• 2Coldmo

    Sean P recycles verses to much.. he said that on the joint with Tame One

  • leutrim rexhaj


  • http://techspit.blogspot.com Unxpekted

    Sean P recycles every fucking verse. Get the fuck outta here old man, your garbage.

    You were classic on the Heltah Skeltah tip, Monkey Barz, Sean Price all fire. Sean Kimbo was garbage and all this new shit is trash.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com London

    thought he was british..dope

  • Weava

    ^^^^ real talk, kimbo price was kinda wack, old ass used beats

    we need some old 9th wonder & sean, ayotallah & seanh

  • jjackocha

    G;wan Braydz. UK sounding good on these.

  • AaronJauntz

    Yo Iron Braydz goes in!!!

  • jon