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Ca$his – The Bizness f. Obie Trice & Kuniva (of D12)

blame it on Shake October 11, 2010

Remember these days?

DOWNLOAD: Ca$his – The Bizness f. Obie Trice & Kuniva (prod. Rikanatti) | Mediafire

  • hardy

    follow cashis on youtube “mop313″… he’s puttin a lotta tracks out, maybe most of them are bullsh-t but some of his tracks are dope

  • HAHA! Look at all them faggots. Thank God there fucking era over :)

  • jeff

    dop pic…but what is yayo doing there?

  • Coroner

    yayo is part of the G-unit that’s why he’s there…

    BTW fuck you haters… Shady 4 Life!

  • WTF-_-┻

    you r the one who knows them guys are fag !!!
    yeah ya know.
    you sucked Em’s dick kissing 50’s ass
    cuz you got 2 mouths you pussy bitch.

  • WTF-_-┻

    Shady 4 Life !

  • WTF-_-┻

    is that Alchemist???????????????

  • Grade A

    those days would be nothin 2 remember if slim finally signs fuckin slaughterhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harriet

    Yeah ALC has been Em’s touring DJ for a minute now…
    I love how he can rock with these dudes, then bang out classics with EV and Dilated Peoples – a true worker with none of this industry beef bulllish!

  • igor

    i have this dope photo in my “the Re-UP” Eminem’s CD

  • WTF-_-┻

    Its good to see Obie spit w/ Shady guys again

  • Gordon B.

    The beat is a fucking disaster can’t listen to this ish.

  • Click Clack

    Cashis is the biggest faggot ever

  • who cares

    @Gordon B I agree
    The beat is horrible, waaaaay overdone. I like that track, but can’t stand the beat. Need to turn up the vocals if you have a beat like this

  • ugh wat rapper in their right mind would rhyme to that shit hey Rikanatti go retire

  • mmkayy

    i think the problem w/ Cashis is his beats…it makes me not wanna listen to him


  • WTF? Travis Barker? LOL

  • Shady Rider

    This record is fire. All yall hatin on shady and on cashis can suck a dick. Yall don’t know good music. You can hate all you want but everybody else likes dis shit.

  • Solo

    The beat is so fucked up i had to press stop quick to prevent the robot army from mistaking it for the attack command!

  • DaRichKid

    Beat fucked it up.

  • wiff!

    alc looks miniaturized. LOL! and yayo looks funny as hell….i love family pictures

  • Shady Rider

    This beat iz dope as fuck. We must not be listen to the same shit.

  • darth vader

    i miss obie trice in shady

  • haithere

    thats not D12….

  • Swifty is the 3rd best out d12 where the fucks his solo

  • Great pic, disapointing track.

  • Great pic, disapointing track. Obie fell off.