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Big L – Return Of The Devil’s Son (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka October 13, 2010

Some of these tracks I need back in my life, so it’s dope to see that they’re all in one nice collection. L’s second posthumous album since 2000’s The Big Picture is set to drop November 23rd.

Return of the Devil’s Son has 21 unreleased songs, including “Right To The Top” featuring Royal Flush and Kool G Rap. “This album will show where he should have been and where he was about to go. It’s going on 12-years since he’s been gone. He would have been that one; this project will show where he should have been at,” said [Big L’s older brother] Donald Phinazee.

Tracklist down bottom.

01. Return Of The Devils Son (prod. Showbiz)
02. Devil’s Son (prod. Showbiz)
03. Zone Of Danger (prod. J-Love)
04. Sandman 118
05. School Days
06. Principle Of The New School (prod. Showbiz)
07. Unexpected Flava (prod. Lord Finesse)
08. Tony’s Touch
09. Right To The Top f. Royal Flush & Kool G Rap (prod. Domingo)
10. Once Again (prod. J-Love)
11. Harlem World Universal
12. I Won’t
13. Hard To Kill
14. Power Moves
15. If You Not Aware
16. I Should Have Used A Rubber
17. Doo Wop #5
18. Yes You Can
19. Audition
20. MC’s What’s Going On (prod. Showbiz)
21. Slaying The Mic

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  • KushFu

    jet life

  • will

    Big L was dope. Doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

  • Black Dynamite

    “second posthumous album” so what was that ‘139 & Lenox’ album that dropped a couple weeks ago?

  • Gordon B.

    Got both the other albums will probably cop this one as well, damn underrated MC.

  • This guy had above average punchlines and precise 4 rhymes per 2 lines flow. pretty nice

  • jay

    big l was the greatest

  • Big L, best to ever live

  • TOS

    You are retarded. Big L was a One of the Best and was damn more than “above average”

  • Wow. I need to pre-order this NOW.

  • Ryan

    Ebonics still gets daily play. Big L one of the greatest, this should be good.


    I’m Happy that the album is backed by BIG L ESTATE.
    Theirs been alot of Fake albums dropping, buying 10 copies Nov 23rd, 2010.

    Everyone SUPPORT.



  • wase

    I read in this month’s XXL that there is an unleashed version of “Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous” album entirely produced by Showbiz…they need to drop that version asap



  • this is goin to be EPIC!

  • Can’t wait!!!

    RIP Big L – one of the GOAT. No doubt.

  • yugang

    is it even a question of whether or not you would get this? *adding return of the devil’s son to the list of albums to get in nov*

  • ohword?

    nice, good to see l’s still in people’s minds.

  • wase

    @ KNOWxONE – good looking out son

  • s1oop

    too bad there isnt 200 comments about how dope this is.

    big l rip

  • anunikke

    The Big Picture is classic, can’t fucking wait.

  • jcrunk

    I usually just download albums because I refuse to pay to get disappoint “common – finding forever was the last straw” but I’m gonna have to make an exception on this one, definitely need that hard copy

  • Jag

    good lyricist but i cant get listen to blasphemy

  • who cares


  • stompinthomas

    wow, this is a definitely buy

  • c e

    its a must bought

  • ThumpersOnTuck

    Fuck Big L’s “Estate” — his estate is just his greedy scumbag deadbeat dad that didn’t have any involvement whatsoever in Big L’s life until after he was dead.
    This aint NOTHIN at all like J. Dilla’s mother actually deserving and needing support. it’s actually the exact opposite, fuck a deadbeat ass dad.

    Lord Finesse needs to get back working on that remix project with Jay-Z & EMINEM that he was talking bout a few years ago, & just drop it as a Free Mixtape, just for cementing Big L’s legacy. don’t worry bout clearing samples, or guest-appearances, just make it classic and LET THAT SHIT BREATHE.

  • Bcold5

    Fuck around ya find my silk boxers in ya mother’s hamper. Second best rapper ever RIP Big L

  • jd

    Wow. More producers slapping their beats on the same old tired acapellas. I love Big L’s ish as much as anyone else, but I already heard these raps 4,000 times…. you might as well drop another set of Black Album remixes. I can only *pray* there’s a few unheard rhymes tucked away in here somewhere, otherwise this album is never going to touch ‘The Big Picture’.
    As for his estate, I can’t speak on that, but there’s been a lot of money grabbin’ going on around the legend of Big L lately. I hope this is fresh.



  • HHH

    finally, thank god..

  • tom

    big l was the greatest….doesnt get the respect he deserves

  • Brar

    New Big L???? YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RIP one of the greatest!

  • red

    Can’t believe I missed this earlier.
    Big L R.I.P. 1 of my favorites, hopefully I can remember to buy this one.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD (pun intended)
    one of the greatest ever in history to touch the mic
    one of my biggest inspirations in music

    i was just going thru Big Picture today. i miss this nigga

  • ruthless

    need a download of this a.s.a.p

  • awww damn, i agree man i hope theres some new shit well some shit i never heard cuz that would be dope but if not im still gettin this shit man, L’s my favorite emcee RIP, “i smash mics like cornbread, you can’t kill me i was born dead”

  • tradez

    damn this is what ive been waitin 4 since 07 when they was talkin about it…. i hope theres some new verses on there as well if not ill still buy it to support my man l

  • Teddy

    The Album Art is ass. They better not use that shit. Better pay full price,
    not no cheap ass Mixtape grade album art.

  • powermoves

    Truly one of the greatest mc’s to ever live. Big L is the true essence of hip hop, especially east coast hip hop. Shame he couldn’t be alive today to rip these lame ass new cats apart. RIP

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