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Who Wants a Exile x FLüD Watch?

blame it on Shake October 19, 2010

As Mek stated a little while back, Exile recently teamed up with Dirty Science the good folks at FLüD Watches for an exclusive “Radio” Boombox Watch (as well as a mixtape). Well now, we’ve got one to give away to one lucky dopeboy/girl. All you’ve gotta do is drop a line in the c-section with your favorite Exile-produced cut (and be sure to include a correct email in the proper field). For those wanting to skip the contest and just support, you can head here and get your purchase game on.

  • “Dancing in the Rain”

  • AK

    Love Line(s) without a doubt

  • Below The Heavans

  • Brady

    Love Line (feat Blu)

  • “i’ve been patiently waiting, and my return has been debated, but fuck the haters..stacks for survival..hiphop is second nature to me”

  • Albin B

    Dancing in the rain – Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens

  • My favorite cut is “Hey Young World” with Aloe Blacc and Fashawn

  • John

    Dancing in the rain !

  • jollyjj

    Crazy for your love

  • First Things First


    Below the heavens..

  • funkyfrijoles

    Gotta go with Documentarian by Blame One

  • Musikfiend

    “First Things First” off the Below The Heavens album.

  • Sumit

    Gotta be “Dancing in the World” for me…that Blu/Exile cd was fire.

  • g-off

    The World Is (Below The Heavens..) with Blu

  • Dancing In The Rain

  • Jared D

    Hey young World w/ Fashawn

  • Love Line(s) with Blu!

  • neekz23

    Greater Love

  • SupaNasty

    “cold-hearted vandalists, fucking up the culture, they acting like it’s kosher, to rap for the advantages…”
    (making the game scandalous, they straying so far from the art, i start to wonder why i ever was a fan of it)

  • Dunn-D

    When she calls

  • SupaNasty

    just another day -blu^

  • Bryan

    “The Ecology” – Fashawn

  • FC

    “Good Life” (feat. kevin) [PRODUCED BY EXILE] from “Below the heavens” album

  • Chad

    first things first

  • AJ Santos

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’) From Below the Heavens

  • shycetee

    You talkin figurative language, I am Literally speakin, eat my feces playa, while my moneys onomatopeein, if they shake it twice, im exchanging they ass for something decent.

    marinate on that.

  • barnes

    The World Is (Below The Heavens..)

  • AJ Santos

    or for some reason, pearly gates by mobb deep with 50

  • :P

    Blu’s “Show Me The Good Life” w/ Aloe Blacc & Joseph

  • carter!

    No Greater Love – Blu & Exile

  • sterlz

    “Good Life”

  • “Blind Love” w/ Aloe Blacc


    Never heard of Exile …..but if I win the watch I’ll tune in

  • ZRo

    Fashawn’s Hey Young World

  • ep

    Dancing in the Rain

  • Shagnasty23

    Simply Amazin’

  • Frankie

    Blu Colla Workers

  • Push!

    Juicen’ Dranks – Blu & Exile

  • Erik

    Dancing in the Rain

  • Leonel Ramirez

    Will lust have u up at five writing a text, tryin to get a thought up off your chest?

  • nastshabast

    When She Calls – Fash

  • ZDavi

    In Remembrance of Me

  • brainstorm

    Dancing In The Rain

  • dancing in the rain.

  • ckuartz

    Show Me the Good Life – Blu & Exile

  • Faubs

    “Boy Meets World,” title track off Fashawn’s album. Toooo nice.

  • Nes

    In Remembrance Of Me

  • Bravo One

    “The Narrow Path”

    “Spit a lyric vicious like I’m mad as fuck/ packin’ up my bags, hoppin’ back on that narrow path that’s planned for us…”

  • Tino

    Blu&exile- dancing in the rain

  • Blu & Exile- Show Me The Good Life (Feat. Aloe Blacc & Joseph)

  • seb

    so(ul) amazin (steel blazin) – blu & exile

  • Khristian Pena

    Dancing In The Rain

  • ko

    fly (song of liberation) off of dirty science.

  • bobby tallz

    Pearly Gates-Mobb Deep feat 50 Cent

  • DK

    Dancing In The Rain

  • jcrunk

    If we can go all the way back to the emanon days I would say Emanon-Amerikkkan dreams but if we’re talking more recently it’s definitely Blu-Love Line(s)

  • solking10

    “Heaven and hell I conquer which ever comes first know to rebel” – Blu so(ul) amzin (steel blazin)

  • You Are Now In The Clouds With -Blu & Exile…… Clean

  • Weava

    Blu & Exile – Simply Amazing

  • Andre Johnson

    Simply Amazing

  • Maga D

    I’ve been NEEDING this! Really though. Big Exile fan, favorite track by him has to Emanon – “Ahh Ouai” that beat is… aaah. Too many to name, but “Ahh Ouai” is that beat. Real talk though, my watch broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one, haha, so a free Exile watch? HOOK it up Shake!

  • lm

    so(ul) amazin’

    the whole atmosphere and subtleness…

  • Jay

    I think it’s a song called “girls” with Exile also rapping on the cut, from a dubbed mixtape titled dream sequence. got back in the day from my older brothers homie.

    “Girls, women the deadly venom, but still we persist and insist go up in em.”

    that was my sheeit back in the day, Exile is a beast, too many favorites but I had to go with one from the cassette days.

  • Burnie Goetz

    Sunny CA – Fashawn

  • Benny F

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • Niko Subido

    Fly (Song Of Liberation) featuring Blu

  • jose martinez

    Life As A Shorty

  • I’ll Wait

    Show me the good life!

  • 3rd “Unlisted Bonus Track” from Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens.

  • Alex Sherrill

    Dancing In The Rain

  • Greg

    First things first, arright

  • risen357

    My World Is..

  • cold hearted ft. miguel

  • Jag

    Dancing in the Rain

  • roshan

    “show me the good life” on BTH.

  • Southern Hemisphere

    No Greater Love – Blu & Exile. From ‘Below The Heavens’

  • Love Line(s)

  • Joe Teah

    I wish I woulda known about 2dopeboyz earlier I actually paid for this on iTunes when it came out and of the limited lyrics there are is my favorite…..”I came to give you what you need to get through this life, week, month, year maybe battling with depression, stressed out hey thats all you need is some nutritious food”

  • “Pushing hearses since the first kiss
    And between sheets, said peace
    Each and every week no sleep
    Dream states, far fantasies
    Far fetched catches, stretching the galaxies
    I asked her if she like the pasture
    Pierced ears with the atmospheres ring around
    Sat her down on Saturn, put the single out
    Singing bout the last time I had her
    Falling in love, calling me up
    Darlin we was so marvelous lust, so starving to bust, trust God is in us
    Was offering love, but now Im offering what
    What a difference a day makes, age old playmate
    Smoking on a cig, taking lame breaks
    Lavish life, later wait till the day dawning on
    Whatever bullshit she got jarring on”

    Exile Ft. Blu – Love Line

  • Luke Franco

    Samsonite Man

  • Shy

    “Dancing in the Rain”
    Blu and Ex make amazing music together.

  • Diana

    “Father” from Fashawn’s debut album.

  • hereatlast

    In Remembrance of Me

  • shyne po

    Love Line

  • Kyle


    Love Lines is easily my favorite exile production that beat is perfect.

  • Agent Gibbs

    Greater Love.

  • 1234andthefifthman

    Blu – “The World Is (Below The Heavens…)” (Produced by Exile)

  • cookie

    Dancing In The Rain

  • 1234

    when she calls…perfect.

  • Luciano Simoes

    Dancing In The rain

  • WilliamJacob

    samsonite man – fashawn

  • danny_

    “I’m tryna find a way up outta this/ livin’ at home tryna find out who my father is/ sittin alone, bumpin’ Common since blown/ not off the chronic but off the knowledge in his dome/” – Blu on the song Maintain ft. Co$$, Donel Smokes, & Jontel. Prod by the one & only Exile. Great song.

  • Triz

    “Show me the good life”
    Exile goes bananas on the keys!!! lol

  • Tarikh Mizan

    Its coming down off Exile Radio

  • So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • James

    Fashawn – Samsonite Man (Featuring Blu)

  • dancing in the rain fa sho

  • D

    Simply Amazing

  • theillestboyee

    Dancing in the Rain

  • YouNeeK

    Blu – Below The Heavens .. the song.. not the album.. but the album is fuckin dope.

  • No Greater Love

  • Peteyb

    emanon, blu, fashawn dayyum exile your production is like no other thanks for the fresh beats!

  • yaboy

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • J B

    Hands down its gotta be “Dancing In The Rain”…beat is dope

  • Tha Phantom

    anything on Below The Heavens or Boy Meets World

  • Im suprised no one mentioned BO JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cisse9

    “The Score” w/ Fashawn & Planet Asia

  • spooky

    Dancing In The Rain

    …all day

  • Tone Riggz

    “No Greater Love” from Below the Heavens

  • Jammin

    Dancing in the rain

  • “In Remembrance of Me” – Blu & Exile

    Hip hop excellence.

  • hollerphonix

    good shit

  • Kal

    “You see me on stage you think Im god reflected” Samsonite Man- Fashawn & Blu

  • gasface

    When she calls

  • Turtle

    Soul Rising

  • Hee

    Dancing in the rain

  • Armzilla

    I’d have to say, “Disturbed” from Blame One’s album Days Chasing Days featuring Sean Price! The horns are ridiculous and Sean P is one of the greatest to ever bless a beat. The combo with a new up and comer like Blame One is over looked but sick as hell!

  • Vante

    Blu & Exile – Beat In Exile

  • David Eckk

    below the heavens without a doubt

  • Cindy Cee

    It’s Coming Down -Stetbrothers “Transformers,It’s more than meets the,Portion of fortune morphed in features,Orphan,hopped the half way fences,past the grassy knoll to the exit,stashed my record bags,gems are secrets,the thing about rain,it don’t fall to frequent,I think the window payne is perfectly named,when the drops fall,I feel each tear as the same! -Evidence –HOOK A GIRL UP!

  • 10

    samsonite man – fashawn ft. blu off boy meets world

  • In Remembrance Of Me- Blu & Exile

  • William

    Dancing in the rain – Blu & Exile

  • Malik Moss

    If Y’ur Down

  • Cody Ramos

    I can make a difference, but fuck wishing on a star cause the perecentage of getting what you invision is small.

  • K

    Father – Fashawn

  • Blu & Exile- “Loveline”

  • Cody Ramos

    oops, the narrow path.

  • willmofo

    “In Remembrance of Me” (Below The Heavens album w/ Blu)

  • Brother1

    BeLoW tHe HeAvenS

  • JaySole

    Blu&Exille “Dancing in the Rain”

  • So(u)l Provider

  • Monster D

    First Things First

  • Legit

    Fashawn ft. Blue prod. by Exile “Samsonite Man”

  • Nito

    “soul provider”-blu



  • First Things First

  • doodoobrown

    In Love

  • kyro

    love line

  • JayW

    Show Me The Good Life

  • Joe Lucas

    Dancing in the Rain

  • Mike Omar

    Cold Hearted

  • George

    “When She Calls” by Fashawn

  • jay coal

    Love Line(s) !!

  • Love Line(s)

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ralph

    Dancing In The Rain

  • Young Angel

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • dancing in the rain

  • Blu

    Blu’s “Show Me The Good Life” w/ Aloe Blacc & Joseph

  • derek

    below the heavens

  • So(ul) Amazing on Blu’s “Below The Heavens” album

  • Simply Amazin

  • Simply Amazing

  • Tobias

    Simply Amazin’

  • Dope2aFewRespectedByAll

    dancing in the rain…for the win

  • matt kyba

    Below the heavens, duh!

  • k

    Fashawn – Life as a Shorty

  • Pierre Wright

    Dancing in the rain!

  • dev


    from the “Radio” instrumental album

  • Chris

    Dancing in the Rain (currently my ringtone)

  • Fly (Song of Liberation)

  • zane

    “My shit is dynamite/ probably die on the mic, you out dineing the mic” – juicen’ dranks !!!

  • Benjamin

    “Dancing in the Rain”

  • Sean Wilkinson

    Love Line (featuring Blu)

  • its probably Love Line(s)

  • Alex Stone

    “Dancing in the Rain”, but tough choice, too many to choose from

  • Rick Stripp

    FREEDOM by Fashawn.

    impossible to pick just one from BTH so i went left-field

  • neville

    Below the Heavens

  • Stephen

    time has come (f. Slum Village)

  • smiffl

    My World Is…

  • Maintain. One of my go to songs when I need to feel good.

  • Chris Shields

    In Remembrance of Me

  • silence

    In Remembrance of Me, definitely

  • Kenny


  • ♥grandma

    “I am…”

    who the hell else is sampling grover?
    like. seriously.

    or… LoveLine(s)…

  • Andre R

    “rising like the shining sun
    reminding you how we came
    we rich now but used to be slaves
    we pushing whips now we used to be whipped
    rockin chains when we used to be in ’em
    still complaining that we victims of the system
    shit is twisted but shit…
    we came a long ass way
    yet it just feels like one long day
    shit amazes me….” Blu x Exile In Remembrance of Me

  • illnoyz

    No greater love

  • ryan

    Blu- Love Line(s),Dedicated To Last Fe’vrier

  • You’re Now In The Clouds With

  • Ben

    show me the good life

  • BBoldt

    So(ul) Amazing

  • Blu Colla Workers

  • TommyWiseau

    Good Life (Show Me)

  • stephen

    The Ecology

  • Mark Lawson

    Below the heavens

  • Mr.Fiasco25

    Soul Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’) Blu&Exile!!!

  • meh

    Hey Young World – Fashawn!!

  • Serge

    Love Line

  • sugarfree12

    Blu collar worker

  • thatnigguh

    In Remembrance Of Me

  • realshit

    soul provider – blu

  • sirsheck

    So(ul) Amazing (Steel Blazin’) – Blu & Exile

  • It’s Coming Down remix (feat. Alchemist, And Evidence, AKA Step Brothers)

  • ZFree

    “life as a shorty” Fashawn

  • BAM12393

    Blu – “My World Is…”

  • alan cerenil

    Pearly Gates

  • “The Outer City”

  • james dean

    Dancing in the rain….GO BLU

  • Brian Tran

    The Narrow Path off Below The Heavens.

  • killacam

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • peaceXpiece

    blu-so perfect!

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    Emanon – More Than You Know

  • Jose T.


  • RJayP

    Greater Love

  • PC

    In Remembrance of Me

  • Jay

    Dancing in the Rain !

  • just kenny

    In Remembrance of Me – Blu & Exile (Below the Heavens)

  • Yellloooooo

    Show Me The Good Life (Below The Heavens)- Blu

  • Myk Blauuw

    Below The Heavens Pt 1

  • bobby torres

    Dancing in the rain

  • illsince91

    Simply Amazin’ – Blu

  • KC

    No questions asked. Blu Collar Worker. I woke up to the beat everyday for a semester because I had it set for my alarm.

  • sir charles

    frequency modulation

    What has starts with sir and gets free watches?

    sir charles


  • ralcal

    Life as a shorty – Fashawn

  • ralcal

    Life as a shorty – Fashawn (with proper email)

  • BUCK

    The World is (Below the Heavens) – Blu

  • LC

    Dancing in the rain – blu

  • ill always love H.E.R.

    Good Life

  • Andrew

    time has come – slum village is pretty underappreciated

  • @TravisKetchen

    Dancing In The Rain – Blu & Exile (Below the Heavens)

  • BT

    monday-soul amazin
    tuesday-narrow path
    wed-show me the good life
    thurs-cold hearted
    fri-dancin in the rain
    sun-the world is pt.2/father

    changes everyday word life

  • LH

    Hey Young World off Fashawn’s debut!

  • matchz malone

    “Dancing In the Rain”

  • markeith504

    breath – fashawn (boy meets world) sick sample

  • k

    Dancing in the rain

  • K-Dub

    On Mars by Blu w/sene. Fuckin LOVE that beat

  • JB3

    dancing in the rain

  • 93′ Till…

    simply amazin’

  • Mak-a-7-veli

    Love Line(s) f. Blu!

  • Nolan

    Fashawn – Ecology

  • OmegaSupreme

    “Samsonite Man”, Fashawn ft. Blu

  • John Z.

    “Show me the good life” – Blu ft. Aloe Blacc & Joseph….thanks guys, this blog is my trusted souce for hip-hop, hands down. Peace..

  • im spitting deep ish stuck underground so just dig it….. © Blu

    “narrow Path” Blu & Exile below the heavens

  • Love Line(s)

  • Below the Heavens

  • twoface

    Below the Heavens..aint even competition

  • Brian Lee

    Fly (Song of Liberation) ft. Blu

  • Enrique Ponce


  • Antone

    damn that’s alot of ‘fans’ lol.

    anyway, personal favorite: “My World Is..” from BTH. i just love the way it sets the tape off.

  • AsiDidi

    Tell you by Exile, Blu, & Aloe blacc.
    watch please :)

  • Ghettoblaster

    “The game is full of ‘homo’s backwards,mo’ ho’s than rappers” – Blu

    “Fuck a knive, im pullin techs out for war, cause i ain’t good at cuttin, what yall think exile’s for?”

    Simply Amazin’ – Blu & Exile – Below the heavens

  • OriginaL

    So(ul) Amazin’

  • Devon Burris

    Dancing In The Rain

  • Andrew Calkins

    So(ul) Amazin’

  • The Narrow Path (Below The Heavens)


    Dancing In The Rain – Blu

  • Virgil Johnston

    Dancing in the Rain

  • mrrrbombtastikk

    Dancing In The Rain

  • DavidT

    “Show Me The Good Life” – Blu & Exile; Below The Heavens

  • Dancing in the Rain

  • Narrow Path

  • TomSchneider

    Father- Fash

  • Emanon – The Waiting Room

  • danturner

    blu and exile – party of two

  • Carlo Martinez

    First Things First – Blu & Exile Feat. Miguel

  • Lord Shuttlezworth III

    Blu & Exile – Dancing In The Rain

  • Saga

    NO DOUBT! Fashawn – Father

  • Joseph Benson

    Dancing In The Rain

  • sonic

    Boy Meets World

  • “looking at your kids like shit its my son this nigga came from my nuts”

    Blu & Exile – No Greater Love

  • thought it was hilarious^

  • Moos

    Blu & Exile – No Greater Love

  • t.a. morales

    “When She Calls” is the first that comes to mind…but a favorite is too hard to choose.


    dancing in the rain

  • Evan

    So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’) !

  • Life Story- Versis

  • CA

    No Greater Love – Blu (prod Exile)

  • chrisMars

    Dancing In The Rain for sure!!

  • Garrett

    Dancing in the Rain.

  • Namski

    ——– Not necessarily a cut ——
    Exile “The Sound is God”


  • TheWinner

    My world is…

  • Julian M.

    man fuck all that noise, my favorite exile produced track has got to be either Blind Love or Runaway Train of Thought from the Aloe blacc days of emanon. not to say that dude hasn’t gotten much better since then, but let’s take it backkkk!!

  • Erv

    samsonite man

  • Jonathan Navarro

    The World Is!

  • Party Of Two – Blu & Exile

  • Tam D.

    The Ecology

  • Good Life (Show Me) – “Below The Heavens” mixtape

  • j-money

    Fashawn – The Outer City (prod. Exile)

    Gimme dat shit

  • js13

    In Remembrance w/ Blu

    bring it!

  • RVS

    Exile – Extra Funk

  • Tupac Shakur

    “When She Calls”- Fashawn

    no doubt bout it.

  • stu

    SAMSONITE MAN!!!! Fashawn ft Blue

  • Yasser

    Love Live

  • real talk

    Soul Rising. nuff said

  • Navid E

    show me the good life – Blu & Exile

  • Champ

    “Below The Heavens”, hands down

  • sull

    The Ecology – Fashawn

  • oats

    so(ul) amazing (steel blazing)

  • othug

    it’s gotta be “Samsonite Man” Fashawn

  • xastey

    Dancing in the Rain

  • Bang Em’ Smurf

    The Ecology – Fashawn

  • bobby d

    Population Control…..when the beat switches up i went nuts…BLADOW!!!!!!!!

  • Triso Boothe

    Dancing in the rain – Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens

  • Bryson

    “ya need a million dollar budget and some punchlines here/all ya boy need is one right ear”

  • yeahnnik

    i’ll go with “The Sound is God” .. but there are sooo many, i can’t really decide

  • RJ

    infinitum (exile remix) – Flying lotus

    i could listen to that beat for days…

  • CAKE

    “So(ul) Amazing”

  • MuK

    Love Line

  • nohedidnt

    Runaway Train of Thought

  • hey

    Dancing In The Rain

  • rez

    Blu & Exile – Loveline(s) DedicatedToLastFe’vrier

  • Fred

    ‘Move On ‘Em’ ft Ta’Raach off Dirty Science LP

    D-Train sample :D

  • Timbo

    “Below the Heavens” Blu

  • JB

    Love Line(s)

  • “It’s the S.O.U.L. pro-vide yo’ mind with a west coast soul vibe!”

  • blu – show me the good life

  • “Insert a Name”

    Samsonite Man by Fashawn

  • Dexter

    Blu Collar Worker

  • Soul Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • Dam Wilder

    Dancin in the rain

  • nibs

    Blu Collar Worker

  • Bob Schoenfeld

    the narrow path- exile and blu

  • wu

    The Narrow Path

  • Bryan Polanco


  • Omar

    Below the heavens

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    My Boy Blu – “She pissed cause I beat then kissed her on the cheek, like I didn’t put it in her last week”.

  • exile&blu-party of 2

  • IllicitMC

    dancin’ in the rain

  • jollyjj

    Flud’s the best

  • 91&^UP

    Cold Hearted

  • Junie Effin’ P

    Below The Heavens

  • Jose Diaz

    First Things First feat. BLU & Miguel Jontel (prod. by Exile)

  • Jose Diaz

    1st things 1st feat. BLU & Miguel Jontel (prod. by Exile)

  • Jose Diaz

    show me the good life feat. BLU

  • JonJonson

    In Remembrance of Me

  • Blu & Exile – Simply Amazin’ has gotten to grow on me.

  • Teejay

    The World Is (Below the Heavens…)

  • Akum Yadnus

    Blu- No Greater Love produced by Exile

  • Staz

    Slum Village – Time Has Come

  • SWE

    Fashawn- Bo Jackson

  • Lank

    On Mars

  • Blu-The Narrow Path

  • JamesG

    Life As A Shorty

  • matt


  • Mario

    dancin in the rain

  • jtherapy

    “Spent most my time with my so called friends hangin out in the street watching the world go by so caught in the moment I forgot I was even alive. I didnt know about death until my grandma passed to tell the truth it never crossed my mind, she told me pray before I go outside and trust no man cause you’ll be surprised when a boy meets world

    Fashawn-Boy meets world

  • Matt Paterno

    Blu-Blu Colla Workers

  • “In Love”

  • Eric

    first things firsstttt

  • I Am…

  • Fashawn – Life as a Shorty (produced by Exile)(hands down real lyrics and dope ass beat)

  • amp

    Blu & Exile – Cold Hearted

  • will

    its got to be Samsonite Man, its all about that Billy Paul

  • Young Veyron

    This is fire!!!

  • Ramon Morales

    So(ul) Amazin/Steel Blazin- Below the Heavens

    orgasims to my ears

  • Luke

    “So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

  • Smooth Silver

    Blu & Exile – Show Me The Good Life (Feat. Aloe Blacc & Joseph) / From Blu & Exile’s ” Below The Heavens ” u diggg ??

  • bnddycl

    Love Line(s)

  • ILL

    “The game is full of homos backwards–mo-hos than rappers.”
    — Blu
    From “Simply Amazin'” on Blu & Exile’s “Below the Heavens.”

  • Robert in the Netherlands

    ”Your now in the clouds’
    dope oldskool beat

  • Indya

    Blu & Exile – In Remembrance of Me

  • Greenoe

    love line(s)

  • n at the double

    Dancing In The Rain

  • listen2justin

    The World Is (Below the Heavens)

  • bg

    Exile – Love Line (Feat. Blu)

  • J Large

    Below the Heavens

  • Aldo

    Simply Amazin’ – Blu & Exile

    it’s just simply amazing

  • Steven

    Love Line(s) by far!

  • bizzycv

    First Things First

  • eag

    good life

  • Manxter

    The Narrow Path!!!

  • ShaolinNoodles

    Time Has Come- off of Dirty Science. Exile with Slum Village! How could it not burn?

  • person123

    The World is (Below the heavens…) by Blu and Exile

  • Christopher


  • TC

    Fashawn – Life As A Shorty

  • bigeltron

    Blame One- Street Asrtologist, I got some bboys rockin to that

  • Brendon Elie

    Samsonite Man

  • Michal Ratynski

    Blu & Exile – Cold Hearted

  • ron sleezy

    “Sunny CA” – Fashawn : Boy Meets World

  • hugo

    T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) – Fresh Daily

  • Justin

    Dancing In The Rain

  • ducks

    Blu – JustToPerfect

  • David Lynch

    Life as a Shorty

  • Angel

    In Remembrance of me

  • Mac

    i can turn a whole metropolis, to a penninsula/ ink pen emperor slain remain infinite/ i came to re-arrange the game from all angles/ paid dues made my moves to los angels/ ROCK LIKE AESOP, SOUND LIKE A FABLE/ kerosine flow melt microphone cables

  • I

    I only spit through a truth/ And I spit it for the listeners, So I’m spittin’ to you/ You say it’s hell, I say it’s bullshit we getting through/ Just think about it every man has his own heaven/
    But shit you gotta’ go through hell to be a man first/
    And understand first, Hell is what you choose to call the present/ That’s why you’re going through it
    I just choose to call it stressin’/ To tell you fools the truth
    I don’t feel that why I’m destined/ So you can call it hell but bro I’ll just say I’m below the heavens

  • I

    ^ the world is… – blu

  • Gene

    The Soul Provider off of Blu’s lifted EP

  • HKI_Slim

    Dancing In The Rain

  • kettle 1

    Blu Colla Workers

  • Juanka

    Exile – Love Line

  • Smith

    Dancing in the Rain

  • Denis Ivanov

    Exile – Summer Song (Rmx)

  • Blu Colla Workers

  • The unlisted bonus track on BTH

  • Chuck Chizzle

    Hey Young World

  • JJBlue

    In Love

  • jacob

    Below the heavens

  • Gerardo Pichardo

    Blu Colla Workers

  • Ryan

    Blu & Exile – In Remembrance of Me

  • Jordan Allington

    Blame One – Glass House (prod. Exile)
    Piano goes in yo!

  • Stunnas

    Below the Heavens

  • J-VIBE

    Mega Mix feat. Fashawn, Blame One, Big Tone, ADaD
    big tune

  • maximo

    dancing in the rain

  • Tito Obaisi

    love line

  • ace*

    It’s Coming Down

  • A-Nerd

    Frequency REmix

  • Jessenator

    Lupita off Boy Meets World

  • Jtotheizzoe

    Soul Rising with Blu on Below The Heavens
    “I found the shortcut in life, but I’d rather take my time out the door/ Fuck a knife I’m pullin’ techs out for war/ Cuz I ain’t good at cuttin’, what the fuck you think Exile’s for?”

    Somebody already posted this line but they got the name of the track wrong, like wtf. Reward a hip-hop head for comin correct!!

  • Blu & Exile – The World Is

  • the whole “boy meets world” was pure magic..

  • Josh Carlson

    No Greater Love

  • Diego Vazquez

    Blu & Exile – My World Is. . .

  • Mike Badger

    Emanon- Blind Love…..Dope Beat!!!

  • p.dubzon

    Fashawn – The Score feat. Planet Asia

  • $Win$

    Fashawn- The Ecology

  • YOU

    Blue & Exile – Ope (Give Me my Flowers While I Can Smell THem)