JYJ – Ayyy Girl f. Kanye West & Malik Yusef

blame it on Shake October 14, 2010

From La Roux to Junsu Jejung Yuchun? Kanye’s really trying to expand his international fanbase eh? But seriously… a Korean boy band? There’s gotta be a stopping point to this madness haha.

DOWNLOAD: JYJ – Ayyy Girl f. Kanye West & Malik Yusef | Mediafire

  • The beginning of the song sounds like Lil B lol

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Why does there have to be a stopping point Shake. Do what sounds good and what you want. No one should be locked in a box. Plus the joint the joint got some rock to it.

  • reminds me of graduation

  • RLKJets130

    if it sounds good and hes getting paid, why wouldnt he keep doing it… he has worked with Teriyaki Boyz a couple times, its really not that big of a deal.

  • Young Stereotype aka Lil Cliche < lol. captain captain. haha
    yea this song isnt for me but hey get that korean money mayne

  • differentassnigga

    yeah, sorry Shake but that really doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like he’s ONLY doing shit like this, dude is releasing dope hip-hop weekly.

  • this shit is just bad

  • kennyfatstaxx

    come on shake..if its g.o.o.d. than its good…

  • Rous

    reminds me of the flashing lights beat

  • i’m not too sure Kanye stands to expand his fanbase by working with JYJ more so than vice versa. I don’t think it works that way. This is more brand management than fanbase expansion.

  • SwishasNKush

    blah blah blah. cliche’ comments…if its G.A.Y. then its GAY.

  • y’all take my commentary far too serious.

  • chuck chizzle

    how about this for cliche’

    these cats got SEOUL!! (pun intended)

  • JJ

    this would be cool if theses dudes could actually sing. generic but pretty good kanye verse haha

  • Kanye East

    explains why he was in korea during that ustream…

  • your commentary is meaningless

    “y’all take my commentary far too serious.”

    — agreed. the hip hop community at large should stop taking you seriously.

  • GOONx19

    ^ Ooh, a hard ass.

    Keep doing what you do Shake.

  • steezy

    JYJ got and will make more money than all you sorry bums will ever make in 10 lifetimes. peep 2ne1 while we still on kpop ish.

  • your commentary is meaningless

    “Keep doing what you do Shake.”

    which is what exactly? That’s not being a hard ass, you’re just being sensitive on behalf of someone you don’t even know.

  • i dont even think shake comment was to be taken in a negative way. well at least i didnt. i just think yall find the smallest shit to gang up on shake. if your offended move down to the next post.

  • blazer

    they need to sing in whatever language the speak normally… I hate hearing the mispronounced words… they sound retarded singing english…

  • a_m

    omg i actually love this song .. i went to youtube to listen to some of their korean songs and their voices are really awesome
    you should hear something before you judge

  • jyj

    racism goin on with this article, get ur facts straight jyj are apart of tvxq with the largest fanclub in world!! they are talented!! pple who judge pple’s english have big problems. why don’t u try speak an asian language! can u do it properly? music can break barriers, it is evident with jyj’s 520 000 preoders for the beginning!! they can sing for to idiot who knows nothing! do u have ears? search them up! tryin listenin to love in the ice or bolero then tell me they can’t sing….

  • Aliya

    JYJ is awkward at parts of the song-perhaps due to their not so good english skills?

    Anyways Kanye shouldn’t try to sing-leave that to actual singers.

    I did hear a ballad sung by JYJ & surprisingly their vocals were really strong-I have no idea what happened with this song though…maybe they need to hook up with someone who knows how to use their talent

    the song does kind of grow on you though…since I at least know they can sing I’ll just have to wait for a better single to drop

  • jen

    Those three can sing in whatever language they want…Music isn’t limited..Stop being so racist..If you have nothing nice to say,zip it..Its simple..I don’t understand why people tend to underestimate those who can’t speak ENGLISH as well as they do..Grow up,immatures..

  • agthe1

    This shit is so freaking tough addictive !

  • your commentary is meaningless

    “i dont even think shake comment was to be taken in a negative way.”

    you’re absolutely right: it wasn’t. It was just kind of dumb.

  • Beaux

    I’m glad to see JYJ (former members of the biggest Asian group ever, TVXQ) doing well and getting attention. I think the song isn’t what I was expecting from them, but I enjoyed it, and it seems a lot of new listeners are as well.

  • Barts

    lol the song kanye gave them was bad, is addictive but horrible compared to the ones Rodney Jerkins gave them. And to those who say they can’t sing lol are you fucking serious? they are/were part of an acapella group famous because of their insane talent. They were acknowledged by the backstreet boys, rodney jerkins, sylvester levay, uwe kroger, hell even politics admire them. so if they want to sing in english then they have all the right to do so

    Kanye’s rap was awesome



  • jaewonz

    kanye isn’t trying to expand his international fanbase. JYJ’s management company C-JeS approached HIM for production/a feature. he just said yes.

    as a kpop/khiphop head, i can say that JYJ had the potential/talent to have ripped this hook. but they didn’t. i feel the bad hook is what kinda killed this song from being amazing. it’s just good.

    and and also, a big fuck you to shake for being an ignorant moron (as usual)

  • JaV

    Dude… seriously… I admire kanye but he tried “singing” instead of his normal rap and was shit… and i have to admit… im not into shitty backstreet boy type of thing… i tried what the girls above said and listened to other songs (some of them in … their language) and those guys can actually sing and their songs aren’t that bad!
    some comments here were actually racist. They kinda have their charm… my gf saw them and actually liked them xD so… stop bashing people!