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Woody- LoveLife (Album)

blame it on Meka October 6, 2010

The producer-on-the-mic drops his latest projects, featuring the likes of Kyle Lucas, XV, CHarles Hamilton, ESSO and more. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Woody- LoveLife (Album) | Mediafire

  • gooddrinksowassup

    Nice..everyone should d/l this

  • Rockets

    This should be pretty good. I’d suggest downloading it.

  • FletchBeats

    I’ll give it a listen bbl

  • uptownkid

    here we go.

  • nop

    dope producer, horrible rapper smh

  • Peter Sparker

    Everyone should give this a listen.

  • Rockets

    Yeah he isn’t the greatest rapper but it’s still pretty good.

  • aCe

    artwork is cool

  • EAG

    I NEEDED A BEAT SO I GOT A WOODY hahaha… yo good to see tha album FINALLY drop woody is a witty rapper stop hating n jus relate to tha story por favor para de hablar babosadas!

  • heard the leaks, they were pretty nice except his lyrics aren’t the best but he can produce and get some good features so i’m downloading

  • Pete


  • Juli

    This is smart. It’s nice to hear something so warm and upbeat

  • Jackson

    This is hot. D/L a must!!!!

  • no

    the 4 leaks were the 4 worst songs I’ve heard all year. The guy CAN NOT rap. Hes cheesy as fuck sounding, his flow is incredibly amateur, and his lyrics could have been written by a 9 year old they are so cliche.

    get the fuck outta here with this bullshit

  • no

    to add to the above, this is the perfect example of someone who has made a small name for him in hip hop, and now has WAY overstepped his boundaries. Then idiots like 2DB will post his shit not realizing there are about a million better rappers than him in the US, and only a moron would choose to listen to him. If you actually like this shit, you need to either get your ears checked or stop being blinded by the name of the artist

  • Czechzmex

    Woodys got some simply nice songs
    Dwnload this!!!

  • GG

    Woody is that dude

  • Jackson

    @no is a drama loving hater. Woody is hot. Must be something wrong with you ears!

  • This album is nice hip hop about love good shit. Something different and refreshing unlike other weeniie ass rappers lol.

  • dope ass shit.

  • Triso Boothe


  • YUP!

    REALLY GOOD! Deserves to be downloaded

  • Dillionaire

    Woody should change his name to Buck Woodman Jr. Good job, you mother fucker!

  • The Wise One


    You sound like a bitter rapper who’s been trying to get posted on here for the longest but keep failing……. lmao

    As for this tape, it still requires a little getting used to his voice because he doesn’t sound like a rapper… but aside from that, its not bad

  • Large Dan

    @no thank you for your opinion. you must be an amazing person in your life. i want to give you wonderful blow jobs all day and night.

  • 8equalsignD

    woody’s flow and lyrics are not unlike that of Ke$ha’s. #troof but his beats are dope as hell!

  • FletchBeats

    The beats are hot, Woody’s lyrics are okay, but all in all every1 did their thang….

    obvious troll is obvious

    @Large Dan
    …pause…lol (ik u were bein sarcastic)

  • Large Dan

    @FletchBeats ..yeah i was just fuckin’ around…just wanted to type something that would piss off (the troll) @no …but about woody – this album is fuckin’ solid. woody is not my fav rapper of all time, but this album has been in my cd player for 3 days.

  • the links are dead :(