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Jay-Z – The Hits Collection v.1 (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake October 15, 2010

A few days ago the artwork and packaging were revealed, now it’s time for the tracklist. Looking over it, I’m quite sure folks are gonna be upset. But what can you really expect from a greatest hits type collection?

01 Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
02 Run This Town f. Rihanna & Kanye West
03 ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde f. Beyoncé
04 Encore
05 I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
06 Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
07 D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
08 99 Problems
09 Empire State Of Mind f. Alicia Keys
10. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
11. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
12. Show Me What You Got
13. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…
14. Big Pimpin’

01 Young Gifted and Black
02 Pump It Up (Freestyle)
03 My President Is Black (rmx)
04 Go Hard (rmx) f. Kanye West & T-Pain
05 Most Kingz (prod. Green Lantern)

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  • Stephanie


    Suuuuper pass on this shit, sorry Hov.

  • Rakim Allah

    Exactly what it says on the tin: Hits. Not ‘best of’. Just best selling.

  • xb

    why would i buy this ive already heard it all

  • br0s

    garbage :\

  • 421

    green lantern!

  • AnonyMouse

    Needs Dead Presidents II. That’s my favourite Jay track. Too much post-Blueprint stuff IMO.

  • would like to see *feelin it on here

    but really u wud buy this for the booklet and pics etc not the tracks cos as a jay fan u shud already have it lol

  • Blogger

    He basically released a compilation of every first single that he’s had on each of his projects. Plus, they’re not even arranged that well to compliment the following track. It looks like it was just thrown together, just to do it. His team is wack for this.

  • 123456!

    No Dead presidents Wow!

  • StReTcH!

    is disc 2 suppose to be the “5 unreleased tracks”? weak.

  • youKnow


  • CJmagic900

    wth is the point of a greatest hits album anyways

  • Weatherman20

    Y’all gotta remember, Jay don’t own the masters to Reasonable Doubt, Dame got that, so none of that was gonna pop off anyway. “The Hits” is just right but some if these “hits” were wack

  • dunk

    And the point of this is???? it’s a no for me…


    Jay-Z is my favorite rapper ever, and I have zero interest in this. But you’re right, it’s what you expect.

  • what happened to that crispy benjamins track he did with regina spektor? also, im passing on this badly

  • David

    I’m still gonna get it. The books and packaging alone is dope itself and would look great with my collection.

  • D.O.A just set me off bro… That really just pissed me off

  • Tom

    Team joe budden

  • David

    Actually, I think I’ll pass. It’s prolly gonna be expensive as shit. I just want the bonus tracks and the book. But you could download them, and find scans of the book thanks to the almighty internet. Sorry Hov. You’re my favorite rapper, but I’ll just get your Decoded book.

  • 40oz.prophet


  • red

    What!? This can’t be the real list, if it is then wow, no respect for fans, just the pop junkies.
    I was gonna guy this for my boy, but it’s not even like he’s down with most of this bullshit.
    I guess if I see it in stores and the packaging is impressive enough I’ll still pick it up. I might have to slip my own Jay-Z playlist in there though.

  • Scotty Mac

    This is a good mix of the HITS, and it looks fairly well sequenced… I might make a playlist outta this and give it a listen. None of these songs are wack, except for show me what you got. If your pissed that your favourite songs aren’t on there, go make your own playlist.

    The biggest disappointment for me is the second disc, the ‘unreleased’ stuff. Especially after hearing that Just Blaze interview with ItsTheReal, when he was saying there’s some amazing jay stuff in the vaults, including jay going in over one of the Timbo beats played on Fade to Black, it would be nice to see some of that stuff released

  • gully gully

    Where’s Dopeman, Cant Knock the Hustle, DP 1,2,3, Regrets, come on not even Money Cash Hoes smh…

  • holdupni66asholduphos


  • ATL

    wow fuck this was gonna get this cuz i got mad love for jay but the tracklist is fucking wack. just put reasonable doubt in that book and ill buy that album again

  • ad1

    nothing off Reasonable doubt ??

  • Survey Says: *ding* FUCK THAT.

  • Derrty

    im surprised blueprint 3 tracks are used cuz jay z wasnt on def jam anymore… and reasonable doubt isnt used cuz dame dash owns the rights to it…

  • Triz

    WHACCKKKK!!..wtf nothing new? Jay z is a dissappointment==////

  • DJ122

    Really? No dead presidents…that’s my fuckin favorite jay-z song

  • amc

    Should have released all those tracks that kept leaking out during vol 3, the dynasty and the blueprint…who is gonna buy this…really? I don’t even think if we went back in time to when people bought cds that anyone would buy this…

  • theeFLYY

    this one of the worst greatest hits i’ve ever seen.
    I’ll just stick with my own Jay-Z hits cd.
    So much garbage it’s a damn shame.

  • XfreehueyX

    Is there even ONE Jay-Z fan who posted on here? Your all a bunch of whiny bitches. What the hell did you expect? What do you think a HIT is? A HIT is something that charted high, did well mainstream etc. ALL these songs are tight, all of them. Any Jay-Z fan loved this collection of songs when it came out, so stop your crying. It isn’t like most of you are even going to buy it anyway, click and download doesn’t count.

    I’ll be picking this up, looks great, nice set.

  • wtf

    jayz sucks

  • I am gonna pick this up for real. Yes its the same songs and such but those are all BANGERS, yes even show me what you got (ugh)….. But the artwork, books etc etc. make it worth it. I’m picking mine up opening day.

  • JL

    @ Derrty I’m preeeeetty sure Jay owns the Masters to ALL of his work by now, if he didn’t have them originally, he does by now.

    anyway, this (just the tracklisting, the artwork looks dope) looks like a really bad Jay mix made for a girlfriend by a dude who became a jay fan after blueprint 3.

  • Shawn

    Wow. That’s all I can say.


  • Weava

    they just need to add Reasonable Doubt itself to the box

  • bbc.

    ^ lol

    *dissapointed* to me its only a COUPLE of good ones on there

  • where’s Renegade?

  • mmkayy

    Joe Budden Pump It Up freestyle >>>>>

  • mac d

    Oh hey, it’s all the Jay-Z songs white people like. Lol.

  • ck47


  • 1

    wheres the reasonable doubt shitt

  • 3mphasis

    damn, no reasonable doubt and shitty bonus cd supposedly with five “new” tracks, pffft!

  • Pass…thnx for sharing

  • Tom

    Joe Budden >

  • Ssfggcc

    And that is why they include volume 1 in the title. Clearly somewhere down the road when jay actually stops making music they will put out another one(volume 2) with all his better songs so people will actually buy it. They r just trying to use his buzz that he has created over the last year and a half to sell a couple extra albums.

  • J

    Not gonna completely hate on it, but I think more Jay fans would appreciate a hidden gems type compilation…or maybe just me

  • john

    straight up if u buy this ur a brainwashed dick rider srry stans im keepin it real on this one

  • Dop3

    no Dead Presidents I or II???
    ill pass

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    hold on.
    first off, some of these were just barely “hits”
    03 bonnie and clyde? encore? show me what you got? nah, sorry hov.
    i mean, and this is a guy who has had a shitload of hits.
    im just surprised he chose this sorry bunch.
    there’s literally no reason to buy this. anyone who’s ever even heard of jay-z has all these songs, except maybe the original version of “encore.”
    like my mans up top said, what he needs to do is throw up a “best of” compilation.

  • yomami

    no beanie sigel features?? hahaha scary ass

  • no song cry? damn thats my fav song