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MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game #10: Ludacris (Video)

blame it on Shake October 18, 2010

Like last year, MTV puts together a list of what they think are the Top 10 hottest MCs in the game. Starting with Luda in the #10 spot.

Where Luda really shined this year, though, was in his collaborations. He was featured on Justin Bieber’s smash Baby, which gave the teenybopper some street cred while also giving Luda a huge look at Top 40 radio. The video for Baby is the most viewed in the history of YouTube. If that wasn’t enough, ‘Cris jumped on the U.S. version of Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart, and turned what was already a smash in the U.K. into one of the biggest songs of the summer in the States. But Luda kept it hip-hop, too, jumping on DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win, which had everybody’s hands going up, to the tune of more than a million singles sold.

Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, Bun B and Lloyd Banks were listed as “just missing the cut” and ironically enough I believe each and everyone of them should’ve been ahead of Luda. *shrugs…

  • Roth

    Kanye Shrug for Wiz and Bun

  • DK

    Can’t stand these list watch OJ da Juiceman be on it lol

  • Wonder if j.cole will be on there??

  • C-Section OG


    If Wiz isn’t, there’s no chance J. Cole will be.

    Top 3 will probably be Kanye, Drake, and Em

  • RSX

    Wiz is praahhhhbably hotter than luda.

  • E-Fresh

    Woooow really? Bun B was on MAD features this year, Wiz had the biggest independent year out of anybody and Lloyd Banks killed it with Beamer Benz or Bently man…MTV and BET = Wack World

  • Weava

    Bun B > Luda (this year anyway)

    bun doesnt ever get the credit he deserves. he did like what 4 or 5 tracks with drake? but gets no love.

    where wayne has been locked up for over half the year and will still probley get a fuckin spot. smh

  • Dallastx_Greedy

    “Couple girlfriends and they all a little crazy
    Coming down the street like a parade……….. Macy’s
    I fill her up………. balloons” – Luda

  • VR

    Cole would have a better chance on making it than Wiz. Wiz is poppin underground (if you still call it that). But Cole has been puttin in consistent work and has been picking up steam (interviews, shows, quality leaks, a few radios spins, etc.). I wouldnt be surprised if he did make the list.

    And no disrespect to Luda, but no Fab? This list already failed.

  • Rozko


    What has luda done this past year except put out a garbage ass album….and I cant believe wiz didnt even make the cut, when you could aregue he should be at least top 5. This is almost as bad as Bet’s top rappers of the 21st century.


    A million say top 4 is Wayne, Drake, Em, and kanye in that ordedr

  • I defintely agree shake.

  • ^^Wayne is number 8

  • WHo the FUCK are these niggas to be picking the Hottest Mc’s?? i bet half of them don’t even listen to anyone except what’s on the radio.

  • Ryuk

    The longer these list go on, the more obvious the credibility issues these people making these list have.

  • get off Wiz’z nuts!
    he fuckin sucks!!
    all he can rap bout is weed. no metaphors, no wordplay, no storytellin, nothin!!
    why’s everyone on his sack so bad??

  • VR


    I ask myself the same thing!!!!!!

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Why do you niggas get your panties in a bunch anyway ova these so called “hottest in the game/Best out” list?? Who the fuck cares really?? Its there opionion take it or leave it and for goodness sake!!! Its MTV irepeat MTV -_-.

    And btw you niggas talkin bout wat has luda done, WTF has fab done niggas trash now smfh and wiz nigga plz. Now bun should be on there but ireally dnt giva fuck.

    Hoes On My Dick Cuz iLook Like Captain Planet.

  • Hoes On My Dick Cause I Look Like Kelly Osbourne

  • real

    If tyga aint on the list mtv can suck my dick

  • I swear, Pumper better be on there or I’ma Bust Out… bust out in tears… :'(

  • Chuck

    Mtv has never gotten this right but i think they are going back to the old way of voting rappers on the board were last year all the names were final no votes but in years past and it looks like now they are voting again so dont be suprised if you see lloyd banks, fab, wiz, bun make it on the list and see luda get moved up or off the list.

  • You guys are really gonna post this list? -.-

  • ReezyAlejandro

    Who cares about these lists anyway? Luda has put it work, but as an artist he just ain’t got the “it” factor… he definitely has flow, but idk something about his image makes him underwhelming… maybe it’s the garbage singles he’s dropped recently… his delivery is almost equivalent to Nicki Minaj’s… annoying

  • rdd08

    lol Man yall hating! Justin Bieber’s video for BABY feat. Ludacris is the most viewed video on YouTbue of ALL TIME! ALL TIME!!!!!


  • Derrty

    honestly banks should have been 10 or 9… luda should hav made the past lists not this list!! with that stupid battle of the sexes album r u kidding me!! wayne better not b in top 5 eminem better b #1 drake n nicki will prob be in top 5

  • Lucky_Luciano

    Really fab didnt make the cut and he had the hottest mixtape of the year….

  • MRod

    this is wut it should be..”hottest” not necessarily best..

    1. Kanye
    2. Drake
    3. Nicki Minaj
    4. Eminem
    5. Wiz Khalifa
    6. Jay-Z
    7. J. Cole
    8. Big Sean
    9. Lloyd Banks
    10. Wale

  • Jarvis Carswell

    Yo Meka & Shake, Why dnt you get with yall other fellow bloggers and make a list for the hottest in the game (mainstream/underground) a top 20. Im sure we’ll respect yall list more than a fuckin BET & MTV one.

  • Chuck

    i hate to say it but waka flocka is going to be in the top 5 just because its MTV they put Gucci at #6 last year

  • Teddy

    I already know Officer Ross is going to be on it. And if you ask me he really shouldnt be. Both Ludacris and Lloyd Banks should be on it along with Wiz Khalifa. And Im not even a Wiz Fan. (Not saying he sucks. I just cant get into him. Dont know why.)

    But hey what can ya do. Thats the game. But I bet the rest are going to be straight garbage until they get up to the top 5. I bet Wayne gonna be on it. Its too easy for Wayne man. Its way too easy.

  • Chuck

    MTVS Top Ten List I guarantee it
    9: Gucci
    8: Jeezy
    7: Nicki Minaj
    6: Waka Floka
    5: Rick Ross
    4: Lil Wayne
    3: Drake
    2: Eminem
    1: Kanye West

  • Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Whale?? Hell no!!

    And Hold Up! All iDo Is Win Sold A Million Singles??? Wtf

  • boston

    I used to be a big fan of luda….but ever sense he cut his braids off he went downhill….

  • JF Kennedy

    Lol @ dude saying Rick Ross shouldn’t be on the list.

    Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not (I’m on the fence), nigga dropped one the hottest singles in BMF.

    And these lists are made to get people talking, there’s really no reason for people to be SO upset about ’em … unless you listen to music based on what MTV tells you to listen to.

  • james

    j. cole is dope but he’s not making any flames…

  • Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Jay Electronica
    J. Cole
    MF Doom
    Pac Div
    Joe Budden
    Big Sean
    Kany West
    Big KRIT.. Oops iForgot This MTV Too Hip Hop For This List They Have

  • Cli-City

    Wayne is jail this year, released a terrible rock album, a mediocre rap album and a good mixtape and bet he on the list…This shit too easy for Wayne for reall

  • Chuck

    Fabolous had the best mixtape of 2009 and Big Sean has the best mixtape out in 2010 but MTV only does radio rappers they just said that for luda if he hadnt made the song with bieber he wouldnt have been on this list

  • “ludacris is no doubt one of the hottest lyricists in the game”
    lolololololololol i could name 10 off the top of my head that are better lyricists than luda. his album was ass too

  • Ariel

    Dear MTV, “do you listen to music or do you just skim through it”???. I can understand Lloyd Banks making “just making the cut” because really he only had one hit with Beamer, Benz, or Bentley. BUT HOW THE FUCK does Fabolous & Wiz Khalifa not make the list. THEY HAD THE 2 MOST DOWNLOADED MIXTAPES OF 2010. I Just dont get it. SMH

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    What was the “cut”, why weren’t Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, Bun B and Lloyd Banks included.

    Why does MTV pander to commercial rappers? Are labels still cutting MTV checks to make wack list like this?

  • i co-sign what shake said

  • fuck MTV and these fake ass ‘hiphop heads’ they have at that table debating commercial artists based on record sales and pop records. Put people from the c-section, shake and meka up there and THAT would be an interesting debate.

  • iGot5onit

    They rank it by whoever made the most money for MTV.

  • Rockets

    @iGot5onit, that’s pretty much how they do it. Based on popularity and money raked in. I bet you that Drake is first just because everyone sucks his dick. Like bET puts him something like 5th for best rapper of the least 10 years. Too bad he’s only been around for a year or two and only really popular for one year. Man I hate hip hop’s mainstream rep…

  • I am going to win

    I bet 5 billion bucks that Young Money is going to be number one

  • MrWillDoIt

    Co-sign Ariel and Chuck.

    1. A big “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” to MTV for not having Bun on the list. Dude dropped an arguable classic and single-handedly increased his buzz in the last year.

    2. I like Luda and all but NAHHHH son…Theater of the Mind more showcased his skills as an MC. Battle of the Sexes was ehh. (To the dude with Sharpie-drawn beard, Luda’s business ventures have absolutely NOTHING to do with this conversation).

    3. J. Cole is more deserving a mention than Wiz.

    4. For Fab not to be on this list negates it’s credibility.

    5. If Waka Flocka makes this list, please send my mother to check on me as I may kill myself.

    6. Who are these people anyway? Why are THEY judges? I nominate Shake and Meka. Ok, maybe just Shake.

    7. I know Nicki will be on the list. Hip-hop is going down. Basem…hell.

  • chase

    every year the same shit from mtv, they make of list of people who shouldnt even be considered and over look those who should.

  • Peteyb

    10. luda- Because he is pop fuck justin Beiber
    9. Wiz- people jumping on his bandwagon, boi lookin’ like soulja boy wit catarac’s
    8. Big Boi- more deserving than rawse, jeezy or any corny nigga from the A!
    7. Bun B- The source gave him 5 mics, idk his lead single is with t-pain so i beg to differ!
    6. Drake- for the ladies
    5. Nikki Minaj- big ass but she sucks on the mic teenybopper flow
    4. Jay-Z- idk why he on here lol
    3. Lil Wayne- i hope when he gets out he go to prison in AZ lol
    2. Eminem- Slug > eminem real talk
    1. Kanye West I love ye’ no homo

    hate hate hate hate lol

  • TheY sAY wE N.I.G.G.E.R

    What the FUCK is a gucci mane?a wacka flocka?a Luda?a Jeezy????

  • asdf

    if big boi isn’t on this list then i have no time for it. obviously kanye, wayne, jay and minaj will all be on it. not that i have anything against luda, but i don’t think he should make the list this year, especially if bun. maybe like, 8-10 years ago. also, while it is fair to say that he shines on features this year, it’s kind of leaving out the fact that he ALWAYS shines on features, and always has.

  • Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    9. Wiz- people jumping on his bandwagon, boi lookin’ like soulja boy wit catarac’s

    ^^^^^^ LMFAOOOO

  • honestly banks should have been 10 or 9… luda should hav made the past lists not this list!! with that stupid battle of the sexes album r u kidding me!!”
    Cosign.. the one year, I don’t think he deserved to be on he finally gets on the list.. says alot about the people at MTV.
    this list will be about “Hit makers”, every punchline isnt lyrical, its hardly catchy. i think.. luda just gave in to the masses, and sold his artistic integrity. i think its good wiz didn’t make the list, I respect his grind, but sometimes it should be quality over quantity, his flow, is as Royce would say “Plain as a cheeseburger with nothing on it” .. wacka is taking gucci’s spot this year, for the guaranteed place where overly ignorant rapping goes. ill just stop there.

  • jamesroy

    LUdacris had more hits this year then WIZ,Fabolous, or Bun b did . Ludacris has 3 videos that got played alot on all music channels. wacka fclka had 3 videos played on most of video channels . wiz,fabolous, & bun b only had one to 2 songs played on music channels at all. to be top 10 of this year you have to have air play on the radio & tv , sales, & effect on the culture this year. mixtapes don’t count for sales or video or radio air play at all . you people don’t look at it right . most of aartist you want on there did not real have big hit at all . also lloyd banks only had 2 songs out this year & no album yet

  • dre

    Everybody can agree KENDRICK LAMAR should be on this list. But I kno its not goin to happen. U have to go commercial to go on this list.

  • who cares

    Luda sucks now. I miss the old days. Back for the First Time, Word of Mouf, Release Therapy, I even liked Theator of the Mind. But Battle of the Sexes is weak
    “I fill her up balloons! Test her and guns get drawn like cartoons!” WEAK!

  • Brother man

    lol Man yall hating! Justin Bieber’s video for BABY feat. Ludacris is the most viewed video on YouTbue of ALL TIME! ALL TIME!!!!!

    Wow. Just looked this up. Can’t believe that crap has been watched so many times

  • Ms. Amor

    I love Luda I do but his last good album was Word of Mouf. IMO. I feel like Battle of the Sexes was a his weakest album. Guaranteed on the list Kanye, Drake, Rick Ross, and Em. Nas and Damian album was good and The Roots put out two hot albums this year. I hope they acknowledge them.

  • * Name

    J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Blu, Shawn Chrystopher (Maybe), Big Sean (The Old One, Soundinn’ Too Much Like Drake Now) & A Lot More. I Just Don’t Get How So Many People Like Wiz. “If You Don’t Smoke, I Don’t Know Why.” -Wiz Khalfia

    Compare That To “Now The Crib Got Much Rooms (Mushrooms), Portabello.” – J. Cole

    “Question14 – Muslim Lesson 2: Dip Diver, Civilize An 85er.
    I Make The Devil Hit His Knees & Say The Our Father.” – Jay Electronica

    I Mean When You Compare, Wiz Seems Like OJ Da Juiceman. Not Even Fair.

  • Andrew

    Did they put Crooked I on the lists in 07 or 08 for the original hip hop weekly? if not this list is shit