• Pops

    I typically check for anything Budden, so I'll give this a listen. Never heard it before. Anyone have a review?

  • lecozer

    I still think Benzi's MM3 tape was dope as hell.

  • Zak

    nickelus f already did the portishead thing with much more quality.

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    this mix is pretty dope, although All Of Me should be left as is, the song is perfect.
    other then that, its a good mix

  • http://www.datgang.com Approach

    This is the BEST of the Budden mixes. This mash-up made me a truely understand
    (2 years ago) how dope Joey is on the mic. It's like listening to a epic movie! Well done Ill Po!

  • http://www.facebook.com/AD1986 Ay, D!

    I loved this when it first came out. This is a good look. Thanks Ill!

  • Hugo Bawss

    This is blow your brains out music. Portishead > Vloggin Joe

  • xastey

    perfect, loved this mashup been on repeat since it drop

  • Patrick

    This tape (the original at least) and Sha Stimuli's "Hotter Than July" were the best mixtapes of all 2008. Definitely gonna check this out.

  • http://chileviejaescuela.blogspot.com ChileOld

    dope..but i want a "2pac or Biggie meets Portishead" that would be Fiyaaa!

  • DG

    Why is the ventilation track not on here? that was the best remixed track on the tape the one on the old tape would sound great remastered

  • riddlah51

    Yo, my HD crashed a long time ago and I been lookin for this! Goodloox!

  • riddlah51

    IDK if this is just my headphones talkin, but this remastered version sucks!

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Just checked out the instrumental tape....Cot Damn! These beats make a nigga feel legendary lol On sum real triumphant shit. Now to see what Budden does on em...

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com Berp Willie


  • Per

    This >> any Budden album/mixtape

  • http://poeticassasin.com assasin9

    Wow - this is like the perfect complement to Budden's lyrics....

  • http://www.rlnwwlomrgxm.com Al Gabisi

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