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Slang Editorial: Weed: Necessary In Rap Shows?

blame it on Meka October 6, 2010

To answer that question: oh, hell yes.

READ: Slang Editorial: Weed: Necessary In Rap Shows?

  • Yes!

  • DirtyPeddalz

    “I’ve all but lost the tolerance and patience for most rap shows that doesn’t involve The Roots” I feel you on that one, I’ve said that many times myself.

  • ive heard u dont need any additives for a jay elec concert tho
    if your “musician” is that boring, id rather just stay home. sounds like a pretty lost crowd anyway..jocking dame dash? really? *shrug*

  • straightkillah

    LOL i mean it was a curren$y concert…i’d be surprised if there was no weed…

  • HipPotHead

    for sure…did jay elect sign to g.o.o.d?


    Its not exactly easy to dance to hip hop.. hip hop is the kinda music you bob your head to.. whats wrong with you. you act like people should be pullin of crazy dance moves.. to currencys music.. LOL are you serious?!


    people don’t know what a hip hop show is supposed to be because hip hop is dead.

    i’m no an old man, i’m 25 years old and grew up seeing people like KRS1 live. KRS is an old dude now, but 5-10 years ago, he rocked sets like heavy metal concerts. people jumping for 2 hours of nonstop music.

    the music we listen today under the guise of hip hop is really pop music, thats why the artists can’t perform it and the audience doesn’t know how to listen to it.

  • ^^^ co-sign

  • jayelect

    got kicked out for blazing in syracuse…weed may be needed at shows, but it aint always allowed

  • who cares

    @STINKMEANER major co-sign
    but relevant to the post…weed is MANDATORY at a Cypress Hill show haha. No weed at a CH concert is not a real CH concert

  • Don’t do drugs.

  • Wrenaissance

    Cosign AYUME

  • Justin Herschel

    FUCK YES, anyone who does not thats cool but dont hate on those that do, hip-hop & weed is second nature watch the Documentary The Show and see Raekwon speak on it. AND EVERYONE IN CALI VOTE YES ON PROP 19

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Anyone who looks down on weed smokers can go to hell cuz 9 times out of 10 those same idiots love to drink alcohol. Just cuz the crooked govt. says that alcohol is a good drug doesn’t make it any better than illegal drugs. Cannabis & many other drugs have been legal for 1000’s of years longer than they have been illegal.

  • of course. Do you need a towel at the beach??

  • red

    Well Meka, how the fuck are we supposed to dance to Curren$y? I’m more likely to rock myself to sleep if I’m at a Spitta show. How am I supposed to dance to Blu? How am I supposed to dance to 95% of the music on 2 Dopeboyz. It’s not for dancing!
    If you wanna hear the kind of music people dance to, go download a Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, Roscoe Dash, or whatever fruity group there is.
    Fuck, if you can get a bit drunk then the dance moves come out, but when I go to shows I’m perfectly fine with smoking some weed, nodding along with the songs that are alright, and rapping along with whoever is on stage for the dope songs.
    Seriously, rap shows =/= dancing.
    Downtown clubs = dancing. Go find your fun there.

    *end of rant inspired by 10 hours of adderall studying.