Slang Editorial: The Sandwich Shop

Doing what I do, you're sometimes privy to a lot of things about artists you may find shocking (not really, anymore, but I'm just saying). This piece was inspired by a story someone told me.

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  • Z-Money

    Meka, please tell me you are just volunteering to write your column and you are not actually getting a paycheck from Complex


  • Stephanie

    The amount of hate this man gets will never cease to amaze me.

  • Bon

    stephanie, hop off his shaft and/or scrotum. he doesn't like when girls pay his genitalia attention.

  • Ghettoblaster

    Just because a bitch has a degree doesn't mean shes not going to suck a dick to get to the top...Shit if had to beat some pussy up i would.

    I mean there alot of bad bitches...that are smart...just gatta go to school lol.

    but like eddy said some of these hoes is too sophisticated...gimmie the buck naked bitch from africa

  • Ghettoblaster

    lol buck...butt...i like hoes bucknaked too tho.

  • Bon


  • bbc.

    well if some rich guy is gonna give me what i want if i give him a lil ass from time to time, then why object?

    yeah, its disgusting, but if you cant beat em, join em.


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