• j-rhytim

    Real Serious Record. Cool that all these guys came thru on one joint!! Reggae vibe to it

  • RickJames

    Hot joint, real anthem type shit. Likin the vibe on this one and the beat is crack!

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com Berp Willie

    word..ain't heard no grand agent in a minute

  • Corsico

    Wow. I've never seen ANYONE re-hash the Run-DMC logo before. This is HIGHLY original!!!

  • http://www.soulspazm.com/digital/runmpc ABBAD

    to Corsico:re-hash the RUN DMC logo especially when the album is called RUN MPC..because..this album is born in the mind of a beatmaker and a rapper raised on the HIP HOP PIONEER MUSIC....does it make sence now? If I dj and produce beat it's because of people like RUN DMC and LL. It's my tribute to the old school/tru school era. And allthe feat on our album are Respected rapper and legend (edo, masza ace, big shug kool G rap billy danze tek).


  • Nik D

    If the logo is the only topic of negative discussion, that just truly shows how well made the music is, and a hater has nothing else to complain about.
    SO take that as respect

    Good music!! Can't find anything wrong with that, and thats all that matters