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Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto (rmx) f. Tek & Sean Price

blame it on Shake October 14, 2010

Hot dayum… P kills this! Snatched from RR.

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto (rmx) f. Tek & Sean Price | Mediafire
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  • this joker goes in on the collab with outasight. besides that dudes super corny.

  • ^wrong opinions confuse me…his least interesting appearance anywhere on anything is his best?? Open your ears sir.
    Anyway, Gibbs does his thing as per usual and Duck Down reps like always. Props on this.

    Fuck haters

  • patrick


  • Haight

    More killa

  • haha least interesting? every verse besides that one he says the same gay ass gangsta shit. thats hella boring, and ignorant. he actually says a couple things on that “outasight” collab. This guy is probably one of the most overated in the game

  • ^People who have “HipHop” in their name but listen to gaysta gibbs confuse me

  • @HipHop A wrong opinion is an oxymoron, if u know what that is. So is Good Gangsta rap

  • DSwag

    gangsta shit doesnt equate ignorance. have you heard serve or get served?? fuck outta here

  • @DSwag haha u have the word “swag” in your name. otherwise i would ask where :serve or get served: can be found, but ive learned no one who still says “swag” has good taste in music. swags for fags.

  • chitownhrey

    gibbs shits on most of the cats on this site. you ever been to gary? lol go there and then u will understand his music

  • @ChiTOwnHrey no i havnt been to his city nor state, but its not that his music isnt understandable to me, its just his lack of talent is crazy for the buzz he has.

  • look at closet boy ^ with some homophobic ass unclever remark w. every response. Dont try the condescension route when you use words like ignorant AND throw around epithets like they cap’n crunch.

    @DSwag, word to that homes, thinking gangsta rap=ignorance implies ignorance

  • Miilkbone – Keep It Real…damn i’m 24 and remembering buying that CD back in 95 back when I was 8 or 9 years old LOL…back when I had to have my dad @ the music store with me to buy cd’s because of the damn “Parental Advisory” sticker LOL…

  • @HipHopJT When have straight people used the word “swag”? i think like 2007. Ill admit that was a low blow, and completely had no substance behind it. haha. “swag” jus really really needs to go, u even know that.. id hope. If a “swag” is an aura or charisma, it should be seen and felt, feel me? saying i have swag is like walking around saying “i have personality” when ultimately the public is gonna decide that. as far as u go, its jus really offensive for u too have hiphop in your name and like gibbs, RapJT might work better….

  • Closet Boy

    @HipHopJT what did i do? keep whatevers goin on between u and @newSchoolfire between yall. i havnt even commented on this post yet are u are pointing up?

  • I feel dumb for engaging, I’ve got laundry to do.

  • @HipHopJT good luck with that fam. id pay to watch u try to work a washing machine lol

  • Roe

    Man this shit fire Gangsta Gibbs u done it again!

  • hiphops disciple

    wat tune is that instrumental originally from????????

  • Topnotch

    I’ll rather listen to the original Milkbone version then this dud.

  • hiphops disciple

    thats it Milkbone

  • Druggid

    @NewSchoolFire Haha ur killin ’em.
    Never really listened to Gibbs’ stuff but i think they all go in on this.

  • Tyree

    GIBBS. I hope this means that he signs with Duck Down

  • yes

    this shit is dope as fuck.

  • chitownhrey

    lol you need to get your fuckin ears fixed then. his last tape wasnt as good as his older shit but he still fries

  • FRESHman10

    song could have been better but freddie did his thing

  • troublesome2010

    NewSchool = some internet rapper who’s bitter cuz gibbs didn’t wanna drop a verse on his tape. This shit is ill.

  • yugang

    @newschoolfire its cool that you dont like gibbs but to suggest you cant be hip hop and like gibbs is just looney talk. He may not be a mega multi-syllable scientific rhyming rapper like percee p and he may not be a revolutionary rapper but gibbs is definitely one of the best at street/gangsta rapping hands damn!
    He’s also praised for his great flows/delievery he got great timing he can even double time his shit while really rhyming, and lastly he aint as ignorant as you think, he got substance in his songs and unlike waka flocka and alot of so called gangsta rappers he doesnt glorify a bunch of bullshit he talks about the bad side of things too and you would of know that if you hear his whole mixtape.

    Anyhow dope track sean price did his thing as usual.


    gibbas and duckdown? UH-OH

  • Sean sounded like ass, completely off beat. Dude completely lost it.

    Tek killed it.

  • JonesDeini

    This was good, I like the dolo version more though.

  • Excelsior415

    Shoulda left this beat alone..Big L and Milkbone did it justice already.

  • nathanjones

    This track goes hard i have no idea what some of ya are talking about. There is nothing wrong with gibbs or his flow, and he the only other dude (other than big l) that i know that killed this beat.



  • devo

    If anyone could hook me up with a link to the No DJ version of midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik that would be amazaingggg. My comp crashed & I lost all my music!

  • gill

    YO HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THIS! Gangsta Gibbs is one of my favorite new artists and Duck Down is my favorite label, tek n sean r big reasons for that. and i check every post on this site… awh yes this is just what i needed