100 Miles Three Years & Runnin’…

blame it on Meka October 14, 2010

The very first image of the very first post of this site.

MEKA: Six years ago, I was doing double shifts at a crappy home office and a local Macy’s. Three years ago, I was two weeks removed from losing my cushy job at an entertainment company thanks to the writer’s strike. Two years ago, I was going into my second year of unemployment. Last year, I was working out of a tiny, cramped, poorly-ventilated office in the middle of Harlem where my two neighbors were a methadone clinic and a slaughterhouse. Needless to say, I’ve gone through a lot of bulltwoshit trying to make this thing work. But after a charity BBQ, a couple (2)Dope nights, a SXSW show, an A3C show, countless album presentations and God[dess] knows what else I’m forgetting in the last ten months alone, it’s safe to say that I’m no longer on a rocky ground anymore.

Shake and I could run around as if we won the pennant and act like we’re something we’re not, but the truth is despite the online “demeanor” (because people can automatically gauge who we are just off of how we present ourselves in front of your computer screen of all things), we’re just like everyone else who visits this or any other site throughout the Internets. It’s because of that why we thank you all for continually coming to this place to, at the very least, temporarily take your mind off of the twoshit you may go through in your own personal lives. Thanks to everybody who we’ve met personally. Thanks to everybody who’s talked about the site to their friends. Thanks to everybody who’s opened doors for us. Thanks to the NMC for being more than just an online group of sites, but a crew of people who I’d gladly hold down. Thanks to my family. Thanks to that special person in my life. Thanks to… well, everybody.

SHAKE: Three years ago I was an asshole. Same goes for two years ago. And today? Yep… still an asshole. I do appreciate everyone that comes through the dopehouse on a daily basis though. Here’s to three more years.

MEKA: *dies*

  • THANK YOU. Nothing more to be said.

  • On34

    thanks no doubt. even from just online you got genuine swag.

  • Lol. I’ve enjoyed the year and a half I’ve been browsing this blog.

  • David

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate this site. Even though this site has some dumbass commenters, I’m glad that its still going on. Besides, what place doesn’t have dumbass people?

  • We appreciate yall

  • CONGRATS my boys…some may say I’m a blogger blah blah blah, Shake & Meka are my people blah blah blah; but when it comes to THIS site I’m a fan first. I respect what you guys do, staying true to yourselves and the fact that ya’ll are just good people that I’m glad I’ve met. Continued success fellas and sooner than later there is an event with major alcohol consumption that we all need to be at. Peace ya’ll

  • Hopf

    Big up, you guys…

  • That’s heartfelt right there. Keep goin!

  • haha i agree with ^^david! and uhm shake i loooove you!

  • Chris

    Thank You guys for Keepin things 2Dope for 3 Years strong…

    Sidebar: Did you guys ever drop that Bonus Disc for the Empire State mixtape?

  • Peace and congrats my dudes! More than deserved. Thanks for letting me hold your weed. LOL.

    did meka break somethin there was a database error after this post

  • ralph

    i respect both your hustle. keep up the good work.

  • JubilantTitties

    Thank you guys! Appreciate all the music!

  • Congratz & Thanks Guys. Been running through this site for two or three years.

    Keep it G.

  • GR

    Thanks yoooo! And don’t stop! It’s a nice reminder to all that the people running this site are hear for the music, and are no different than any of us.

    And thanks to the C-section for letting me argue with other people, being the schizo-hater that I am, in the comfort of my own home. hahahaha

  • Truth

    Meka = Hard Worker
    Shake = Weed Smoker

  • meka is ded

  • spooky

    Congrats! Continue to make 2dope one of the realest out.

  • Smarter

    I think it’s time for us to have a toast!

    Here’s to the blog!

    Oh, and Mek, COME HOME (no homo) you’re missing out this L.A. greatness! LOL

  • MiguelGutierrez

    Thank you!!! Your work are incredible.

  • jurrien

    I started visiting this site like 1,5 ago, just before it really blew up. Since then i visited its each day like 10 times, wich resulted in me finding some real nice hiphop. I always liked your personal messages that you include with eacht post. That er more retardes here now, but that just because you are getting bigger en bigger, just do your thing guys and it will be all goodddd.


    I gotta thank 2DBZ for posting more than just the ultra-popular stories, artists and songs. 2DBZ goes out of their way to bring stuff from all corners of hip hop, rap and culture.

    also, lots of other blogs stay copy/pasting from 2DBZ, so good job.

  • Congrats, guys!

  • Juice101

    *martin lawrence hug*

  • five!

    Let’s go for another 1 more years!

  • is it the sites birthday? or meka did u just get all gooey and have a moment?
    eitherway i appreciate this site no doubt and especially the 2doperadio shows, id have to say thats my favourite thing about this site.
    peace all the way from london

  • ronny

    cosign d. nick

  • Peace to the whole 2DBZ staff, your work does not go unappreciated.

  • Drew

    Shake, Meka, Thank you guys for having an amazing site and continually staying on top of the ever changing face of hip hop. I’ve been coming through the dope house daily now for the last three years now, and I’ve watched this site grow in leaps and bounds You should both be very proud of what you’ve created..I’ve had some serious laughs over shit you’ve said or posted..I think my personal favourite (which gave me the hardest laugh) was when you started blurring out Rick Ross’s Tits!!! That shit was classic guys. Cheers to you both and I will forever promote your site to anybody who is in need of a connection into the hip hop world.

    Keep Movin Forward, Success is a Long Steep Climb but the view is beautiful from the Top.

    Cheers to the (2)dopest site on the internets…

  • Two years ago I was reading four or five Hip Hop sites, now – just one daily. Thanks & Congratulations!

  • Happy birthday and great job on the site!

    Also thank you for supporting QuESt and S-Preme!

  • Congrats. Thanks for good music.

  • I THANK 2DOPEBOYZ for introducing me to J. Cole, XV, Ab-Soul, and Kendrick Lamar..and for introducing me to my arch-nemesis Robbie Maynard The III, and introducing me to a entertaining c-section full of a bunch of niggas that swear anything that they can’t relate to or isn’t on Tech N9ne or Immortal Technique type lyricism or sounds anything close to mainstream/radio music has to be wack or “fake” hip hop SMH and with that being said..I shall now spam my music so yall can hate on it…CLICK MY NAME BITCHES CLICK MY NAME BITCHES

  • Cheers!!!

  • criezlikeafairy

    Been coming back for 2 years now, keep doing dope! BOY

  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey

    This is my 3rd favorite site on the internet behind ESPN and Facebook. lol I have discovered countless new artist that I probably would have never heard before if it wasn’t for the you 2 posting them on your site. Sometimes I don’t always like everything that gets posted but I respect the effort you put into keeping fans updated.

    Shake, your artwork is dope and you’re a very talented individual. *tears* LOL

    Meka, you seem pretty cool :)

  • bobby boulders

    This is hip hop.

  • stompinthomas

    thanks shake & mek, this is like my only source for hip hop now, keep up the great work !

  • nOF

    Yes, I would also give you both a a big THANK YOU, for giving me this blog.

  • haterade

    Lmao Jonnielluminati just went in, plus the song you just spammed wasn’t bad at all

    Thanks Shake and Meka

  • ¡LL

    Over a period of 5 months,i’ve discovered Jon Connor,Fashawn,J Cole,Freddie Gibbs,Shad and many more.Thanks,guys.Now i know Hiphop lives.

  • damn… i really appreciate the positive comments. means a lot and definitely needed right now. thanks again!

  • tre

    2dbz leans nicely on the music tip – I keep coming back b/c they keep introducing me to new music.

    I mean the news/sensational stories that all these bloggers post are fine and all but at the end of the day 2dbz seems to be one of few that actually tries to share new music.

  • CONGRATS looking forward to the next few

  • zane

    ummm nah, THANK YOU for the playlist on my ipod titled 2dopedoys with 700+ joints. what is a napster?

  • Fat Boy

    Been coming to the site for about a year now. I appreciate the hell out of it. As a person aspiring for a career in the same field area as you guys it is kind of cool to have something to look at and say I want to be that successful

  • DreamOn

    J. Cole pointed me to this site.
    It was an interview he did that I saw on COMPLEX and he was naming some of the blogs he goes on to find new music. He mentioned 2Dopeboyz.. so I checked it out.
    The rest is history… I check this site at least 5 times a day now.

    Thanks Shake & Meka..( & J. Cole)

  • haterade < jonnie that u?

  • Boy2Dope

    Yo! Congratulations thanks for all the dope tracks, and thanks to all that different characters in the c-section that makes me comeback and read. All the new generation artists: Kendrick Lamar, XV, Big Sean, J.Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, etc. etc. can’t wait for the Soul Khan tape coming out on Nov. …that is all

  • No,fugger thank you for….. yup.

  • RobG

    Respect boyz. Keep up the hustle and the people will continue to come.

  • Thank you guys for leading me through the new age of hip-hop and opening my eyes to the great new up and coming artists that are out today. keep it goin fellas

  • Jonnielluminati < i thought u took the fan effect off your voice/? smh its still there nice beat n hook

  • Boy2Dope

    the different characters** FUCK TYPOS and all the new generation artists that ya’ll introduced me to** smh

  • tehdope.

    This is one of the only topics where I’ve seen little to no haters, lol. Regardless congrats, been comin’ around here for a couple of months now and I must say that this is the only hip hop site I look at, for good reason.

  • dunk


  • leutrim rexhaj

    to 3 more years of free music and assholes in the comment section

  • Thanks for all the hard work yall put in….my day just doesnt seem to go right if i dont hit up this site at least once!
    seems like just last week yall was celebrating 2 years! time flies!

  • jkcal44

    peace y’all. i’m here like ten times a day haha, don’t leave many comments but today is an exception. word to your success, keep the great ish up.

  • BlockBurneR


  • dunk

    oh yeah, and thanks for doin what u do..

  • tel avivi

    what the fuck? a photo of tel aviv in 2dopeboyz.com? why? did you even know it was tel aviv?

    btw… shake you are the shit from tel aviv, israel!

  • JDiRT da PiMP

    shout out to 2dopeboyz for 3 year anniversary. It’s a dope site. the source to all my dope music 4real

  • battle3

    this site has became a permanent part of my daily routine. i check it at least 10 times a day, thank u shake & meka for introducing me to so many dope artists that i would have never heard before such as sha stimuli who is currently in my top 3 artists and i never gave b.o.b a listen until “should have been the first album” so thank you guys for that and keep the site going. lmao @ KNOWXONE

  • This has become the number 1 spot for hip hop rap music – under ground and mainstream – and cute girls sprikled on

  • Reality1989

    This site single-handedly restored my faith in Hip Hop. Thanks fellas!!

  • therealgonzz

    thanks to keef Dallas for lettin me know about this.

  • ¡LL

    Word to Reality1989


    Big Ups to 2dopeboyz

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Yoooooooooooooo! Thanks 2dbz for letting me drop my ignorant ass comments and gettin niggas all in they feelins actin like str8 bitches when isay sumthin is wack!!!

    Now niggas line up your bitches so ican fuck there mouths!! Young Based God Hoes On My Dick Bruhh Cuz iLook Like Spudd Webb My Nigga.

  • This is one of the illest blogs I’ve ever been too. Seriously, you guys hold it down and put on a lot of deserving artists. Props for that.

    I always wondered how this shit came together with you two. You college buddies or some shit? I think it’d be cool to see a 2dbz biopic. Equal parts Social Network and Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle lol. Think about it.

  • Sdotsom

    Keep doin it. 2dopeboyz is on top right now and forever.

  • W

    OOHHH manee,tel aviv is fucking epic

  • Jonnielluminati < i thought u took the fan effect
    off your voice/? smh its still there nice beat n hook
    London said this on October 14th, 2010 at 6:27
    I recorded that back in like July my nigga just recently posted it a couple weeks ago..thanks for checkin it out tho

  • Prospekt

    Shake and Meka- though I’ve never met either of you guys, I feel like I know the two of you… There are a lot of decent “hip hop” blogs… But only 2 dopehouse! Here’s to 3 more years!!

  • JaySpaceE

    Honestly this is my favorite hip hop site never too late, always good content despite everyone saying the Lupe crap. And you host this well. I check here all day I leave it up refreshing every 20 minutes or so because you guys will make sure to update. Thank you Shake and Meka for a great site!

  • Dulce

    Fellas know that your work & effort are definitely appreciated! :-D

  • dweek

    I never post comments on here..

    but man, I visit this blog like 15 times a day, it’s number 4 on my most visited sites behind rapmusic, google and facebook.

    y’all two are the shit.

  • Brutally Honest

    Been here since spring 2008….Thank you

  • McGenius

    Favourite music blog…..come everyday
    thanks keep it up
    one love Tdot (should have a 2dopeboyz show here)

  • Stephanie

    I refresh this shit way too much lol. Thanks guys.

  • doodoobrown

    Awesome job fellas, keep it up!

  • I used to get my daily hip-hop fix from a different site *coughs* illroots.com *coughs*, but by & far 2DBZ was & still is way better tha any other sites i’ve visited. & now I check it like 2x a day. My fav. posts: KNOWxONE’s 2Deep posts (finally learning to appreciate the music I grew up on, but didn’t realize how deep it was cause i was too young to understand) & Random Acts of Fuckery (sometimes i have to think of how hard I last laughed when i look @ some of the stuff you post, lol)…so thanks to you & all that you 3 introduce us to & for kidnapping me from other sites :) lol!

    LMAO @ KNOWxONE’s weed carrier comment…

  • M0ns1er

    I visit this site almost every day two or three times. Much love from Germany and keep on posting news!

  • It seems you`re worldwide famous, boys, props from Romania and keep doin` the good stuff, needless to say, you are my favourite hh blog. Congrats and keep goin`. We, as readers, will back you up.

  • pablo escobar

    been with you since the begining, 3 years went by so fast. lets make it 30 more. keep doing your thing.

  • milly

    lmao @ ’15 times a day’ …..LIES!!

  • yoo thx

    Since August 09′

    2DOPEBOYZ for liife.

  • This site is at the top of my bookmarks bar on my google chrome. I was introduced to most my fav rappers on this site. Before I knew anything about hip hop I would explore artists mixtapes (cool kids for one) and the prominent link for downloads was 2dbz. Keep it strong fellas Ima roll with y’all forever

  • CW

    We love to see the happiness and success. Fellow Blogger who loves the struggle!!

  • Shy

    Peace and congrats my dudes! More than deserved. Thanks for letting me hold your weed. LOL.
    KNOWxONE said this on October 14th, 2010 at 5:40 pm
    shouts to Mek, Shake, KnowxOne, and erybody else involved with this site.
    Much appreciated.

  • Fresh N3rd

    congrats man.. i honestly feel like you both and the rest of the NMC changed the direction hip hop was going shining light on talents unknown to most of the world and industry. You all are the new DJ’s, you break artists!!! You give people a platform to get there music heard and ya’ll deserve more credit than what’s given.. should have been a category at the BET Hip Hop Awards for best blog site, from kid cudi,wale, b.o.b., blu, charles hamilton, wiz khalifa, curren$y, big krit, dom kennedy, chip tha ripper, DRAKE,J COLE, i can go on for days man.. down to good friends and people from my city like a Ghostwridah, J. NiC$, & Quest. You all put in so much work daily man.. and i been a fan of this site for awhile. i remember last year bothering the shit out of shake on gtalk about an artist i was working with trying to get him on the site.. even though he didnt make the cut.. he still took the time to listen and give feedback. Asshole or not. congrats on 3 years going strong.. from me and my c9 family… see yall at The Rising!

  • The.Ultimate.Pianist

    Congratulations to both of you ! It’s my first time posting on this site but i’ve been a follower since a few weeks the blog opened up. I usually come here a good 10 times a day !

    Keep up the the great work.

    PS: Shake, i’m still waiting on those 2dopeboyz sweaters ! :P

  • Fresh N3rd

    p.s. something to think about there would be no “xxl freshmen” without this and other sites.. cause most of those careers started poppin when they got on these sites… bold but true statement ..take a bow gentlemen.

  • Any many more from channel 4..

  • unseen

    Thanx for dopeness

  • my fav site. hands down.

  • Earl100

    keep up the good work i been on the website for about 2 years now…and yall never let me down when it comes to new music and

  • lxlnethinglxl

    lmao classic shake right there. love the site though. only site i go to for music

  • real talk

    Keep doin your thing boys, and I’ll keep visiting your site. Congrats on all your success!

  • Justanothercrow123

    this site is great. my fav blog on the internet. i check it at least 100 times a day. love it. keep it up guys!!!!

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Congrats, Meka & Shake! This site is definitely one of my favorites on the web. You guys bring hip hop is purest form all the time, every time. Much respect to you two & ready for three more years of more dope shit you two bring to us dopeboyz/girlz every day. Keep doing your thing. Fuck da haters. Shout to KNOWxONE and Peas for holdin ya’ll down while you’re gone. One.

  • 7v5a7

    Kudos gents on a job well done…Every blogs have their own strengths over other blogs but quality will overcome any flashly-ness **cough, cough rapradar**

  • Blodarn

    Yeah baby ! 2DOPEBOYZ !

  • After reading these comments, its obvious that I’m not the only 1 that visits this site all day from his phone…only difference is I post more comments, which tends to offend the sensitive 1s smh peace out

  • mjgotshitonme

    Congrats dudes, ya’ll totally deserve it. Huge fan of the site, hit it up four-five times a day, ya’ll always have the best music and the quickest updates. keep up the good hardwork.

  • Rezo

    Leave it to Jonnie to try to steal the limelight to self promote himself haha

    Anyway props to both Shake & Meka for running a great MUSIC site. This site isn’t just hip hop, you can many different artist on here. I sometimes smh at the stuff that is posted on here but I can’t knock you 2 for trying to give artist some shine.

  • dope guys, congrats! i still wanna get an iv w/ one of u…

  • Gratz…..wtf is a twoshit?

  • Jonnielluminati < boo hoo.

  • Rezo

    Btw yes Jonnie you are not the only person who visits this site multiple times a day. This site is very addictive, especially when you always feel you have an opinion. haha

  • shakessister

    thanks for the hard work guys. If it wasn’t for this site I would be unaware of so much dope music which i enjoy daily.

  • Big Mike

    First and foremost, thanks for being dedicated to what you do.

    With that being said, Shake, stop being an asshole. You were far more personable three years ago when I first started to visit the site. Two years ago, we would joke about me going hard for Andrea from Listening with Sharpies. Now, you don’t visit the comment section unless it’s to say a slick reply to a hater. Get back to your roots fam. Don’t let this shit change you.

  • HunterJ

    Best site out, congrats all the way from Falkirk Scotland!

    Keep it real.

  • Franklinko

    Thanks for the (2)dope site Shake and Meka. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

  • East

    Thanks for keeping it real, this site is gold

  • Steez Diamante

    Mazel Tov!!

  • Redface

    Thanks For Everything You Guys Do. Much Love. Oh Yeah, I’m An Asshole Too.

  • I appreciate the site, you bring a lot of good (and bad) music to the public, but at least it’s out there..

    Shake, I’m with Big Mike.. you guys have had a ton of success, plenty to be proud of, but you gotta go back to how you used to be, stay true to yourself.

    Mek, we had a short spat a few weeks back when I poked fun at Shake and you stood up for your boy, enough said.

    It’s all love on this end.. keep doing what you’re doing and stay true to you and we’ll keep coming back.

  • respect
    thanks for all the work put in
    even if its for money & love

  • Thanks for keepin’ posting all this great music, I visit this site atleast 20times per day lookin for updates, 2dopeboyz the place to be? yeah

  • datniggadaz


    I’d like to thank you for keeping us updated with nothing but the best hip-hop/rap music that’s going on. I’m a long time (2)dopeboy and I send you guys the best wishes.

    If I could make a constructive criticism, I’d ask you, Shake, to be a little bit less partial in your posts. Let’s make music tell us who’s good or bad, not personal opinions.

    Keep up the good work.

  • @Big Mike
    haha… oh man, i remember that! it’s not that i’m straying from my roots. it’s just my time has become alot less free.

  • zbMrOG

    2dope everyday all day..thanks Shake n Meka

  • varsityballin

    yep. i visit this site ateast 30 times a day. no joke

  • Jeebin

    I’ve been here basically the entire time. Congrats guys. 2dope.

  • @datniggadaz

    that’s the whole point of this site though. for myself and meka to share music and speak our thoughts on it. just because i say something about a song/video doesn’t mean that’s the end all be all. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • really?

    damn three years already? this site is the shit. keep it up

  • really?

    oh and shake. this country was built on assholes haha




    lol ok, this is starting to get too emotional lol c’mon guys, it’s not like the dopeboyz are leaving us (which I hope not lol)

  • Thats some real shit, bro.

  • thanx men…i download shit everyday from here CHiLE,SOUTHAMERICA! Peace bro!


    Oh and btw, it’s thanks to you guys that I can now brag about hearing new music to my friends lol BEST HIP HOP BLOG EVER!!

  • I must say, this site introducced me to J. Cole, XV, B.o.B, TiRon. Wale, Miguel, Big Sean….and its just a hell of a site.

    Salute, Meka and Shake. Keep it hip-hop yall.

  • congrats fools….keep doin yall thing

  • and thank you dbz

  • Thanks for everything you guys do man… keep up the good work

  • stompinthomas

    I’m really surprised there are no trolls here lol, good though, i check this site literally at least 5 times a day

  • Oh, and these are tow of the most opinionated bloggers i’ve seen[I may be biased, cuz i only go to three sites] but I respect all of the personality they inject into their posts. Lets have a tosst to the assholes*I mean that in a good way…lol*

  • i meant two* lol

  • @SHAKE or MEKA
    Waiting on a 2DBz music festival in CA, I’d really like to show my support for y’all more practically.

    Hip Hop Culture Is Eternal.

  • Thanks for keeping a nigga updated with dope music, all the jokes (RAoF are always hilarious) and most of all starting up a COMMUNITY. Out of all the music blog sites you guys have the most personality and actually care about what you do and the folks who frequent the site so I’ve gotta tip my fitted to that. Congrats on your success and all the best for the future.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “lol ok, this is starting to get too emotional lol c’mon guys, it’s not like the dopeboyz are leaving us (which I hope not lol)”


    I’m sayin yo, there’s a lotta cocksucking going on in these comments. But anyway, I’ve been reading Shake & Meka’s thoughts since late 2006 back on HHDX & I followed them to this much better site. Congrats on you guys getting your shit together, & I know for a fact that you guys are not the smug assholes that your comments portray you to be.

  • Thanks to you guys. One of the few sites I check multiple times daily and makes me check every post on the rss feed when I get back from vacation. Just in case I might miss something great in hip-hop.

  • @CaliGrown

    we’re planning a (2)dope show for LA soon.

  • meka and shake make me so happy, i just want to have a ticklefight with them.

  • bckpck T

    good look on all the (2)dope music thats filled my itunes for the past 2 years i’ve been coming here

  • Dana

    I have been riding with yall since the beginning.Keep up the good work

  • YUP


  • brianbrown

    Been checking this site out for a year now and I can honestly say that this is definetly the best blog site out there. Young kids(is 17 young??) like me appreciate the love you guys show to real hip-hop. But now?? It’s time for me to get my music on this site man. (I need to quit tripping. Lol)

    Anyway, to Shake and Mek, congrats on three years man. Keep it going.

  • Eww21

    Best Site out.



  • skrizdazz

    congrats kid. i only stopped checking this site for a week last june.

    from the biggest celtics fan on this site.


  • peptoo

    good job guys, always depending on you few for the life of my ipod. keep it up haha and thanks.

  • I appreciate this blog so much y’all just don’t even know. It’s good that I can come somewhere that good music is posted rather than crap out now and days on the radio :) Also I can learn about different artist and various updates I never knew about. Keep up the good work Meka and Shake!

    This is going on 2 years me being on this site. May it be prosperous in the years to come! Like what @Eww21 said “best site ever”

  • Axelrod

    Much thanks, best hip hop site easy

  • too much homo.ness going on

  • naiguy

    thanks dudes. best hip-hop site by far. i know way more about hip-hop than my friends now.

  • DaRichKid

    Just keep doing what ya doing.

  • even though we’re always arguing and clowning and talking shit, we all have love for you guys. i used to check on 3 to 4 different rap sites on the daily, but 2DBZ is the only one i frequent nowadays. thanks for all the shit you guys do.


  • BAM12393

    Congrats guys. Keep it up!

  • Bezze

    ^ That’s Word!! 2DBz I’m Smoke This L For Y’all.

  • lars

    greatest site ever real shit
    this and wshh the only sites i go on

  • Tru School

    Thank you both for the dopeness. I wish you luck and even more prosperity in the future.

  • Dear Shake & Meka,

    Three years ago I was a college nerd, studying accounting and listening to “Graduation” and thinking of how my penchant for Kanye West couldn’t get any greater. I remember the day. I remember it well. I was sitting in class, Tom Buchman’s Intermediate II class and I was online. I was bored out of my mind and I remember just sitting there wondering what I could get myself into on the internet. Nothing interested me. I honestly don’t remember how, but I stumbled upon your blog (and not via stumble upon). I immediately fell in love. Here was a blog dedicated to the passion that I had in life for hip hop. I remember telling all my friends in Boulder. At first they could give a shit less. However, by the time a yr later came around, I had people asking me “hey what’s that blog you always get the freshest and most current music off of?” Not to mention I downloaded all the leaked 808’s & Heartbreak tracks on here and I remember that same year reading about the Foreign Exchange on this very blog and discovering some of the most beautiful music ever. Since then I have been a huge fan. There have been two sites I visit all the time…facebook and 2DB. I love this site. It makes my job as an auditor that much more bearable. It also has inspired me to create a rap album on my own free time and at least try something that I have a deep passion for. So if y’all want to post it…haha, that would be fresh. For real, though, even to this day I talk to professors and fellow students that I was in class with and they remember that half the time I wsan’t paying any attention but I was on 2DB the entire time trying to get the freshest music before anyone. Congratulations on all the success and I wish you both the best as the site and the idea becomes even bigger than what it is now. I love what y’all do and I will continue to be a supporter for the rest of eternity…because I know this site will never die!



  • Quint

    very well said meka!

  • Keep it up yo! Shake and Meka bringing that (2)dopeness on the daily!

  • come.at.me.bro.

    its because of shake and meka that i keep comin back to this site…i started out lovin it about 2 years ago today, where i came across a link to download maybe an 808’s leak or something and i’ve visited this site basically everyday since, usually more than once…shake and meka are men that i wish i had the pleasure of knowing personally becuz they keep this (2)dope thing goin so its clear we share a passion, plus they seem like (2) hilarious dudes that would be fun to party with…its only as of recent (this summer maybe) that the hatin in the c-section has ruined a lot about this site for me…i tried to leave it for a while (didnt last more than a day) but it just wasnt the same…altho other sites have more love and a less hating hip hop fan base, the vibe here at (2)dopeboyz is somethin unrivaled…so i say fuck all the haters that make their measly dwelling in the c-section for lack of better things to do with their lives…and long live shake and meka and their creation (2)dopboyz

    “in the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs”

  • AYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I was there for the first post! Pioneers on deck! lmfao… NMC is running this rap game fam!

    Keep up the (2)dopeness

  • invitado

    If it wasnt for this site id probally be still bumping G-unit/cashmoney. With that i owe you guys my life lmfao

  • lol @ invitado

  • mazoomy

    Last year I told you guys that this site was tied for my favorite on the net with Onemanga, but now that they died its just 2DopeBoyz. Don’t ever let this thing die guys, I need it in my life.

    Oh and also, I want to see a 2DopeBoyz freshmen list were people vote on who they think is the best new talent in the rap game.

  • Below The Heavens in ’07 was what brought me to this Dope ass spot, Besides the asshole comment posters that came out the woodwork this year, DopeBoyz keeps it official. You both helped broaden my musical compass I suppose, for that, Muchos Gracias

    *Tippin my Corona to three more years

  • QB

    keep up the good work fellas…as a die hard hip hop fan and music in general…i can appreciate the love & support u guys show for Detroit artists and most of the time showing more support than these radio stations out here…

  • If it wasnt for this site id probally be still bumping
    G-unit/cashmoney. With that i owe you guys my
    life lmfao
    invitado said this on October 14th, 2010 at 10:04

  • Digitek

    good lookin out guys ..all your hard work is much appreciated.

  • Pac-16

    Thank you so much for introducing me to so many amazing artist who deserve my listening time. Thank you for making me laugh, when my day was shit, with random gifs, or some random acts of fuckery, thank you DopeBoyz. Thanks for it all.

  • Musikfiend

    2dopeboyz>Your Fav Blog Site :-)

  • skeme

    CONGRATS yall

  • I masturbate to this site.
    Sometimes a girl’s just gotta rub one out

  • Cupcakesss

    2DopeBoyz>>>>>all sites.

  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey

    @Lexx LOL

  • I masturbate to this site.
    Sometimes a girl ’s just gotta rub one out
    Lexx said this on October 14th, 2010 at 11:06
    Did anybody else catch this comment? A female that masturbates to a hip hop website. Somebody better wife this woman.

  • Jag


  • @Jonnielluminati LMAO..u wild son!!!

  • youKnow

    Thank you 2dopeboyz! You are hands-down the best hip-hop blog on the Internet. You post just enough of mainstream and underground stuff and the comments are actually on-topic (ahem…Nahright) and sometimes even insightful. Keep up the great work!

  • sneakaholic011

    Top visited sites:
    1. facebook
    2. youtube
    3. email
    4. 2dopeboyz

    been coming her almost 2 years now. keep up the good work guys.
    i appreciate it.

  • red

    This is my favorite website. Thanks for the music, like someone said earler, these two guys restored my music in hip hop.
    Thank you to the C-Section for all the fun.

  • red

    Restored my faith * Sorry I’m stoned, how embarrassing.

  • “Did anybody else catch this comment? A female that masturbates to a hip hop website. Somebody better wife this woman.’

    hahaha… way ahead of you homie. well, sort of. one day it will be done.

  • J

    Your site is awesome yo, keep it up!

  • Best hip-hop site on the net. Major thanks to Shake and Meka – ya’ll deserve all the success (and much more).

  • drico

    ive been coming to this site since the start for the most part, although i only started posting about 2 years ago and the sites really only got better. When i came to college last year it was something that i showed to all the people around me who enjoyed hip hop. It gave us similar artists no one else knew about to talk about and it helped to get me good hip hop people to surround myself with because coming from a small suburb of chicago no one else cared about rap.

    The exclusive stuff(the 2 dope mixtapes, 2 dope EPs,radio show, etc) and the artists that no one else seems to post are what keep me coming back. Shake and Meka have always been good to me, always responding to my questions and when i won something on the site Meka got it out to me.

    You all are good people and hopefully if i ever come out to New York or Cali or something ill be able to attend a 2 dope even or concert. Well thats my odd litle story/thanks/congrats.

  • cahlo

    I still remember the “slap boxing with Jesus”. Lol. You know this site is bookmarked. Good work, and keep it going fellas.

  • @cahlo

    oh shit! talk about a original dopeboy!

  • csingh

    2 years later..congrats. keep up the great work!

  • Shark ONE

    Dear 2DBZ,

    Your guys’ dedication is what brings me back everyday, at least the weekdays because I know there’ll be some new ish on here daily. My daily routine usually goes

    Wake up
    Feel like Diddy
    Hop on 2DBZ
    Start slapping whatever’s been posted that I like
    Start my day

    Around my way I’m usually seen as the hiphop fan that loves the underground/nerd/geek type of hiphop and whenever people ask me what site they recommend it’s always this one, then whatever else that comes mind. Even if Shake’s had his drama with certain artists and lightweight hate on them, lol.

    You better thank us though, all our damn misclicks on ads on the side bars, roll over ads at the top and even the damn annoying bar at the bottom. Yall think you’re real clever with that ish. It’s whatever as long as this site is up and running, I don’t mind it.

    Thanks guys.

  • Jav

    Sup Meka and shake,

    i visit this site every 130-2 hours at work..then off work i refresh my phone to your site about every hour or 2 as well..I always know to trust you guys to have new shit..well unless I want lupe..lol but anyways its tight to know y’all normal fellas.

    keep this shit up.

  • LouieIV

    I never really comment on here either but i have going to this site for a while (more than a year) and i just wanted to say thanks for the things you guys have done for me and my music tastes. This is site is definitely on top as far hip hop sites go. I still remember the first time i ever downloaded a song here, it was the last day of school and i found this site on someones ipod during class, so i went home and looked it up, sure enough that day Mr. Carter leaked from the carter 3 and ever since then i ve been going to this site. Its crazy that the first song i ever downloaded period on the internet was from 2dopeboyz.. and that i still remember it one of the greatest days of my life ha thanks for everything and keep up the good work. (and thanks for making me stop listening to the shit that comes out on the radio)

  • Lacer

    I look forward, to the one time everynight that I get to go on this site/blog. Thanks guys. Helps alot with the twoshits of everyday, haha. We all have em.

  • word

    damn i dont even remember when i first came to this site or how it turned into the only site i check as much as facebook (which is saying a whole lot this generation). but i love it. love the commentary, love the c-section, love the content. got introduced to so many artist. wasnt too long ago i saw j. cole post over and over that i nevered bother to listen to till way after warm up was getting buzz. i finally went and lsitend cus of seeing his shit so much on this site. now im a huge fan. so many other artist too. yall really do a part in expanding and artist fanbase.

    if it wasnt posted here, i prolly dont even know it came out. plus i fuck with the same music as yall so i know im not missing anything if it wasnt posted here. congrats and keep it goin! i see yall getting that ad money heavy. i aint even gonna complain. haha

  • “Guest”

    Ya’ll are the shit! I come back like an addict for my daily dose of hip-hop. Keep it up Shake, Meka, and the rest of the 2DBZ crew

  • GermanBeast

    Congrats and keep up the work!!!

    Greetings from good old Germany…

  • mmkayy

    Two years ago I was reading four or five Hip Hop sites, now – just one daily. Thanks & Congratulations!

    FUHNAHTIK said this on October 14th, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    ^this…2dope >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • disturbedrabbit

    This site changed my life. When I came here I was a poverty stricken crack addict on the fence about having a sex change. After coming across this blog while web surfing for Nelly posters for my room my life took a turn for the better. Instead of sucking dick for crack I commented on Joe Budden posts… instead of stealing mentos from my neighbor I watched RAoF while shaving my beard. TY 2dopeboyz… you’ve given a young half asian/swedish cross-dressing crack addict a reason to live.

  • Acid Sav

    don’t think I’d be listening to hip hop any more if it wasn’t for this site…

    keep the shit up

  • Vivian

    you guys are so coooolllllll!!!!!!!!

  • Feel like I’m in a therapy session reading these comments..so many confessions and testimonies..*single tear-drop*where’s fulltimeboss and Robbie Maynard The III..they’re c-section legends

  • congrats all, this is probably the page I check most often when I’m online. Great place to pick up the latest on hiphop.

  • ***********************

    haven’t seen robbie maynard in too long

  • Merlin2408

    You guy’s have done an amazing job, and this is where I turn to for 99% of my info on Hip-Hop. So keep doing what you do.

  • GooN

    Congrats to the (2)Dopehouse. I been with you guys since the end of 07′. Thanks for all the great music and artist y’all help me found. No homo but keep up the good work!

  • Ricky

    life without 2dopeboyz…
    I cant even imagine
    Summer of 2008-every day for the rest of my life
    I usually dont comment but just to today
    Damn this website is 2fuckenDOPE
    btw i told all my friends about this website
    they just dont love hiphop as much as I do haha
    Congrats 2dopeboyz
    Hope u keep this shit goin forever
    Hiphop please dont die!

  • Jatlantis

    Congrats guys. I shall continue to swing by daily, hope the future is just as good to you as this year has been.

  • xastey

    another year.. congrats

  • isaac

    Thank You for everything from the bottom of my heart. I wake up every morning before work and get on here to get me some hip hop, its the last website i visit at the end of my day all the dope shit all the new music ya’ll have turned me on to thank you.

  • ralcal

    Thanks, Congrats and keep the daily/hourly/by-the-minute dopeness of real music flowing..

  • Answer Me!

    A little late to the party but I had to show up! Been visiting since early 09… regularly, without skips, and multiple times a day just under different screen names. Would love to see how this site progress. In-between im in full support of KNOWxOne’s separate blog.

    Damn! way too many great comments right here! I really love all the commentators on 2DBZ… makes for some funny moments and rarely serious/relevant discussions regarding music.

    Some of my favorite commentators on 2DBZ:

    Rezo, Derrick, fulltimeboss, George Clooney, JonnieH, (the loser or rejected rapper who plays) Robbie Maynard, Benny Blanco from Da BriX, and Olugbam or something like that.

    Peace to all!

  • Salute!

  • ¡LL

    Greetings from Kenya.PEACE.

  • Eli Sweet

    I was a Hiphopgame guy for a long time (its still a good site), but you guys brought me around, and since I came I have never been able to leave. I really think the content blog format is superior to the old school ‘website’ architecture. But really it was your hard work that makes the site so great. Thanks thanks a thousand times thanks.

  • How I Got Over

    I’ve been down for about two and a half years. I’m kind of addicted to this website and I hate not being up to date with all the posts. Thanks a lot guys for everything.

  • Answer Me!<Garuntee it was written by Rezo, Derrick, fulltimeboss, George Clooney, JonnieH,Robbie Maynard, or Benny Blanco from Da BriX

  • krs

    Pushed me through some real shitty days . . thanks times a million. Keep up the good work

  • Ricky

    1st thing I ever downloaded was Nas’ Nigger mixtape
    Damn took me forever to remember that haha

  • thanks again for all the positive comments!

  • hejsa

    DAMN! I first visited this site 2 years ago almost. I check it out every hour of the day. I live in Denmark, but right now, I’m China for a couple of months, the internet here sucks balls, but I still do everything I can to check it out! Thanks to you guys, I became a real hip hop head. And my life changed, for the worse, but I love it! But homie, I do everything to promote this site to my friends! Shake, your mixtapes are (2)dope, keep em coming, but what about some (2)Dopeboyz shirts soon? I would buy a couple definitely.

  • Darkne$$

    A roast to all my fellow 2dopeboyz fiends
    Let’s keep refreshing, forever we hot
    For real tho, this site opened my eyes to a new world of hip hop
    Keep going

  • D

    Congratulations Mek and Shake.

  • Concrats! Im Doin A Radioshow in Holland Based on a lot a music i pick from this website.. Thank Y’all.. keep it up!

  • To three more years! Congrats my dudes.

  • Grade A



    What would we do without 2dopeboyz? Thank you my Brothas!

  • dl

    great work, keep it going strong!

  • mc

    first and last stop online everyday. thanks for perpetuating the real music that still exists out there.

  • 91&^UP

    I’d be lost without this site! :’)

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  • stompinthomas

    i don’t even know how i randomly found this site like a year and a half ago but its my second most viewed next to facebook

  • ZeNiTH

    Shake’s story was so touching *sob*

    Anyway, I don’t even remember how I started to visit this site… I think I was looking for SAS tracks… its been so much time… and thanks to you guys I discovered lots of artists like U-N-I, Skyzoo, Pac Div, and Charles Hamilton (my favorite musician ever) etc. so even if I don’t like the shitty treatment you give Charles sometimes, I can’t front, I love you guys… I mean its thanks to you if I ever listened to The Pink Lavalamp and got my life changed and my inner sight opened… you opened lots of doors to places I can be at peace in so… keep going…

    …and give CH the respect/attention he deserves LOL…


  • emil

    I randomly found this site while looking for “Swagger like Us”. Been coming here ever since…. 2Dopeboyz rules!!!!!!!!!!! (Still think Meka ruins the site though)

  • NickyB

    Cheers to u and the rest of the New Music Cartel!!

  • BP

    This site has done an incredible job of sticking to its roots and never drifting towards “selling out”. I will keep promoting this site, and I hope you both can make Allhiphop.com type money but still promote real hiphop(while occasionally throwing in some fozzie bear BOW BOW BOW for our entertainment).

  • robertTHEallen

    like i said on the last birthday, this is the best site on the net, point blank period. perfect balance of good music, bitties, and shit talking haha. keep it up.

  • Congratulations
    You guys gave inspiration to a lil music junkie for a small town in Louisiana inspiration to transform minds [Musically that is]

    Blogging is major thanks to 2DB
    sincerely SLik Nick of Sliktron.com

  • lm


  • Flowrush

    Big gratz on another 2dope year..know that all is appreciated and big respect from Amsterdam (i would say nice place for a future 2dopeBBQ)

  • Roly

    Agree with Flowrush.. when is the dopehouse going international? grtz from Amsterdam

  • Hatin101

    Thank you for all your work.

  • wizardkhalifa

    Definitely been spreading the 2DBZ name. Been checkin’ this place for a while. Solid work. Appreciate all the effort.

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    Thank you for this nice blog where I come daily, keep the good work…real music here

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    I come to 2dopeboyz everyday. I love this blog. Keep up the good work for many years to come.

  • Keep doing your thing Meka & Shake! WE GOT YOU!

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    2dopeboyz = your favorite blog’s favorite blog

  • TrollN

    that story got me tearing… thanks guys

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    you guys have the best blog, you were ones who got me into the scene more interested in music. keep doing what your doing. congrats on the success

  • 2 thumbs up.

  • Congrats guys…

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    Congrats on your success and thanks for the music

  • Congrats & Thank You!