Tahiry’s 2011 Calender: The Wet Edition (Video)

blame it on Shake October 12, 2010

Why she starts talking at the :55 mark is unknown. Anyone actually care about what she has to say? Just saying…

  • Pops

    What rock did she crawl from under? I thought she went back to being a bartender.

  • Drew

    Notice how all the JoeBuddenTv Stopped after the two of them split up..That shit was out almost every other day then nothing…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…LOL I would love to hit that tho..

  • turkey

    am i the only one that thinks this chick is disgusting?

  • Dat Azz

    She is overhyped…she is an average lookin girl with a big booty. I like that though.
    Also, what’s that track playin in the beginning and end?


  • Brutally Honest

    I would do some serious ass-to-mouth action on that bitch.

  • M-Lo

    @Dat Azz
    song is called start it up by lloyd banks. look it up here on the site, deuces!

  • Ghettoblaster

    do niggas really like her ?

    she just got a fat ass…..id pass on that anyday….cute faces ftw

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    we ain’t even get to see the booty that much!! the fuck is that about??

  • Musikfiend

    @Brutally Honest

    U never go ass to mouth, lol.

  • R E C K

    damn that beak could crack a coconut

  • Butterface. Sad that she’s resorted to showing some nipples, maybe a porno is next? She’s fucking with 50 so you know she’s gonna ‘crash’ soon. I stopped watching after :55…

  • Young Jeezy

    Gotdamn hoe! You got them ass and titties!

  • Bill Clinton

    wait people are complaining about how she looks???
    can u say h to the o mo?

  • I don’t care now & never did. I was just glad to see Joey with a chick he was happy with.

    Now that they’ve split, she’s become even more irrelevant.

    Those that keep “feeding” into her, she’ll continue being around.

    @ least I’m sure the break up will make for great inspiration on Mood Muzik.

  • boston

    whoever says shes disgusting….is out there mind….yeah granted her face aint all there…. that ass makes up for all those imperfections……que culaso!!!!!!!

  • scratchANDsniff

    Justin Slayer x Tahiry, enough said!

  • JD

    QUE BONITA!!!!