NFL Week 4 (Results)

blame it on Meka October 5, 2010

The first quarter of the NFL season is a wrap already? Damn. Anyways, this weekend was actually a good one, but it’s pretty much showed which teams are the ones to beat (Steelers, Ravens, Packers), which team is stuck in neutral (Colts, Chargers the entire NFC East), which team are the surprises (Texans, Rams) and which teams are going to end up with the top picks in next year’s draft (49ers, Detroit, Carolina).

Meanwhile in the (2)Dope Madden League, 12 of the 16 teams played this week, meaning that the seven teams who didn’t play (with the exception of the Steelers, who told me ahead of time why he didn’t play) you all will be booted out for someone else to take your place. And please don’t rejoin if you get booted, either: I’ll just boot you out again (shoulda played…). Those looking to join in the league…

* Have a PS3 [of course]
* Have a copy of Madden 11 [of course]
* in the franchise section of online play, go to “Join Franchise” and search “2DopeMadden”
* If it asks for a password, it is “2dope”
* Pick your team and join in

Games take place during the following times, unless another time is requested between the two opponents (which you two will have to coordinate together):

* Saturday by 9pm EST
* Sunday by 6pm EST

With this week being A3C, I’m extending play for this week until the end of Tuesday (instead of Monday), as some of us (myself included) won’t be around this weekend. Good luck.

Final scores down bottom.

San Francisco 14 Atlanta 16
NY Jets 38, Buffalo 14
Baltimore 17, Pittsburgh 14
Carolina 14, New Orleans 16
Denver 26, Tennessee 20
Cincinnati 20, Cleveland 23
Detroit 26, Green Bay 28
Seattle 3, St. Louis 20
Indianapolis 28, Jacksonville 31
Houston 31, Oakland 24
Arizona 10, San Diego 41
Washington 17, Philadelphia 12
Chicago 3, NY Giants 17
New England 41, Miami 14

  • varsityballin


  • DallasTx_Greedy

    the Cowboys will go 12-1 the rest of season and win the Superbowl bitch in dallas

  • David Stern aka boss of all bosses

    the chargers are “stuck in neutral” after a 41-10 victory? get the fuck outta here

  • nickd

    yeah, they are stuck in neutral after getting smacked by seattle of all teams. shut ur fucking mouth

  • Being frank..sinatra!

    DO they broadcast the games live online??..also did vick get a foul for traveling against the redskins????

  • Yea cowboys will win 13 straight games and go to the superbowl…CLICK MY NAME

  • David Stern aka boss of all bosses

    hey so nick d, the charger hater…who’s your team? and if it’s the saints…who was your team before last year?

  • @being frank sinatra

    check out atdhe.net

    they usually have all fb games there. the raiders always get blacked out in berkeley so i resort to that.


    the Cowbitches suck that’s why they lost to the Skins and the Bears, the Bears who got their shit tossed by the G-men and they ain’t that good. Yet you bangwagon fucking anal taking faggots always think your team is amazing. Newsflash they suck and won’t make the playoffs. Find a real team to root for you faggots, you never been to DALLAS yet you all clam to be die hard fans? FUCK OUT OF HERE. I HATE ANYTHING DALLAS AND ALL THERE FAGGOT ASS FANS WHO LIKE DICK UP THERE ASS!!!!!! done.

  • Agent Gibbs

    @nickd I fuck with you. You told him to shut his fucking mouth. RECKLESS.

  • teqknique

    Your madden league is a dud.. Didnt show up for either the saturday night or sunday game. I also made a post on the message board about any weekly advances… no reply. You didnt advance after the saturday game as well… weak bruh..

  • teqknique

    my opponent didnt show up**

  • Calidna

    Lol at cowbitches is a pro sports team niggas who hate that much on a team r superlame

  • @FUCKTHECOWBITCHES you mad? Why you ranting like a spoiled little girl..I’ve been a Cowboys fan ever since I first started watching football 16 years ago at the age of 4 when I barely even understood what football was so yea I’m a true Cowboys fan, and no they didn’t win the Superbowl in 1994

  • RussDa59

    show the patriots some love u fucks

  • yeaa

    How bout the Jets as a team to beat. Just sayin

  • EEZY

    FUCKTHECOWBITCHES is that guy everyone knows who thought they were really great at football, then couldn’t make varsity as a kid so he played soccer instead.

  • Atlis


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @FUCKTHECOWBITCHES does sound fuckin bitter, but what he said about you guys never being to Dallas & claiming to be diehard fans is true. One thing I will never understand is rooting for another city unless ur hometown doesn’t have a team. I just don’t know how you can be happy when some other city that you have no relation to wins a championship. When it’s ur hometown, it’s a whole nother set of pride and emotions that bandwagon fans will never feel.

    &Jonnieilluminati, it don’t matter how long you been a cowboys fan, we’re both the same age & when we were kids, the cowboys were the bandwagon team of America which is why u became a fan, not cuz you wanna rep the city of Dallas.

  • Uh…the Cowboys dont suck. End to all that…bitter ass.

    Y’all get off ATL! WE runnin’ & winnin’!

  • JF Kennedy

    Rams are gonna win 6, 7 this season. We do that, I’ll be happy.

    Bradford for Offensive ROY too, let’s get itttttt.

  • LEX

    Jets & Patriots look pretty good too. I’d add Chiefs to the surprises list as well..

  • David Stern aka boss of all bosses

    @ agent Gibbs (more than likely nickd)

    grab the nearest parachute and jettison from the chargers nutsack. I forgot, that parachute doesn’t work oops

  • krkrich

    the niners will not finish in the bottom 10 when the season is finished. theyll prolly go 9-7. lookin at their schedule, maybe 10-6.

  • krkrich

    the niners will not finish in the bottom 10 when the season is finished. theyll prolly go 9-7. lookin at their schedule, maybe 10-6. watch

  • datdude

    eh son i tried to play my dude this week but the dude nvr answered my message i sent to him that thursday so if u boot me it wont b my fault which means ur shit is wack anyway

  • ChicanoSD

    LT finally does his trademark celebration this week as a JET.AFC rivalry SANDIEGO VS NEW ENGLAND. This one has some history Brady #12,MOSS VS JAMMER, and the Pats visiting home.If yall “analyzers” kno mucho,compare the scores SD put up(41) and the Pats(41) in WEEK FOUR.I’m not saying its going to be a high scoring game but very tense, this is my GAME of the WEEk.OH Yeah don’t see Jammer pulling a hami after covering MOSS. MR.SLOUTH+Calienvironment = Min.5 Catches 1TD

  • @BennyBlanco I didn’t even know what bandwagon or Superbowl was at the age I got into football, I didn’t know any other Cowboys fans and I didn’t even care at that age either..I was into all sports, matter fact I was a Michael Irvin fan before I was a Cowboys fan plus like I said Cowboys didn’t even win the Superbowl at the time I became a fan so whatever, a fan is a fan anyway its really not a big deal,,, I live in a state where there is no professionals sports teams, the closest team is the Eagles, which is the team/fans I hate

  • Pats kiling it!!!!! wait… wtf they trading randy moss?

  • Mixx

    Atlanta Shouldnt be slept on…

  • Pell

    ive been tryin to play my game as the eagles against frankyrey all weekend and he hasn’t been on. i even messaged him… so please dont boot me if it isnt played. name on ps3 is bonghitsforghandi