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Young Jeezy’s TM103 Gets Release Date

blame it on Shake October 11, 2010

After countless delays and setbacks, Def Jam has confirmed that the third installment of Jeezy’s Thug Motivation series will hit shelves on December 14th.

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  • Jeezy Is A Marc Buster.

  • Jomoses

    By December they’ll say a February release and he’ll put out 2 more random ass unannounced tapes smh….

  • Calidna

    Yea both His singles flopped

  • cd is going to be trash. jeezy can go kill himself

  • will

    ive never seen someone fall off so hard as jeezy….its gna flop real hard unless he can find some standout singles

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    ^^^^ What Everbody Says Pretty Much Sums It Up.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Even tho everything Jeezy has given us from the album has been horse shit, I got a feeling Jeezy next single is gonna be bananas. I know he’s got some bangers in his hands, cause Trap or Die 2 and The Last Laugh both had tracks way better than All White Everything and Jizzle.

  • red

    It won’t sell and more importantly it won’t be any good. Jeezy you’re hood got robbed by the Brick Squad.

  • GetMoney

    It’s so sad that ppl think Gucci and Wacka stole Jeezy fame.Ok Jeezy’s last couple of singles have been trash but all of Jeezy’s albums have gone plat.What has Gucci or Wacka done?

  • birdman

    fuck yes! thug motivation 103 on the way nigga. fuck you hatin ass bitches. jeezy been on fire with his last two mixtapes. shut the fuck up. yall dont know shit. go listen to ur club and fairy bullshit rap and kill urself. jeezy is straight killin it

  • Juice

    LMAO this nigga above me sensitive as hell. Get off Jeezy nutsack nigga

  • invitado

    lmfao this nigga has a single called Jizzle

  • poo


  • Mr Xclusive

    honestly who even gives a shit anymore lol

  • Cp

    TM 103 !!!!!!!!!!! Fuck The Rest !!!

  • Status

    I hate to sound stupid.. But if this is tha third installment.. Where is TM102.. ?

  • Fuck all you guys. This shit is gonna be fiyah.

  • Man I swear Im a Jeezy fan but Im sick and tired of waiting for this damn album I swear this nigga been shoutin TM103 around the corner for 2 yrs. Well I’ll believe it when it comes out till then Im waiting for the Dec. 21, 2012 release. lol and also on every Jeezy post when someone sees that one of his singles was “Jizzle” and they’re like “lmfao this nigga has a single called Jizzle” I die everytime

  • DownSyndrome Money

    Jeezy already missed his time to drop the album. He has no hype around him or TM103. If that nigga doesn’t come up with some new way to rap or bring something new to the table, its going to a cold winter for jeezy lmao no pun intended

  • swagtopia

    jeezy’s mixtapes were tough so I dont why yall hatin ass bitches talkin sooo much shit abou him. TM103 is boutta go hard. FUCK ALL the hate.

  • Fuck all ya jeezy da realist… Jeezy a str8 hood nigga. Us jeezy fans don’t give a shit what y’all think of jeezy cuz we no and u no dat jeezy can spit like non of y’all fake ass niggas. Y’all wish u could be jeezy jelous ass fuckers get’em jeezy 8732 what a do snowman

  • bigg rell

    jeezy is not trash all the song you hear now is not on the album every song he bought out so far was fire listen to his word play people r really deaf lol

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