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Slang Editorial: Thank God For That White

blame it on Meka October 7, 2010

Originally this post was to be about the correlation between 50 Cent and KiD CuDi’s white habits, but I scrapped that once I got into the airport.

READ: Slang Editorial: Thank God For That White

  • 50 Cent isn’t on Coke you idiot, if you’re referring to the picture of him with oprah the dog, that was a pack of head phones….sigh fucking bloggers.

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    Yeah, Meka isn’t exactly a big fan of “research,” or “facts.”

  • im going to atl for the first time on the 22nd…. i need some suggestions on ish to do

  • rjblaze

    hahaha.. hes talking about chelsea handler you dumb asses. you know the comedian hes “rumored” to be dating..ignorance makes people look funny.

  • come on son

    the fuck did Jean Grae do to you haha

  • Tiiz

    I thought this post was gonna be about Shake.

  • red

    I don’t understand. Where did you talk about white (cocaine, or white people) in that article?
    And btw…
    The rest? Their career drive stays in neutral, like Sweden.
    ^Neutral like Switzerland*
    You know, I’m hoping a lot of these rapsters that won’t become famous are still rapping for a few reasons.
    1. They love the game and feel they have something to offer
    2. They know they won’t become super famous because of their content, but would like to achieve a sense of stardom with an underground community
    3. They believe in themselves and hope that maybe someday they’ll strike gold.

  • itsacelebrationbitches

    im just gonna go out and say that you’re way cocky bruh, and the manner in which you degrade artists trying to make a name for themselves, yet basically massage the backs of wack up and comers that you like is hypocritical as shit. im glad you can toot your own horn about your importance/relevance to rap today, bc we obviously wouldnt survive without your input…..smfh

  • grimm

    your ignorance is on a whole different level. nuff said.

  • htown

    i actually thought your previous editorials were decent to good. you make no points in this post and come as off as a douchebag

  • BigWill

    I think Ye on something to what i don’t know