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Big L – Deadly Combination (Komplex Remix) f. 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G

blame it on Meka October 17, 2010

Treacherous Records’ in-house producer updates the Big L classic.

DOWNLOAD: Big L – Deadly Combination (Komplex Remix) f. 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G | Mediafire
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  • varsityballin


  • t9x


  • Egg

    cool remix

  • 43Ddene

    beat starts grownin
    hot hardcore beat

  • 3 most overrated ever on a track together.

  • Triz

    Beat is okkk..but they killed it

  • nice

  • luca

    i hate you motherfucking hipsters like you dragonball. i see a new trend now calling the great ones overrated…punks ass you know better like most of the rap heads,don´t you? this track is motherfucking hot. head nod effect bitch.

  • van

    3 of the best

  • Lucky_Luciano


    This is hott…..

  • Lucky_Luciano

    We need more!!!!

  • somethingcrazy

    deadly combination….get it? cuz their all dead :p

  • stompinthomas

    @dragonballs you’re stupid as fuck because maybe you can say big and pac are overrated but big l is underrated if anything ? dumb dickclamp

  • Fuck u @dragonball this shit be hotter if it was Wayne, Gucci & Nikki right? This track is hip hop at it’s finest.

  • @somethingcrazy That made me laugh for real hahaha!

  • Acid_Sav

    GodDAMN this worked out fuckin well… props to Komplex

  • These guys are so overrated. 3Stack, Jay-Z, Mos Def>>>>>>>>>>>>>These 3 dudes. Kanye>>>>>>>>>>>all of them.

  • john mccain

    [email protected]

    i like komplex beats, but this one…naw the original is def better

  • GFunk

    Lol @ anyone saying Big L is overrated. Big Pun and Big L are mad underrated compared to Biggie Smalls and 2Pac.

  • LBCaliKush

    Kanye Trasssshhhhh!!!!!!!

  • refill

    Don’t feed the fucking trolls.

    3Stacks, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye, Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, Pac, Guru, Q-tip>>>>>>>>>> lIl wayne, hot boys, soulja boy, mc hammer, marke mark.

    every generation in hip hop has shitty artist.

  • Kennyis22

    Meka, can you post the original Deadly Combination with Tupac and Biggie? I can only find the one with Tupac and Big L, without Biggie.

  • bennyblanco fromthe BX

    How do you call 3 legends over rated? Fucking clown kill yourself.

  • WTF-_-┻

    now you fuckers really crazy
    how the fuck yall can say these 3 guys re overrated

    Take some BIG and some PAC
    And you mix them up in a pot
    Sprinkle a lil “BIG L” on top
    What the fuck do you got?

  • carter!

    The original kills this version!

  • kaohtix

    worst remix everywere

  • How I Got Over

    I’ve never liked this cause I know they didn’t get in the studio and make it. It was just some shit put together after they died.

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  • Henz

    link to original?

  • john mccain

    original is alot better -> h.t.t.p:/./www.youtube.com/watch?v=biYtQYYNXPQ

  • SEAN

    BIG L IS THE MOST TALENTED LYRICIST that EVER walked this planet. You all talk about rap like you know whats up. The Big Picture and Illmatic are the two best albums EVER. Fucking retards like you trolls and Big L bashers are the reason mainstream hip-hop fucking sucks. Fuck you all, Big l is gonna find you in hell when you cross the dangerzone.

  • reaguj

    ‘Hail Mary, f*ck her, I never knew her, I’d probably screw her and dump her body in da sewer..’

    Killed it…

  • Mel

    Download expired :(

  • This is a great mix. Thanks for the up! You should stop by my music blog..I post the best unsigned Musicians on YouTube. I’d love your feedback. Just click on my name to go there

  • Julie

    that is bossy. any way you’ll be re-uploading the track?

  • humus

    track is down. but deadly combination is still one of the best rap-songs ever. till yesterday, i just knew the version with 2pac. then i found this: h t t p:/ /www.myvideo.de/watch/1860149/Tupac_feat_Notorious_B_I_G_Big_L_Deadly_Combination ….. it’s so good. it became my favourite rap-track at the moment i heard the added biggie part, and it will stay my favourite track for a long time. the best 3 lyricists together on one track..it doesn’t get better than this. it’s the best and when i look at modern rap…there won’t be anything better in the next 10 years. its sad, but it’s true.