Dwele Cooks Up A Beat (Video)

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  • yaboy316

    damn this is good! *****/*****

  • Not feeling the melodies at all in this. I'd bust out a doper beat myself.

  • FireMarshalBill

    ^Hater. Post Your Beats !!!!!

  • Click my name.

  • And I'm not hating on Dwele. Just wasn't feeling this particular beat at all. The percussion patterns were real neat but the instrumentation is really lacking to me.

  • FireMarshalBill

    Ok Brandon I Just Listened To Your Beats & They Are #POO, Get A Placement Then Give An Opinion! .......

    -Your Daddy

  • An opinion is an opinion, as you have posted yours.

  • JL

    notice how he actually made a beat, unlike the j.cole post?

  • was there a shot @ ross in there too lol?

    anyway this was dope!!!!!!

  • tyrone

    B lett you are trippin, beat was simple but still sounds like some Kev Brown ish. Had no idea Dwele had the spits, but doesn't surprise he is from the D

  • This is a+ stuff!
    For so-called beat makers or rappers,
    Dwele has 95% of you beat and dude is a singer.

  • akello light< co signatory

    B_Lett@ brandon ur beats are not better than wat dewele just put up but u obviously have great melody , i can imagine sum of ur beats sounding way better if they werent all synthezised but the melody n stuff is there, but u dont have to sound so cocky either, dewele is FIRE!!! do ur research first and im sure u wudnt make a comment like that again

  • brandon also have u ever thought of doing computer game music???

  • oh right ...now i realise u actually sampled donkey kong lol

  • danielthemartian

    i'm producer,and i'm inspired as hell for this,omg cool

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    I LOVE DWELE!!!!!

  • Lmao a fruity loops based 'producer' criticizing a award wining multi talented producer/neo soul singer who is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter , who obviously was clowning around and still cooked some hotness - man i love todays generation lol ..

  • ^^^ WHAT HE SAID

  • You guys don't understand. I'm not talking trash about Dwele or his history or anything. I've heard this guy's stuff, but the melodies in this just aren't musically sound to me. I know he's trying to do something different, but this beat just doesn't work for me. And I'm doing pretty darn good for not having paid a cent for my production yet. If I had studio quality sounds, I would be producing much better music. I might not make it some day but some guy that beats on shit and makes beats in Fruity Loops that knows Waka Flocka will make it in the industry.

  • vic mensa


  • FireMarshalBill

    Lmao a fruity loops based ‘producer’ criticizing a award wining multi talented producer/neo soul singer who is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter , who obviously was clowning around and still cooked some hotness – man i love todays generation lol ..


    Sorry I Have Seen GOLD records done on fruity loops look up epik & thx on soundclick FLSTUDIO Inspired its not what you use its how you use it ...

    25 & Older!

  • craigRmani

    cool but boring beat...

  • HatersSuck

    9th wonder actually made "threat" for the black album on fruity loops...
    not that it was that dope of a song lol but u get my point if u got the skill thats wat counts

  • Eminem and Lil Wayne's "Drop the World" was made on FL Studio. A lot of 9th Wonder's production was done on FL Studio. FL Studio has one of the best interfaces, it just doesn't come with the best sounds. But when you get the best sounds (the best VST plugins and drumkits), and combine that with FL Studio, plus a good producer behind the boards, there really is nothing holding them back from making hits just like the rest of the producers. It's knowing how to use what you have.

  • Ceno

    Dwele's incredible

  • Ace Julio

    Soul muzaaaaak!

  • jundamane

    @Txhustla15 9th wonder used fruit loops while producing all his stuff for little brother lol and that shit was classic. it's not what program you use but how you use it.

  • Lmao at all the sparkling gems of FL knowledge like who didnt know that. Basic rule number one is not what you use but how you use it, If that wasnt one the basic rules people would not still be employing technologies that are from 2 and 3 decades ago such as the SP-1200, TR-808, ASR-10, MPC 2k that despite their technical limitations in contrast to todays technology still are used for their workflow or the sound that they produce. Just as well I am familiar with how 9th utilizes it with his MPC, and he has been using his 25k as more of recent with his latest work.

    Its evident that most missed the overall point anyways, its no different for any genius that has a bootleg copy of FL Studio "Producer Edition" to the next who picks up a Maschine and assumes they are Ski Beatz. Just as well in most professional studios you never see a copy of FL studio lying around or to me or any of associates who are engineers will laugh at you when you bring your FLP files and expect us to do something with it.


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