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Chris Webby – Problem f. Big K.R.I.T.

blame it on Shake October 14, 2010

Still not feeling this Webby character. But… I fucks with Big K.R.I.T., so here you go.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby – Problem f. Big K.R.I.T. (prod. Big K.R.I.T.) | Mediafire
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  • jmr1313

    you fuck wit big krit who sucks ass but not webby? wtf is wrong wit you

  • i think he’s pretty dope, i’ve been listening to him since 2008 and its nice to see him actually get up on the blogs and get some (more) famous people on his tracks. i don’t see how you can handle shit like yelawolf but not webby? shrugs

  • JesusBaby


  • quithatinonthesouth

    Can we get a version with just Krit?

  • my first time hearing webby today. he cool. i love me some krit tho. tight song. im posting it.

  • toast

    ehhh. been hearing a lot about this webby kid, and finally listened. this dude is pretty wack. sorry.

  • JesusBaby

    can SAM ADAMS GET SOME LOVE SHAKE?!?!?!???????

  • truthbtold

    dope post shake this kids the future

  • Brocho Cinco

    Honestly, I think Webby might be the next big mainstream white rapper after Eminem and Asher. I don’t really see Yelawolf appealing to the masses, but I hope I’m wrong

  • Dude went to Hofstra. Thats all I know about him lol. But this is a good look for him regardless if you like his tunes or not.

  • @Brochocinco i hope your wrong too!

  • Click my name for the best song to bake to.

    Chris Webby ~ La La La

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Webby is wack.

  • Andy

    Can we stop letting these whack ass bros in the game? Is this just a case of rich guys having money to pay for features? I can’t believe anybody would fuck with somebody like this.

  • TheCowboysSuck

    You should look at the artist getting on the song, rather than look at it as an artist paying for a feature, cuz basically what your saying is artist are selling them self.

  • DSwag

    amazing. fuck outta here

  • killmenow

    FUCK FRAT RAP!!!! THESE WHITE BOY PUSSYS SUCK AT RAPPING!!!! Fall back and manage a rapper if u wanna get in the game.

  • OnTheRun

    chris webby sam adams and yelawolf are all wack

  • lmfao


  • Mobes317

    La la la is a dope ass song, great so roll one up to

  • lalala

    love you and everything Web, but you NEED a new graphic designer to do your shit. your stuff is honestly looking a little wack.

  • smokedatpiff

    LOL i agree webby, get a new designer.. that shit would be illlll

  • stopbiting

    get ya money K.R.I.T but this dude is a joke, from the chorus to the verses webby sucks.

  • illadelph

    fuck the haters webby, theyre only makin you more famous dude. & i agree w/ those 2 dudes, hire a new graphic designer son

  • lax

    i dont understand the hate on webby hes dope

  • mikey

    webbys flow on this is crazy how could u not fuck with him shake

  • JayFrio

    Next to em, webby’s the best white lyrical rapper out there… so hate all u want

  • Jenny

    Webby is the fucking man.. this is soo good. Webby’s gonna blow up real soon, so look out for him,

  • Shannonwebby

    How can anyone not fuck with webby.. hes amazing- mac millers dope too but Chris is firrrrrre. love him

  • Onederin

    I heard Webby on the DJBooth.net freestyle and thought he had some potential. But everything else I’ve heard from him has been pretty weak to me. If my opinion mattered on this blog, I’d tell people to pass on this guy.

  • apples


  • DSwag

    cant you recognize that webby is another lyrical class than yelawolf, mac miller, or *gah* sam adams? he rips his shit with an intensity and rhyme cadence that reminds me of how eminem had to do it. but remember, hes still “king of this honky shit”

  • ConcernedHipHopListener

    @DSwag Swallow a pint of bleach and do the world a favor.

  • J

    this kid sucks..Yelawolf is about 10 levels above dude, sorry DSwag…JayFrio, the best lyrical white rapper out there? Ever hear of Eminem? STFU

    im sure the only positive comments on here are Chris’ butt buddy friends. Go back to school or whatever you do Webby. You’re not going anywhere in Hip Hop.

    Shake please stop posing this faggot. And sammy adams too…they’re wack.

  • timbo

    horrible his fans are 14 year old girls..i can not believe the nue agency signed this kid too. was at datpiffs showcase and he performed. the whole crowed looked like they just saw there mother get shot. terrible 2dopeboyz who paid you to put this up. krit what the fuck!

  • dopeski

    shut up webby is the shit listen to “Rasing the bar” or “Buddaflie” or even his new track “Bulletproof” both him and mac miller rip it and rap about something real i’m sick of all the typical rap shit anyway always rappin about how much money you got and the rides you whip BS any money says they both go big so keep hatin only helppin out


    everyone comparing webby to eminem needs to grow the fuck up or get the fuck…clowns, em is one of the best rappers ever fuck outta here with that shit

  • Roosh Williams

    And as far as the Eminem comparisons go…no. No. No no no. Whoever shares that opinion needs to re-evaluate their stance on hip-hop. It aint a diss to not be as good as Eminem, but cmon maaayn how can you foreal think that?! Yikes.

  • relhm

    SMH this wack ass motherfucker cant rap to save his life! i saw his mixtape on datpiff and decided to give it a spin but.. i regret it. #FAIL