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Co$$ x Numonics – Revelations (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka October 21, 2010

After a few (2)dope leaks, the anticipated project between California’s Co$$ and Florida’s Numonics drops today. If you’re in the Miami area, hit the Transit Lounge tonight for the project’s release party w/ the likes of Blu, Sene, Co$$ and more, with the dopehouse in attendance as well. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Co$$ x Numonics – Revelations (Mixtape)

  • Hell yeah! Co$$ is what’s up! Can’t wait to bump this.

  • Triz

    Finally!!! been serachin thiss shit on google for no reasson!!

  • Ryuk

    Been waiting on this. Co$$ is a monster.

  • Drew

    ^ same… I didn’t see this in the regular posts… Had to search it to find it… Probably just missed it… Been waiting on this though! :)

  • Jeff Johnson

    GOT IT!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH

  • cali

    fuck yeah!

  • tranzformer

    about to cop this!

  • Wooord. This just made my night. Glad i dediced to peep 2DBz just now. Co$$ is top 5 in the West mufuckas!! Stop sleepin’ mufuckas!!

  • dope

  • BAunique

    Yo is there gonna a poster(s) of the graphic above available for sale? I would definitely buy that. THANOS FTW!

  • ianism

    ah i’ve been checking the site all day… too bad edinburgh’s a little far to come to hit up the show

  • Molotov Cock

    the tracklist is all fucked up and out of order. shake would’ve never let this happen.

  • HDvisionbecauseofthe DRO.

    it’s a known fact Co$$ bit Lil B on a few of these songs but I guess we all just let that go.

  • HDvisionbecauseofthe DRO.

    LMFAO @ Molotov Cock! You think whoever makes a posts also creates the cover art and tracklist art? FAIL

  • bananaz!!!!!!

  • Molotov Cock

    @HD i was really just joking homie. i know shake and meka have nothing to do with the files until they post them. i was gonna put an “lol” at the end of my post, but i figured the sarcasm was evident. Apparantly not.

    Put the dro down homie, pick up a book.

  • ianism

    yeah HDvisionbecauseofthe DRO is right, that .zip is prob straight from numonics. that being said, if Shake was around he would’ve retagged averything nicely for the OCD itunes fuckers like me.
    what matters is that it’s here and Meka and KNOWxONE are doing a great job, as usual.

    but who gives a fuck its Co$$ & Numonics. just listen and fuck the bullshit

  • danny_

    is there going to be a live stream of the show tonight?

  • bucknasty

    is this worth the dl? i listened to one of his tracks a while back and it wasn’t memorable at all

  • blair

    ^ co$$ is dope holmes. peep the song scriptures.

  • j.e.t.s.

    favorite song with co$$ is definitely CityOfLos(t)Ang(e)les by blu. what songs do you guys like by him cause i only have like 5 on my computer and would like more

  • danny_

    @j.e.t.s. download this mixtape, i’m listening to it right now & it’s dope. co$$ also has a mixtape out that dropped a year or 2 ago. i forgot what it’s called though.

  • blair

    yo if you could hit me w/ that mixtape title from a couple years back that’d be tight danny_.

  • danny_

    @blair google “co$$ tomorrow’s yesterday” & it should come up.

  • moon1483

    So dope. Tahnks Co$$, numonics and all involved. I thought i was paying for this.

    For all who like this be sure to check out Ahmad’s To the Death of Me. Solid Album.

    I’m only half through the first listen and this shit is so on point. Hope tonight is good man, good looks

  • blair

    Thanks @danny_. much appreciated. heard a little of this man but yet to really delve. jacked for this.

  • Yo, my FAVORITE co$$ track is called “Elevation.” Produced by Fonetik Simbol. Look it up on 2dbz. the download might not be there anymore, but hopefully y’all can find it cuz it’s an incredibly dope song.

  • yo wheres the live stream ?/?????

  • OjandKush24

    Where have I seen this album cover b4…hmmm…..oh yeah Skeme “pistols and palm trees”

  • illMattic

    This shit is way more dope than I expected it to be and I’ve BEEN listening to Cashius.

  • Dopeboyz

    Kanye West-Hell Of A Life.mp3

  • Swoby

    Co$$ is that dude. Love all his stuff. My favourite songs of his are These Are The Days, Scriptures, It’s All Happening, We Say.

  • Pete.C

    FUCK YEAH! Ive been waiting on this

  • instrumentals????? :(

  • CHRS

    just got back from the show


  • word… can’t wait to peep this

  • Weava

    reminds me of some de la soul or something, which is a great thing, beats are a 10/10… good flow too.. good hard drive investment

  • j.e.t.s.

    sick thanks guys. i just downloaded 20 co$$ tracks and his last mixtape and this one so im gonna have alot of new shit to listen to

  • Ryuk

    So Good!

  • xastey

    @j.e.t.s. what was those 20 tracks, mind upping them.. only have his last tape. BTW, this tape has been on repeat all day, great drop

  • superdope

    really good! nice job co$$, numonics

  • Pete.C

    Dope as fuck

  • Pdid

    fake kings!

    Co$$’ old mixtape is called “yesterday’s tomorrow”

  • 1

    post that new joell & novel…fuckin winter, 5am, on my way to work to a shitty ass boss anthem!

  • Deyen

    Plug my wit a working link

  • Revelations & Gone are both real dope!