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What’s in the Shakedeck v.5: UG Edition (Again)

blame it on Shake October 5, 2010

Since I'm still on a huge indie hip hop kick and last week's Shakedeck got a lot of love. Here goes another one in the same fashion w/ music from Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, Living Legends, Visionaries, Rise, Cage, extended [email protected], Sage Francis and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

01 extended [email protected] - Velocity
02 Pumpkinhead - Swordfish f. Archrival (prod. Marco Polo)
03 Louis Logic - Fairweather Fan
04 7L & Esoteric - Terrorist's Cell
05 Aesop Rock - No Regrets
06 OneBeLo - Mic Check f. Buff1
07 Chiino XL - I Told You So
08 Orphanage - Hold Mine
09 Visionaries - Meeting of the Minds f. Living Legends
10 Non-Phixion - Black Helicoptors
11 Ill Bill - Legend Has It
12 Cage - Stripes
13 Rise - Tell U Somethin' f. Wordsworth & Masta Ace
14 Unknown Prophets - Never f. Slug
15 Brother Ali - Rain Water
16 Sage Francis - Hopeless

DOWNLOAD: What’s in the Shakedeck v.5: Underground Edition (Again) | Mediafire

  • PRalines


  • shakessister

    ur last one needs a new link shake

  • anthro

    aseop rock >

  • dont worry sis... re-upping now.

  • BAM12393

    Thanks for re-uploading V.4!

  • vera

    I went to go download the old one but its still down/

  • NEWR

    where is Brother Ali-Rain Water from again?

  • My dude RISE shout out Prospect Heights / Dark Slope we got emcees!!!

  • Westwestonmine1

    Happy to see the visionaries on this Shake but why feat living legends you should put "can't say love" the mass would love that

  • Andrew Bynum = Jesus lmao

  • hey shake what was that cage song from? or around what year? thanx..

  • cookie

    gud shit. no new cover art for this one tho..? seems kinda lazy..

  • dope

    Shake u know about lupe being black balled by Atlantic their even gonna do a march about it (Lupe Fans) would love it if u gave sum shine on this site i kno u 2 had problems but Lupes problem is about hiphop being abused by record labels i kno u guys love n support real music . so just thought id put that out there.

  • theheartbeat


    that's a noble request. it'd be a nice surprise if such a thing happened... i think Lupe would HAVE to reconsider his view on bloggers if Shake did that.

  • "gud shit. no new cover art for this one tho..? seems kinda lazy.."

    its a different cover if you look at them. lazy? i could NOT do any of this and just post links and images smh.

  • "Happy to see the visionaries on this Shake but why feat living legends you should put “can’t say love” the mass would love that"

    geez. i get shit for not including visionaries on the last volume. now i get get shit for including a song featuring living legends? come on! i cant put EVERYTHING on a 16 track mix.

    im thinking of doing these a lot so ill get around to showcasing more and more.

  • "where is Brother Ali-Rain Water from again?"

    Champion EP.

  • oh and v.4 has been reupped.

  • The Real JonnieIluminati

    Yo Shake when you gonna put some old school Nelly on one of these tapes?

  • Fat Boy

    Shake fuck the haters this site always delivers..

  • J.E.T.S.

    thanks shake......... i really appreciate this shit. i've been listening to your shakedeck vol.3 for days cause i just found out about it and it's sooooo dopeeeee

  • braindeadDRAMA

    RISE > everything

  • stompintom

    chino !

  • stevep

    that aesop cut is his best. one of the best written songs hip hop has to offer. some reason i cant spin his joints anymore tho. idunno. black helicopters and i told u so are nasty.

  • Higgs

    My buddies were down in Victoria when Aesop was in town, and he played No Regrets over "The Watcher" beat by Dr. Dre. I can only imagine the awesomeness

  • Xero

    Sage Francis - The Cure is probably my favorite song ever by him.

  • THATguy

    As soon as I saw visionaries and living legends I knew that meeting of the minds was gonna be on this post...very dope.

  • THATguy

    ...although i'm a little upset you got OneBeLo on the list but not Binary Star....

  • ST

    this mixtape is bumping on my computer and zune good quality music right here and " if you can't say love" is a great song if you haven't heard it go listen now that should have been on this mixtape

  • Green Monster

    Shake i love these. They are so sick and put me onto some new songs sometimes. i always look forward to these. it would be dope if this became some sort of weekely thing.

  • Maya

    yes! last one was sick! thanks shake

  • Alteez

    Glad to see "Hold Mine" got some rotation; that song is WAY TO HARD to sleep on.

  • masta_g_

    big props shake!!!

  • damn who could of thought of some genius shit like this...(subliminal).

  • No Cunninlynguists Shake? For shame brother!

  • worddddddd good shit

  • Juanka

    I need an [email protected] LP ASAP. Any news about that, Shake?

  • Per

    These playlists >> anything that drops these days.. People need to check.

    I need an [email protected] LP ASAP. Any news about that, Shake?

    Juanka said this on October 6th, 2010 at 8:21 am
    None, but you got Happy F*ck You Songs, right?
    Tonedeff is releasing his next solo album next year and his collab with Kno (Chico and the Man) this year though.. Session is no longer a part of Qn5, and though it's been some back-and-forth, I don't think he's a part of efamm either anymore.. Substantial dropped a great album with Marcus D (Bop Alloy) earlier this year, you should def check that out..

  • Per

    hey shake what was that cage song from? or around what year? thanx..
    j. anaya @ clout magazine said this on October 5th, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    From Hell's Winter, imo his finest album, released late 2005.

  • "No Cunninlynguists Shake? For shame brother!"

    can't included everyone in every mix. they were featured on volume 4 though. http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/09/28/what%E2%80%99s-in-the-shakedeck-v-4-underground-edition/