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Rockwell Knuckles – Sorta Invincible (Video)

blame it on Shake October 20, 2010

Directed by Eugene Tsimerman.

Off Rock’s (2DopeBoyz x TSS presented) mixtape, Choose Your Own Adventure.

  • King Louie

    That song go hard my dude

  • elandyo

    Yo that video was amazing

  • CZ

    The Force is Sorta Invincible. Dope shit as always Rocky

  • BUrt

    great video///great song…more please.

  • Dope ass song, dope ass video!

  • mathis

    the video was amazing? i saw ppl walking up a flight of stairs for 4 minutes. what the fuck about that was amazing?

  • mathis

    i like the sing tho, jus saying the video sucks

  • video ill to so simple but it worked
    this sjit is crazy some diffrent sjit big up to dude ill sjit

  • saywhat? noyoudi int

    Lame corny boring. and the video sucked too.

  • pretty hard

  • Whahahammy.

  • Nice.
    Lucky enough to get shot at the end of that video.

  • nycitykid

    nothing about this song or video will ever make me want to see or hear this again. like really what is this? a car banger? something you listen to when your alone? wtf is it?

  • did he get the idea from a certian movie scene?


    song goes hard. but wtf did i just watch? slow walking for 3 n 1/2 minutes?

  • Bloody Knuckles

    This was Sorta Terrible.

  • M81

    None of yall have ever seen The Professional? smh. Dope song.