Cee-Lo Green - Old Fashioned

New single off Ce-Lo's upcoming album, The Lady Killer, dropping November 9th.

DOWNLOAD: Cee-Lo Green - Old Fashioned | Mediafire | iTunes
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  • DK

    Dled for tomorrow hope its dope

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    ....wtf jus happened...

  • http://www.beatzandlyrics.podomatic.com N-Turn

    Great song! Very soulful & has a timeless quality

  • Duck

    cee-lo's a beast. cant wait for this album to drop

  • Blogger

    I completely agree N-Turn! It captured the classic soul sound perfectly. I definitely copping the album when it drops... legally.

  • http://Lulz.com/_ LULZ XD

    Bawss. LMFAO'Z.

    Rick Ross.

  • 2pn

    why all the usershare links on this site dead

  • http://www.thingsididlastnight.com/ Shihaby

    Usershare is the absolute worst, most unreliable hosting website available.

    Stick with Mediafire and create your own streaming application, it would make things so much more convenient for us users.

  • Gordon B.

    Word @ Shihaby

  • Drew

    Usershare is fuckin bullshit!!!

  • Time4aRevolutionInBlogz

    none of the songs on this site are aloud to be streamed first. wtf 2dbz. you slippin

  • leosash

    If they host the music on their own app then it would be a serious pain in the ass every time they got a c&d order. Which I imagine is alot. Might be time to forget about usershare though, they do seem to have a bunch of issues recently.

  • Musikfiend

    Sounds straight out the 60's. Cee-Lo is a beast.

  • Tupac Shakur

    WELL GOD DAMN. this is shit i can bump with my mom in the car. lol GOOD SHIT CEE-LO!! a class act for real.

  • jfalpha

    This man has discovered time travel!