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Big L & Jay-Z – Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle [Full]

blame it on Shake October 14, 2010

Big L at D&D Studios (Photo: Ricky Powell).

Now this is a find…
Back on February 23, 1995 Big L and a young Hov left the Stretch & Bobbito Show studios on fire. Up until now we only had a 7-minute recording of the legendary session. Now — courtesy of DPB — we’ve got the full 9:25 version.

DOWNLOAD: Big L & Jay-Z – Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle | Mediafire

  • eBagatron

    For real, great find.

  • 1



    thank you 2DBZ, BIG L is a Legend

  • This, this is the reason why 2DBZ > _______

  • danny_

    Damn, what a find. Classic shit! Big L R.I.P.

  • Pretty much what they said, Haha.
    Big L forever.

  • Mars

    Wooooooowwww nicceeee

  • Fuck You

    Classic shit right here…let the Big L vs Jay Z convo commence.

  • Big L > Tupac lol

  • KB Smoka


  • 2 Cents

    what do you mean Big L vs Jay -Z convo…………….

    No need for conversation…..

    If we are talking about who had the best verse (freestyle or no freetyle)…………

    BIG L got this….

    In fact……

    These Big L verses > 80% of Jay’s verses

  • nykid21

    Big L will always be in my top 5 !


    yeah after listening, I think L was being real Lazy and laid back and Jay was trying real hard and was hungry.

    Jay’s old flow was wack and I think he was trying to match L’s flow.

    regardless, L > J

  • This was already on “Harlem’s Finest A Freestyle History Vol. I & II” just split up as 2 tracks.


    yo what beat is this again.. my mind has gone blank cant remember the original track.. ?

  • Mz. Drizzy

    young jigga lol ..they both killed it

  • great find to say the least!! wow
    this is way clearer than the version i had lol
    like this 1 better cos u can hear big l and jay casually speaking and hear sum of their personality they sounded mad humble here

  • FACT

    Holy shit!!

  • “Big L Rest In Peace” (c) Premier

    People talk about Pac & Biggie, but things truly wouldn’t be the same if THIS guy was still around.

  • 10dopeboyz


  • This is nothing new….I challenge you all to find that Cam & Juelz 15 min freestyle….now that’ll be a find….what’s out now is their 6 min freestyle but people don’t realize there was 9 more mins of them spittin raw. It used to be called the 25 min freestyle but the last 10 mins was like talkin and commercials

  • meh

    these freestyles aint even that hott. and thats real.
    all yall just love old school shit. like white ppl who love old snoop n dre n biggie cuz its “cool”

  • @Chi2LA23

    No, this is completely different. Combining the split from that mixtape, the time only totals 5 minutes, which is shorter than the 7 minute version we all had.

    This is pretty much the ultimate edition. It sounds like it’s straight from the boards.

  • impressive.

  • I’veHadEnough

    If the circumstances were opposite, Big L rich, famous, and everywhere and Jay-Z murdered the comments would also be completely 180 degrees different. Some of ya’ll just love to hate the success of others.
    Anyways, doppppppe freestyle by both these niggas.

  • snooki

    big L is fucking wack, NO rip

  • Dj Red

    is this just more of the interview

  • AM

    jay got big l killed infacted all the bigs

  • devo

    @AYUME the original beat is ‘Keep It Real’ by Miilkbone. you may also know it from Freddie Gibb’s ‘The Ghetto’, the most recent use of the beat.

  • robert

    Jay Z’s got a dope style to his second freestyle i dig it

  • SwishasNKush

    not really a fan of either, dont like Jay-Z BUT i respect Big L though but i LOVE IT…when old rare shit surfaces so people can reminisce!

  • dope shit, for real. I’d love to hear that whole entire show


    good looks for this shit

  • chuck chizzle

    Big L > Jay-Z in this freestyle and overall

    now.. i need the FULL Project Blowed/West vs. Wu Wake Up Show freestyles in my life!!!

  • SharkWithSomeWings

    “If you don’t give me Heaven, I’ll raise hell… ’til it’s heaven.” Justify My Thug Line a few years early, Jay was saving that one.

  • Somebody should post a version without the DJ’s on it. Like just the four verses back to back to back. Thatd be dope

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  • The Great

    WHats this beat called?

  • Keep It Real by Milkbone

  • D

    whoever said big l was wack should taught a lesson.

  • gusto

    Classic shit man.
    “i raise hell, til it’s heaven”

  • ¡LL

    Big L was heavily Nas influenced.You can tell from his flow.But what do i know?i was 5 when this got down.

  • meh

    these freestyles aint even that hott. and thats real.
    all yall just love old school shit. like white ppl who love old snoop n dre n biggie cuz its “cool”

  • ✔P



    Big L > Jay by miles

  • ^ k, go listen to Cudi.

  • Marco G.

    Eat a dick, this shit is history. Thanks, very very dope find.

  • IllicitMC

    first off snooki, smfh for saying big l was whack.
    seriously, thanks for finding this dudes. big l is one my favorites. if had had signed to the roc like orginally planned, he would have killed the game for years.
    if L came out now he would still kill it, except maybe on a label like duck down, or with Cam’s UN. but still Big L…gone too soon…people who say they love hip-hop need to check for him

  • StrangeFamous

    f the circumstances were opposite, Big L rich, famous, and everywhere and Jay-Z murdered the comments would also be completely 180 degrees different. Some of ya’ll just love to hate the success of others.
    Anyways, doppppppe freestyle by both these niggas.

    I’veHadEnough said this on October 14th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Exactly man. Exactly.

    This is just freaking dope, nuff said.

    “4hrs no commercial” – When Radio was cool.

  • demise

    lol @ ivehadenough. its completely different when one person just gets completely outshined, kinda like jay in this

  • Brooklyn Kid

    if only the link was smaller…… i hate big fuckin files

  • ^^ You need a new laptop or get a external harddrive its worth it

  • I’veHadEnough

    eh demise, I entirely disagree. Jay-Z’s first verse was whatever but his second one was dope as shit.

  • yerr

    Big L’s first verse…was epic

  • hmmop


  • David

    Damn I was two years old when this came out. Wish I had a time machine. Better late then never I guess.

  • StReTcH!

    i say Jay-Z > Big L on this but by a small margin tho

  • ssz

    too bad jigga don’t pay any homage to big L for bringin him up

  • ^ Yeah, but come to think of it, do any rapper out these days do any of that?

  • ^nope its only cool to talk about big.. you know associate urself with greatness. (not that big l wasnt. but biggie had the biggest buzz so ppl want tht to rub off on em )

  • stompinthomas

    this is fucking classic and legendary

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Thanx shake. I was hoping there was more of this. Classic!

    Now I gotta hear what P did to this beat.

  • Dope

    omg 5:30 and above! dope!

  • Killer_CAM

    “I’m so ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet” – BIG L was dat nigga

  • sanetomo

    this is classic but the “full” version has been out i had this like 13 years ago

  • Lucky_Luciano

    Thanks Shake…I had this version, but it wasnt this clear….Big L, if he only had the chance but got gunned down…Very sad! Young Jay> Jay yall know. He was way more raw! NY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Big L is great & Jay-Z is great point blank

  • killacam

    jayz flow is crazy nice, jus not on this.
    i cant get with that jay goes offf.
    L is jus one of the best to do it. RIP

  • Bezze

    Rest In Peace Big L.
    His Flow Is Timeless.

  • jay

    yeah wit Jay i know biggie was his man but it seems like he never gave Big l proper tribute I remember a DJ Premier interview where he said big l used to tell every body Jay was nice and was gonna be really big one day back when people didnt understand jay-z flow before Jay-z became famous

  • Musikfiend

    This sh*t is crazy surreal hearing Jay talk about his 1st album b4 it dropped & seeing all he’s accomplished since then. On the flip side you got Big L. 2 dudes w/ so much potential crazy how their lives ended up.

  • Corsico

    LOL @ meh!!!

  • J


  • FortapacheGeneral

    Big L 4life. Now if you can find noreaga, DMX and Canibus freestyle on Funk Flex? You the man shake!

  • Truth

    Jay Z just got fucked up man, my generation is dead. People name him the best of all time smh. Yea right after Pac Notorious B.I.G. Big L Lauryn Hill and Outkast then that nigga might can get some shine. But this is proof other than his longevity he is a fuckin clown. Haha

  • FireMarshalBill

    Man Im From LA I Got A Big L Poster & Sample Tape & i Played That Shit Over & Over First Real Punch Lines I Heard!!!!!!!!!!

  • word, classic…

  • ATL

    people gotta stop hating cuz both did their parts on this, cant find flow like this in this new millenium

  • Capo

    great post Shake !!

  • ZackMorris

    Truth, your a fuckin clown yourself so….

  • Truth

    Yo ZackMorris, you the disgrace I was talking about. It’s sad the nigga only had one good line and Big L verse was nothing but punchlines. The so call “best of all time” always gets his ass ripped by other true emcees like Em, Nas and both of the big. So…. do you research and cut this track backup and listen to your favorite rapper get taught by the best.

  • disturbedrabbit

    Truth, do you cry every time you see Jay on TV? Does his success hurt your little brain?

  • Truth

    LMAO the only thing that hurts me is to see that he has so many cock riders when their are better rappers. Disturbedrabbit is a great name for you because I wasn’t even talking to you but hey I guess the almighty hov has his servants catching feeling over the internet. LMAO you gon need a sattle the way you riding that man HAHAHA

  • disturbedrabbit

    what’s a sattle? get back to me when you get your GED.

  • Yolanda

    ^^ lol, owned.

    Freestyle is dope btw, they both did their thing.

  • Truth

    Lol c’mon, that was harsh. Lol, I have my high school diploma I spelled it like that to see how much of a servant you were and you passed FAG. Now do what you do best and take out the two Ts and put in the double Ds punk ass. Anymore request or ?s magnificent servant!!!!

  • Ken

    Truth they don’t understand man. I agree with you though

  • definite classic shit here

  • dalek

    What happened at the end? It went back to the shitty quality…