Lloyd Banks On Chelsea Lately (Video)

Obviously Curtis helped this go down.

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  • http://ineedm0ney.com ineedm0ney

    So banging Chelsea is paying off! Hopefully Banks' album is worth the wait. Cant wait to hear that Eminem track. P.S. i dont know anyone that wouldnt hit off Ms. Handler so kudos 50.

  • bon

    Shit sons & daughters, this right where is a vanilla muffin I'd like to merge with my fudgesicle for days on end. The only thing is I don't see her actually being a freak. I need that David Carradine type asphyxiation night from my sexual handler. Except, sans death. I don't feel like dying. No orgasm is worth that. Unless it delivers a 8-roper load into Adrianna Lima's mouth on a globally televised news conference.


  • bon

    Shit I forgot to talk about the video. Take Lloyd out and it's fappin time ladies & gentlemen. Nah mean? Like that great song off Distant Relatives.


  • http://thisis50.com Limassacre

    Funny interview HFM2 Is going to be sick

  • Anonymous

    "Here's to you getting there girl!"

    Owned for LIFE!

  • http://emdinger195.blogspot.com Evan


  • http://yuuuuuuurp.com YURP

    Her ONLY good shows are the one's with rapper guests...

  • H4M2

    Funny shit, I am also freaked out by midgets.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com rEAL BLINKY

    ^^i honestly only thought she brought black rappers onto her show

  • bon

    Midgets like Weezy? Dawgs (dogs? sp?) I saw Weezy at Liv a while back. before the bars, obv.
    dude is so short, freaked me out.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com rEAL BLINKY

    “Here’s to you getting there girl!” <.lol

  • BrotherQualit

    I thought this nigga was engaged ???

  • http://2dopeboyz joebin

    good interview, banks handled himself pretty well.

  • invitado

    "He puts out records every friday" Crowd laughter smh lol -__-

  • ***********************

    lol at bon, minus the "free lupe" part you needa comment more often

  • http://wwww.arresteddevelopment.com Tobias_ANALRAPIST

    Banks was funny as hell in this interview


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