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Ill Poetic Presents MM3rd: Budden Meets Portishead (Mixtape) [Remastered]

blame it on Shake October 18, 2010

A few years ago Ill Poetic released a mash up project between Joe Budden and Portishead. And now that Joey is dropping Mood Muzik 4 next week, he’s decided to re-master the record, add an unreleased bonus track and give us the instrumental version as well.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Dear Diary
02 Roll Call
03 Family Reunion
04 Long Way to Go
05 Secrets
06 Warfare
07 Thou Shall Not Fall
08 All of Me

DOWNLOAD: Budden Meets Portishead (Remastered) | Instrumentals w/ Bonus

  • Pops

    I typically check for anything Budden, so I’ll give this a listen. Never heard it before. Anyone have a review?

  • lecozer

    I still think Benzi’s MM3 tape was dope as hell.

  • Zak

    nickelus f already did the portishead thing with much more quality.

  • this mix is pretty dope, although All Of Me should be left as is, the song is perfect.
    other then that, its a good mix

  • This is the BEST of the Budden mixes. This mash-up made me a truely understand
    (2 years ago) how dope Joey is on the mic. It’s like listening to a epic movie! Well done Ill Po!

  • I loved this when it first came out. This is a good look. Thanks Ill!

  • Hugo Bawss

    This is blow your brains out music. Portishead > Vloggin Joe

  • xastey

    perfect, loved this mashup been on repeat since it drop

  • Patrick

    This tape (the original at least) and Sha Stimuli’s “Hotter Than July” were the best mixtapes of all 2008. Definitely gonna check this out.

  • dope..but i want a “2pac or Biggie meets Portishead” that would be Fiyaaa!

  • DG

    Why is the ventilation track not on here? that was the best remixed track on the tape the one on the old tape would sound great remastered

  • riddlah51

    Yo, my HD crashed a long time ago and I been lookin for this! Goodloox!

  • riddlah51

    IDK if this is just my headphones talkin, but this remastered version sucks!

  • IGetLonelyToo

    Just checked out the instrumental tape….Cot Damn! These beats make a nigga feel legendary lol On sum real triumphant shit. Now to see what Budden does on em…

  • decent

  • Per

    This >> any Budden album/mixtape

  • Wow – this is like the perfect complement to Budden’s lyrics….

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