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J. Cole & Petey Pablo – Raise Up Live (Video)

blame it on Meka October 12, 2010

Keep it real: this song made you wanna punch somebody whenever it was thrown on in a party. During the North Carolina A&T’s homecoming concert, Cole brought out Petey to a raucous crowd to perform his anthem.

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  • GhettoBlaster

    petey pablo was arrested on 9/11 for trying to sneak guns on his plane. DUMBASS.
    Cant hear anything theyre spitting.

  • Jav

    If your that far idk why you’d be busy trying to record the show..just enjoy it homie.

    • > If your that far idk why you’d be busy trying to record the show..just enjoy it homie.>


  • Gumarao

    Damn that was too dope for words

  • Wow Meka joins the c-section, whaddup fool


    damn jcole puts on a wild show

  • Trey Bones

    I was at the show…it was (2)awesome and (2)dope

  • DatDude

    yeah I was yellin like crazy and didn’t even notice that Petey came on to the stage for a minute lol…show was doppee…idk why Cole ain’t do Blow Up though…

  • wait.. who you

    “I was at the show…it was (2)awesome and (2)dope”

    fckin cornball

  • Antone

    lol i still got that album in my CD case…

  • Tone Riggz

    Hopefully he has a better guest for the NY show.

  • rockett

    That’s my school MANNN ! Aggie Pride !!

  • J

    My dude Rockett. Aggie Pride bro!

  • FRESHman10

    I that shit was crazy. Cole killed it yo…

  • Sam Flow (yes, Im a female)

    Maan, my Aggie friends blew wup Twitter with that “GHOE” ish…..and now i see why, smh

  • Boy2Dope

    oh no at 0:26.. J.Cole said “my nigga Drizzy Drake” now what will most of the 2DBZ C-Section do?? Didn’t “we” want these two dudes to beef? and now they’re friends? oh oh

  • :P

    ^you’re late dude.

  • Boy2Dope

    you’re late dude?!?! for what?

  • wow that must have been crazy

  • jojoba

    ‘brought’ Pablo from where? From round the side of the stage where he is currently working event security?

  • you

    yoo, i was here too…show was crazy

  • VaRenigade

    Ayo my first time hearong a J. Cole song was at this concert and I think his music is dope. What else of his should I get in to? I’d appreciate somebody pointing me in the right direction (I’m looking at you Shake or Meka)

  • JD

    Definitely listen to the mixtape The Warm Up