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Young Jeezy – Sleep When I Die [Full/NoDJ]

blame it on Meka October 12, 2010

Can I be honest? Has Young Jeezy ever not sounded the same exact way for the past half-decade or so? I took one listen to this and thought I was driving around Inglewood headed to the Target on Century Blvd. (Los Angelenos know what I’m talking about) like this was 2005 all over again. Anyways, here’s another track from TM103, dropping December 14th (or so Def Jam says), courtesy of Prinz.

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Sleep When I Die | Mediafire

  • Irish Homophobe

    I was sick of this guy after Sole Survivor… same old same old with this nigga.

    “Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks”

  • Mobes317

    Haha so true Meka

  • facemask

    He is a talentless nigga who has been releasing the same song for 5 years over and over again. The only reason he gets any credit is because that original song was actually good.

  • Irish Homophobe

    ^^ WORD

  • poo

    Jeezy sucks, he always has. Honestly Gucci and Waka are more entertaining only because their music is so retardedly funny.

  • word

    problem now the recent remakes are no where near as dope as the older remakes. so it starts to wear more and more on the listener that this is the same ol shit.. jus weaker. so why not go listen to the old shit and ignore the new shit.

    at least thats where i stand. i can still pop in tm101 or tm102 and love it, but this new stuff just isnt it.

  • skills

    Let’s talk shit on a guy who gives back to the hood all the time.

  • ^^what does that have to do with anything? The guy makes shit music, he is the only person I know who dropped an entire album called The Reccesion about stunting and coke.

    Plus all this “giving back to the hood” shit sounds to me like a Paris Hilton breaking into orphanage and “giving away” 1$ toys to kids who have no clothes to put on. This is all a big joke

  • jay

    LMAO Meka what you doing in my neck of the woods damn you right down the street from my house ahahahah CENTURY LIVIN!

  • Z-Money

    @Every comment above me
    Get off this faggot ass white boy Meka’s nuts. Whatever he says, you all think you should repeat in the c-section. Jeezy been running the game since TM101 and he’s just getting started. Keep hating, Jeezy aint going anywhere.

  • inanet tough guy

    meka and shake say they dont like a song………….all the faggot sheep in the c section fall in line and agree

  • ^Meka is an arrogant black faggot with his head so deep up his ass that even a thought that he isnot the center of the world gives him a stomach ache so I dont give a fuck what he says/thinks. It does not cancel however that Jeezy FUCKING SUCKS all he got going for him is his testosterone voice and banging beats.

  • I know exactly what u talkin’ bout! 112th street and Prairie.

  • Irish Homophobe

    You’re right, Meka and Shake completely dictate my taste in my music… orrrr Jeezy just happens to be the most unoriginal rapper in the game who makes the same god damn song over and over again. I think I’ll take the latter.

  • word

    well if he aint going no where can you tell him to make doper songs. thanks.

  • blackadon

    word everyone in this shit swangin on shake and meka’s nuts its fkin sad…

    and jeezy make whip/club music for the real niggas who actually leave they damn basements. its obvious this nerd DragonBalls is one those lames

  • Gordon B.

    This is the Jeezy I’ve been waiting for, forget all that other mixtape bullshit, TM103 let’s get it!

  • stompinthomas

    jeezy fell off, and theres no reason why people can’t make club/whip shit and can’t be good

  • fuckusershare

    Why the FUCK do you guys keep using crappy ass usershare?

    Shit is fucking slow as hell when you try to stream and download. SMH. Find a new damn hosting site, it’s not that hard.

  • Tre

    jeezy! this shit hard… haters are lame. grow up. and do something with your life

  • Grade A

    lol at blackadon.

    “jeezy make whip/club music for the real niggas who actually leave they damn basements”

    real niggas and club music dont mix.

    and the main point is this is wack. jeezy is and always was wack. the fact that he and other talentless rappers took over is why hip hop was dead. SH rebirthed it. now its on us the fans to keep it real. that means tell jeezy fans to fuck off with their tm19e44 bullshit and cop a mood muzik. and muthafuckin learn something instead of being a “real nigga” at the fuckin club. fuckin scum

  • A.B.N.


  • Ghettoblaster

    I still bump hypnotize and J.E.E.Z.Y on my way to in-n-out on century (inglewood shit, morning side)…Jeezy just makes car tunes….obviously he aint good…just i can respect his hussle….

    bet you this nigga wasn’t at target and at wingstop….

  • blackadon

    Grade A how old are u? whoever says ‘hip hop is dead’ gotta be one immature retard. the fact ur emo ass would rather listen to mood muzik and be an elitist tells me ur either like 12 years old or too fkin narrow-minded…

    who tha fuck are u to say what is and what isn’t hip hop? dumb shit

    if u actually went outside and enjoyed life u’ll realize jeezy gets hella play in strip clubs n shit. ain’t noone tryna hear super-lyrical thought provoking shit in the club dumbass

  • Ghettoblaster

    LOL @ “Grade A” “and muthafuckin learn something instead of being a “real nigga” at the fuckin club. fuckin scum”

    Nigga shut the fuck up if you dont like to have fun. Don’t be mad because some people like to party and you stuck playing mood muzik mad at the world nigga.

  • word

    Don’t be mad because some people like to party and you stuck playing mood muzik mad at the world nigga.

    ^^LOL. Winner. And im a budden fan, but this shit is hilarious.

  • KarolinaKidd

    jeezy>>>>ya fav rapper

  • Z-Money

    Grade A just got roasted. Don’t fuck wit Jeezy, you dumbass white boy. Go play hop scotch in your suburb and stay away from the dopeboyz

  • No I.D.

    KarolinaKidd shut the fuck up because you obviously don’t know what the fuck you talkin about!!! Jeezy nice and all, but in no way is he better than Royce, Crooked I, Joe Budden, or Lupe. You, just like some of these other dumb muthafuckas that posted earlier, ain’t doing shit but wasting bandwith……so when you reach puberty, then adulthood a.k.a. KarolinaAdult, then you can hopefully put a better comment up than Jeezy>>>>>ya fav rapper!!!

  • DJ Drama

    Jeezy>>>>>>most trap rappers

  • sas

    Jeezy isnt the top trap rapper
    look up A MAFIA – FLYING CARS
    then come back here

  • birdman

    i disagree completely…

  • jeezy has a good ear for beats, thats all i can say. the delivery has been the same shit since forever but i still bump it in my car anyways and ima STILL cop tm103 when it drops. digggg

  • Cleveland REP

    yall niggas whack as fuck on here talkin bout jeezy, when clearly he is the shit cuz it takes some talent to survive in not only the rap game, but if he really aint a dboy u know BMF and shit woulda called him out on it. this page BOOMIN after one day of this being out and yall talkin shit… yall dont appreciate shit. GET UM JEEZY! CTE USDA

  • snow

    haters gon hate…jeezy obviously ain’t for everybody, but for his fans (including me) this shit real nice. you don’t like it, fine, it’s not jeezy’s problem. he still gon eat…103!


    yall are retarded…think about how many people took jeezys style–he innovated it, with the adlibs and that delivery…

    So many rapper d-bo’d his style:

    -shawty lo

    i know there are more out there….yall gotta pay respects where it’s due. DONT SLEEP ON JEEZY!!!!

  • sean kingston

    the best trapper alive! are u serious he spit for the street and if u aint in the streets u aint gonna get it! only real niggas can relate so dont hate just listening to something else! everything he talking about is what really going on so just go listen to lil wayne LMAO!