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Rich Hil & Nero – Centerfold

blame it on Shake October 15, 2010

Click for NSFW version.

Off Rich Hil and Nero’s upcoming collaborative project; which will (sadly) be dropping before Nero’s Momentum.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil & Nero – Centerfold | Mediafire

  • Sir Nigel

    Rich Hil fucking sucks.

  • red.

    rich hil is trash. pure fucking trash. why do you bother posting him ?

  • because i’m a fan of nero. which i clearly stated in the write up. saying that this project is SADLY forcing “momentum” to be pushed back.

  • red.

    @shake i see. Nero’s fucking up for this. haha

  • Rich Hills voice is annoying as hell , like hes rappin n takin a shit at the same time

  • e-man

    ^ agreed. the fuck do people think when collabing with this fuckboy ?

  • Hex

    Has it come to this 2db? I have something positive to say about rich hil and you delete
    It? Sad.

  • freemaseB

    someone said something about casey veggies on here.. and it was deleted.. hmm..

  • gonefishes

    Why are groups of comments getting deleted?

  • projectcase

    Rich Hil isn’t that bad…his “Ricky Goes to Rehab” mixtape was dope and dude has improved a lot since he’s started…he isn’t the best rapper or anything but he does got some catchy ass shit…personally i think they both did their thing

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  • Getfryed

    damn. rich is cool with me. singing is better than him trying to spit but whatever

  • barnes

    Rich Hil is dope, it took a few listens for him to grow on me, but once he did I downloaded tons of his projects and dont regret it at all.

  • all u fuckin haters dont no what good music is thats why our radio stations are full off fuckin trash music like the statements u write about rich, ricky is dope ass fuck but yall wouldnt no that cause u dont listen to the focus or understand his movement. so all yall hatin go to hell and u die. its limos or fuckin kill urself.

  • 313troy

    im late on hearing this but this songs good and so is rich hil

  • Damn. Stop hating! He’s up on blogs for a reason… because people like him, and Nero. Shout outs to the poster of this blog. He knows what good music is.


    HAHA, all you fools that think Rich Hil is something are retarded. Rich Hil is Tommy Hilfiger’s son. He’s a spoiled kid whos dad pays good producers to help him make music. He’s horrible. What talent is in his whiny, off tune, meaningless lyrics? I saw this guy live and he got booed off the stage, but not before hitting someone in the crowd with the microphone and insisting to play 4 traks after the first was booed. Fuck Rich Hil I hope him and his whole family die in a car accident