it was good, but obviously Shady didn’t, so he left! There’s an interview floating around somewhere where he talks about it…

    Lame?? U muthafukkas is DEAF

    “Cut chu up throw you inside of a damn oil drum, Blow your brains out thats my definition of going Dumb!” — LOL!!! Sick!

    “Im On that Smack-a-bitch-fuck-her-and-get­-my-money phase! Still on your uncle, bust bottles over your auntie’s face!” LMAO!! SICK!

    “Where ever you see me at, Im reppin 4 my big bro, I will shake your dome like bobble heads in the six fo, Who U Aiming At? Dont getchur name attached to a Bullet, fuckin with dem Shady cats!”

    TeamShady Bitch!!

  • AH HUH


  • meshelle2kz

    Way to Represent for Team Shady Kuniva! This Track is sick as fuck, u got mad skillz!! #TEAMSHADY

  • Ames

    Possibly one of the best solo songs that Kuniva has done and I can’t wait for Midwest Marauders’ sequel. Way to go Von!

  • Gemma. Shadyfan3

    Kuniva is amazing. Anyone who knows good hip hop knows that Kuniva has some sick talent. He is so underrated. When he blows up be will no doubt be one of the biggest competitors in the game. I mean, how the fuck is Rick Ross getting more attention than Kuniva? It sickens me. Kuniva Is 100x better than him. Ugh the game is messed up.


  • tgcali

    Love it! Keep bringing it Kuniva. Can’t wait for more! #TeamShady

  • lily Russell

    Kuniva said “Your girls pussy goes from smelling like potpourri to molded cheese, when I’m done realigning her ovaries!” wahahahaaa!!!

    Yo put chur tongue on the Bullet you can lick a shot,
    The grave yard is movie script, you can pick a plot! — Ill!!

    Fuck ya whole click you can eat an old dick.
    You got diarria of the mouth you talkin more shit.. lol

    Hahaaaa TEAM SHADY BITCH!!!

  • not feeling this one