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KiD CuDi – Maniac f. Cage

blame it on JES7 October 8, 2010

The Lonely Stoner links up with the Weathermen frontman on this previously unheard cut. Pretty unorthodox collaboration if you ask me. Props to HHNM.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – Maniac f. Cage | Mediafire



  • al-Aqsa

    One of the sickest Cudder tracks I’ve ever heard.

  • M. Hannah

    Wow. Cage haters can die after this one….

  • Fuc That (F.T.)

    i don’t know about this being such a random collabo.

    old school cage would be doing coke and other drugs which would make working cudi a possibility.

    new cage is pretty whiny and emo now just like cudi and wears the same smedium jeans as cudi make a collab possible.

    either way, i’m liking this joint. that sample is ill. hopefully the mastered final version sounds better and has a extra cudi verse.

  • Mz. Drizzy

    kid cud’s flow is so wack..but this song is hot , nice beat

  • Did MOTM2 leak?

  • poo

    Haven’t we heard like half Cudi’s album already?

  • there isn’t even a tracklist. for all we know, he could be pulling a secret G.O.O.D Friday thing.

  • CJmagic900

    Dope track. Sounds like a song a nigga on coke would make

  • KennyD

    Weird but call be when Groovin’ and Trapped In My Mind comes out.

  • Boy2Dope

    i don’t consider Cudi a rapper.. his freestyles are dope though.. but he’s more of an artist because his songs mean much more than having a dope flow. He never claimed to be lyrical either, he just does what he does

  • damn. this track is pretty trippy.
    i luv it.


    wow i really like the production of this track

  • someguy

    id never really expect cage and cudi to do a song together but this is dope. also oh shit @ the st. vincent sample.

  • darkness


  • It’s like a GOOD friday second helping… speaking of serving food, I wonder when Wale’s AD2 comes out?

  • John

    weak as hell

  • David

    what the hell??

    I love it.

  • Unexspected, but really dope

  • @spaceman-Wale has to get back in the good graces of Interscope before he can get a budget for AD2…which I hope is as much better than AD. But this is fuckin trippy ©Pulp Fiction. This album is gonna be crazy in tha best way, yo.

  • jacob.

    shit, i’m so pumped for this track.
    this collab is classic.
    BUT i’m done listnein to cudi leaks.
    i’m gonna be a true fan and wait til the album drops
    and get the full album experience…..ah.

  • GR

    Nice song cudderrrr.

  • E.T.Beats

    Nah this isint in motm2 he even said long ago Wen he released all talk that he will be releasing good joint for

  • E.T.Beats


  • PRalines

    I saw cage in concert and he made my ears bleed. i can’t believe anyone likes him at all

  • word

    cudi sucks.. and im high. yeah.

  • Musikfiend

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • Sick.!

  • lxlnethinglxl

    this shit goes. the beat is crazy

  • Atlis


  • grimm

    cudi will always be my fav FTW. taylor gang too by the way

  • ScottyG

    Cudi is 2Dope

  • gottem09

    ummm id rather listen to Charles Hamilton. He puts way more quality music out than this guy

  • The Renaissance

    WOW…Hard as fuck

    Who Produced this joint??

    I Want mooooooorrreeeeee!!!!

  • j-rillz

    dude said charles hamilton lol jump in a blender

  • Yooo does anybody know what song is being sampled!? I used to have it bout a year ago, I know the band’s name is “St. ______” I see the face of the lead singer (the female voice that’s being sampled) in my head, just can’t remember the name

  • dude said charles hamilton lol jump in a blender
    j-rillz said this on October 9th, 2010 at 3:29 am
    Charles and Cudi are both crazy talented, just both are troubled and have their moments of fuckery..Charles more-so

  • Prolific Memorie

    As i love and respect both of these artists, and the sample is great..i’m still left saying..”Hmmn?”. I’m waiting for the entirety of this and what’s still to come. After listening 4 times I’m diggin’ it, but still waiting.

  • luke

    great Track.

  • Dope.

  • Str8jckn

    Bought Cages tape opened it and Dubbed Over It!!

  • tatties

    FUCK ME THIS BANGS! Really feeling this one, tempted to skip past it, glad I didn’t.

  • dr0

    lol @ charles doods azz cheeks im not lissnin 2 a dood who wears pink earmuffs n charles was neva buzzin like kid cudi an neva will its hard nuff lissnin 2 a dood who wears skinny jeans but i fuk wit cudi he gos hard

  • cage is a lyrical demon

  • Pretty cool track…….

  • jfalpha

    This is a collaboration that came from left field and as a fan of both rappers I’m fucking estatic. Track is > motorboating DD’s !

  • kronicabuzer

    this is dope. it’s different. fuck rebirth, this is the type of experimental shit that hip-hop desperately needs. i want a CuDi/Cage collab album like Leak Bros., Nighthawks, Smut Peddlers…

  • null

    this would of been unorthodox back when cage was in his agent orange days. these days it makes a lot more sense. very dope as well.

  • Really dope. What is that sample??

  • JaySpaceE

    Though I don’t see how this pertains to the Cudi song and why people are arguing about it, Charles had massive buzz about 2 years. He was getting hella MTV buzz, did a commercial, was part of the summer fab five, and was on their Mixtape Monday segment. Then he was getting co-signs from mad industry dudes. I don’t feel like pulling up youtube videos but to name a few Game, Kayne, and Skateboard P. People were even comparing him to Lupe hence song, Superman. And he had a “supposedly” unsure if completely true Dr Dre produced track and he was slated to be the rapper that does the man love interest rap in songs which most people don’t know, check Teairra Mari’s “No,No”. During this time you could even say Charles had one of the biggest buzzes but like said before Charles had too many, quote un quote, random acts of fcukery. Love the dude though no one appreciates his lazy style or total concept of his projects then he releases something for people who complain aka “Normalcy” everyone writes it off though if you go back and listen to it, it was one of the dopest projects he does.

    OT: I love the song LOLz

  • stompintom

    fuck cudi, everybody thinks he’s deep because they’re high, he’s simple and boring as fuck, day n night was cool but everything else is thee same, no hate just my opinion

  • okay the sample is St.Vincent but WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG????

  • OKAY found it
    the sample is
    St. Vincent- The Strangers (youtube it)

  • JD

    So the day has come when Cage doing a track with KID CUDI sounds more hip hop than the last Cage album. I’m officially going to f_cking kill myself.

    I want coke-bloat underground wigger Cage back.

  • Jus_Allah


    “undergound wigger”… really? what makes you label him as a wigger, last time I checked Cage doesnt think hes black…

  • Fredy

    Tight can’t wait to feel the emotion from the album

  • And Won

    This collab actually makes sense.

    Kanye + CunninLynguists next?

  • muzikxl

    Thanks to 2DB for the dopeness.

  • missmariah

    Cage is the truth

  • OKAY found it
    the sample is
    St. Vincent- The Strangers (youtube it)
    Wolverine said this on October 9th, 2010 at 9:56
    Thank you my nigga! That song used to be on my morning playlist back in the day lol knew it sounded familiar

  • @dr0 why you so worried about how rappers dress? U sound a lil feminine hating on irrelevant stuff..music is music, Charles and Cudi make good music..(when they aint trippin and got their head on straight)

  • someguy

    lol jonnie, the strangers came out last year bruh.

  • Lol yea I know matter fact I found out bout them on the blog pigeonsandplanes. com

  • ^^ which do think is better the cudi/cage version of the st.vincent original..i like the kick that cudi put on this version its sounds more clearer and stronger but hmmm they both cool.

  • MarkesG

    Big cudder fan but Im not really feeling this track. He needs to rap more

  • @Wolverine I like the sample better but yea I agree bout how they sampled it on this song..Maniac is good just wished Cudi flowed differently..prob the 1st time I’ve heard Cudi flow I wasn’t feeling..wonder who produced this tho ?

  • sbb

    sick as fuck, he has his own sstyle and he sticks to it

  • ace*

    i thought this was pretty dope. considering he’s been releasing some weird shit lately. not feeling those radio disney erase me type songs

  • mtrx

    Dope track. That sample is sick. I believe the sample is St. Vincent – The Strangers

  • ^yea that’s the right sample

  • Harvey S

    The track’s downloading as I type this….I used to like Cage (no homo)…but his last album was fucking garbage!

  • jay

    it feels like when I heat this track I went through a epic high (I been off drugs before) & this beat is like how the experience is ahahahahah TRIPPY AS FUCK!

  • oldhead

    this is from MOTM2

  • ???

    Sounds super unfinished to me. Beat is crazy though.

  • 2dopeboyez

    Cudis Albums coming out on Nov 9 and we still do not have artwork or a tracklist! The beats Dope listened to this song 20 times already

  • fredy

    hell yeah i i got a high of this a very black high

  • I’m glad Cudi’s going in an “alternative rap” route, now all he needs is a Brandon Boyd feature

  • DJ F-Word

    Love these two. Goes very hard. Been waiting on this for months. Next amazing fantasy collab: Slug & Kanye or Weezy & Aesop Rock

  • this is some crazyyyyyy deep lyrical shit..nd im fuckin with it

  • harris89

    ^you call this lyrical..? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • CFall

    Weezy and Aesop? Really? Go kill yourself.

  • CFall

    That retarded goblin doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as Aesop.

  • Higgs

    Who. The FUCK. Just said Aesop and Lil Wayne? You’re a fuckin IDIOT!

  • @jfalpha FUCK YOU Nothing’s better than motorboating double D’s! Next to sex!

  • s

    Had this on constant repeat since saturday morning >> every other G.O.O.D friday track

  • vastcomm


  • Rympul

    I felt like this collab was pretty dope, with cage EMO style its pretty fitting, lets have a wale Copywrite diss record aimed at cage and cudi haha.

  • SayItAintChris

    I had this on repeat since yall posted it

  • Hazeey

    Can anybody get me the original version of this song 2dbz posted?

  • ^St. Vincent – The Strangers


  • Who is the other sample from? Not the St. Vincent’s one cause I already know that one but the one of the girl singing “I’ve never been in love” Where is that from? Does anyone know?? Pleasee & thank you <3

  • That beat is crazy!

  • Amalia

    The producer is Anthony Kilhoffer. He is a long-time mix engineer for Kanye West.

  • Jyancey

    This nigga is too barred out to make music now.. But I gotta say whatever he does come out with is fresh to death no lie..

  • jason

    Dope, but Cage held back way too much.

  • 412

    Cage and Cudi wow thats crazy. Love the song its wild as hell.
    What are we gonna see next? J.Cole and Atmosphere?

  • rCruZ

    Mr dizzy go lick a ball