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Lil Wayne – I Don’t Like The Look Of It f. Gudda Gudda [Final]

blame it on Miss_Peas October 8, 2010

From Lil Wayne’s (physical version of) I Am Not A Human Being out October 12th.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – I Don’t Like The Look Of It f. Gudda Gudda [Final] | MF
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  • klol

    i dont like the sound of this…

  • Detroit89

    am i wrong but the tape is not dropping on the 12th um the tape already came out a week ago i believe.

  • al-Aqsa

    wait… not that i care, but i totally thought this album came out already.

  • juds

    “From Lil Wayne’s (physical version of) I Am Not A Human Being out October 12th.”

  • Pasta

    is the i’m single version with drake out ?

  • crackadon

    can’t you guys read? (physical version of) means this is gonna be on the actual cd when it hits stores. gudda is fucking trash. i don’t get why wayne needs him, millz, chuckee, twist, shanell, mack, etc. those guys are fucking booty and have no star/marketable value at all. YM should just be Weezy, Drake, Nickii, Tyga and Gunz. everyone else is NOT gonna make the label any loot whatsoever.

  • crackadon

    i forgot T Streetz. he is replacing Birdman as the worst rapper out right now. i love that he has the opposite of Wayne’s work ethic and NEVER releases any material. str8 garbage rapper.

  • wiff!

    wow im bored of whatever music this is…as well as hip hop.

  • ohufancy

    the og version was way better this is trash

  • spooky

    original beat was better. gudda gudda is wack, but is tolerably wack. lol if that makes sense.

  • @crackadon

    I agree, though gudda gudda actually has some potential, but wayne gotta realize those sqad mixtape days are over, he gotta learn how to say no and cut some of that old baggage loose, and I think wayne has to find a way to seperate them young niggaz from the grown ups give those younger dudes there own label or some shit.

  • lol i gotchu spooky… i thought he was wacker than he is but he’s still wack haha

  • GOD


  • Can this get any gayer..

  • ***********************

    co-sign crackadon

  • doobin

    gudda gudda was better when he first started. nikki minaj is overrated. highly overrated. just because shes a girl. wayne probably writes 2 letters at a time in a jail. a letter and a page full of verses for minaj. twist has potential when hes older. jae millz was better before. chuckee ur horrible. and tyga is fuckin horrible. look how many records that dude sold on no introduction. almost as bad as chocolate daddy from get him to the greek. ym is just lil wayne and drake.


    yes leeo this can get a LOT gayer… go listen to drakes new single off of his r&b mixtape… softest faggot autotune shit i’ve ever heard in my life and he can not sing .. up there with the dream on that soft autotune rhythm… NO THANKS gays

  • lmao he said Chocolate Daddy tehaha

  • Ayyoo

    usershare link has been kilt..

  • Vlad Da Inhaler

    LOL Gudda Gudda is wack? he is the ONLY one off of young douchees label thats worth listening to. fuck lil wayne!

  • Navario

    OLD just like some of the other shit off the album

  • phenom

    tyga’s the best on YM
    he has the most potential

  • veraci0us

    This version is poo, they slowed down the beat and the energy they had on th og version is gone. Fcked up a decent track smh

  • wack

  • Ca$h!

    Naw chill @ this version.

  • elandyo

    Damn it. Leave it to YM to fuck up a Jahlil beat.

  • Shoop

    I can care less about this track on the album. There are some hot tracks on there but the only song I was really concerned with was “Single” featuring Drake. Since Drake isn’t on it, I really don’t give a damn.

  • Rio$

    nothin good again?

  • Cloud 9

    damn there are no lil wayne fans anymore lol. well as soon as everyone gets off drake and nikki minaj we can start hearing real hip hop. not pretty boy swag lmao

  • stompintom

    all of young money sucks ass (except cory), wayne fell off majorly, drake fell off majorly, minaj never got on (other than a dick), jae mills had a good verse on six minutes off death but thats it, and i don’t even remember the rest of these fags (tyga, gudda, whoever else)

  • jay-sin

    now i agree that everyone mentioned is trash…but who really thinks cory gunz is gonna make any money or get any fame under his name? when every (so called) freestyle is…”im real dope..when coke floats..on boats…hope..”etc etc etc fast flow that ain’t really saying nothing

  • hejsa


  • hejsa

    ‎8TH MARCH, 2011!! VICTORY! LASERS! ! ! ! !

  • WordzofAdvice

    wow talk about jackin songs….well i guess meek millz wouldnt have got the clearence anyways…plus he’ll probably never drop an album with TI fuckin up so much and with BOB bringing in all the money….

  • BlowUp

    does it make you guys feel sad when the Label yall are hating on the most is the BIGGEST Label out?

    Gudda Gudda>>>>>>>>> any rapper they post on 2DBZ

    i always come to this site like once a month and the first post i see is a random ass NOBODY

    like God doesn’t even remember creating this person LOOOOOL!

  • Mz. Drizzy

    @doobin then why does your stupid ass click on the songs clearly your intrested gtfoh, its a fuckin rnb mixtape !!!!!!! faggot

  • Weava

    shits wacktastic, why use the same song that has been on 20 mixtapes on your album? running out of material there weezy fuck you baby

  • HermesThiefGod

    Young money sux leper balls

    P.S. lil chuckee looks like a small man

  • Vlad Da Inhaler

    @BlowUp YOU ARE A MORON. “does it make you guys feel sad when the Label yall are hating on the most is the BIGGEST Label out?
    Gudda Gudda>>>>>>>>> any rapper they post on 2DBZ” NO U IDIOT…JUST BECAUSE ITS POPULAR DOESNT MEAN ITS GOOD….AND BIG KRIT IS BETTER THAN GUDDA GUDDA…and fyi i dont hate gudda gudda, i like alot of the shit he has done with Tity Boi.

  • “all these bitches….and niggaz still hatin…”

  • TRACK IS DOPE Lil Wayne best rapper alive fuck yall
    btw the beat is kinda gay

  • kalledemos

    like this song, but it was kinda pointless to make a version with a different beat;shit leaked 9(or more) f’kn months ago, why didn’t you change it then? anyways, the old vers. actually has a better beat.

  • dante

    lil wayne mentioning illmatic in this… to bad he couldnt spit real talk like that he has all the talent to

  • Kicksaintone

    didnt they already basically do this song once?

  • Nick