• Adi Pre

    Free Weezy.

  • Brother man

    its scenes from the first min of this video that make me want to come to America.

  • Wessy

    Fuckin' yeaaaaaaaaaaaa' Can't wait till they free my nigga Tune! Nov 4th and it's a YMCM take-over.

  • MDTHIZZlamic

    Gucci Goggles on a Jetski? That's fucking gangster

  • http://sonative.tumblr.com M.E.A.N.

    I keep pushin man

  • word

    damn he is.. well was, and soon will be back to.. liviing the life. got a crazy diverse fanbase too.

  • Wu

    @Brother where do u live man?

  • http://adayinthelifeofthefly.blogspot.com/ LouisTaylored

    Meka that is the exact same thing I said foolie; they can never be on at the same time anymore lol but watevvs nice vid mainly cause its a real video. Damn Im tired of all these green screens shits man they're soooo bad

  • http://techspit.blogspot.com Unxpekted

    garbage, faggot should get execution style, decapitation.

  • http://2db.com GMC

    gay rap, he got no skillz

  • skillsdoperthanyours

    wayne is fuckin' terrible. hot garbage.

  • http://www.whatismfd.com Dj Boy

    What's up Shake and Meka? This message is for you. I have sent you guys emails time and time again, and I'm sure you guys get tons of them so I understand. This is just to let you guys know that you should really check out Dom P music and listen to what Uptown NY really has to offer. REAL MUSIC. Not only hip hop, but much more. I won't spam by posting sites, but I hope you guys can check him out. My email and website are linked here anyway so I wont need to post that stuff. Thanks for reading and thank you for this amazing site!

  • sparkehm

    Kat STACKS shoulda been in da video

  • JD

    is it just me or is Onsmash 80% of time laggy?

  • youngreign

    lmfao at birdman's parts, he looks like that nigga BANGS' videos in front of that greenscreen