• smokeherb

    sick shit. they all go hard

  • shoka-khan

    shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so nasty..... and everyone else

  • B

    damn this shit ill. they went in.

  • Stephanie


  • VA phil

    Blaq Poet one of the few who still do hardcore the right way. Dope.

  • Tupac Shakur

    YEES!!! REAL HIP HOP IS OVER HERE. this shit GOES!!!

  • http://sporthop.wordpress.com Lil’ Nello

    I been hearing about Blaq Poet a lot & how dope he is but never listened to him till this track! Really glad I did because him & everyone go straight in on this joint! Straight gutta hardcore NY shit!

  • ivemar80

    his solo was a letdown. let's hope he releases another.

  • Badlands

    Blaq Poet Society coming 2011