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Nas: Hip Hop Is Too Young for GOAT Title (Video)

blame it on Shake October 21, 2010

In this bonus clip from The Next 48 Hours w/ Nas & Damian Marley, Nas speaks w/ DJ Green Lantern and Rocky Thunda on the GOAT title used in hip hop, and how it’s too early to be placed.

  • bon

    FiRST again crackers and coons!

    You dudes is late on this. That piece of shit rapradar had this hours ago.

    Nas will be the goat. followed by eminem and lupe.

    you hear it here first. why? because i’m from the future.
    what? i can’t say im the future and sound stupid as shit but weezy says hes from another planet and it’s cool.

    gtof here with ignorant shizznit dukes and duchesses



  • b.

    Real talk!

  • T0KS

    There will never be a GOAT because Everybody Got their own Opinion. A nigga might tell me PAC was GOAT and to me Pac Ass? you know what im saying?

  • bon

    nah son, truth is not relative.

  • @bon

    yeah… i’d rather be on a plane to miami than sitting on my laptop posting a nas interview.

    *looks out at ocean.

  • bon

    lmao son I LIVE IN FORT LAUDERDALE so you’re coming to my land. maybe I’ll see you tonight at the show. and you won’t even know it’s BON.

    *looks at ocean I see daily*

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    K rino is G.O.A.T

  • That’s an interesting viewpoint and to a certain extent I agree. Hip Hop is still very young in terms of a genre so maybe in a decade or so when many of the artists now stop making music we can get a good grasp of the G.O.A.T.


  • geigh

    i disagree with nas

    lupe or em are not goats…em doesnt even have a classic album or record

  • Newman

    LMAO @ Shake’s pretentious ass getting clowned.

  • [email protected] n bon

    SHAke u got ethered lol (dnt cry tho shake its just a joke)

    nas is right tho…

  • Newman

    @ geigh – the term classic is relative. There are many unknown albums that are considered classic that the masses don’t know about, and the masses (sheeple) will automatically assume it’s wack because the MC/Group isn’t popular or well known. Some MC’s go into the game seeking fortune and fame. True some MC are in it for the love of the game. But we all know when it comes down to it popularity and exposure undoubtedly dilute the conversation.

  • daveg

    I agree to a certain extent, but you can analyze the last 3 decades of hiphop and come up with the GOAT for where we are today. That being said, NAS is the GOAT. Had Tupac lived, he’d be the all time GOAT.
    Nobody fucks with Pac’s legacy!


    Nas just bein humble cuz he knows he’s the Greatest

  • @daveg

    you cant really say that though. because whose to say what pac would’ve turned into over the years.

  • and pretentious? haha… far from. i’m just pointing out a fact. if anyone would rather chill on a laptop and post a youtube link than get flown to the beach then that’s great for you. i like to enjoy life. so if some other site “beat” me to posting an interview? so be it. i’ll live.

  • JBoogie

    bon is a retard…

    Nas won’t be considered a true GOAT because the masses don’t careabout him. People will say Jay and Em, and regardless of how you feel about it, recognition has to do with greatness. Rakim, KRS-One, etc., they all may be considered the greatest LYRICISTS of all time, but rappers, Eminem, Jay-Z, and then Nas. And that’s if people realize that Lil Wayne is trash.

  • Nas is right, Hip Hop’s only about 30 years old and that’s young compared to other types of music. Some older cats legacy’s still aren’t over, they’re still making music. When we speak of a GOAT were speaking on the greatest so far.

    WTF is it w/ all these Lupe stans claiming he’s this or that, do your history youngins and you might learn something or open your mind, dude isn’t even all that. His name shouldn’t even be mentioned in this c-section.

  • each of us chooses who’s the G.O.A.T

    for me is Pac!

  • Shake etheres back thru humility

    but seriously tho…its true you can never really say WHO is the greatest of all time in sumthing like MUSIC its just not possible ,and pac IS dead..so he who knows what he wud be like now. or what rap wud be like if he was alive , no 1 can truly be considered the g.o.a.t becasue its down to personal opinion

  • who says G.O.A.T anyway?

  • TheY sAY wE N.I.G.G.E.R

    Nas being humble coz he knows he’s GOAT so far…..which he is….no stan…yeah right.haha.

  • TheY sAY wE N.I.G.G.E.R

    Plus shake got ethered….just saying.

  • JamStarr

    Word is born!

  • “nobody can truly be considered the g.o.a.t becasue its down to personal opinion”

    Unless you have a unanimous or majority opinion. A prime example of that would be Bob Marley being the greatest reggae/folk artist of all time which is a fair statement considering anybody on Earth who has the most premature knowledge of music in general know who he is. Nas is right though, the artists from the 90s are still going strong and we’re only really getting a second generation of Hip Hop artists now so it’s far too early to be making such claims.

    @daveg I agree with Shake. In all honesty I think his death made his legacy what it is and allowed him to become the most influential rapper thus far. He could’ve fell off big time so who knows what could’ve been, the same goes for BIG for anybody who decides to bring up his name and there’s still time for Pac to be surpassed anyhow.

  • dinner

    bon ethered shake with that shit that’ll make your soul burn slow!


  • ianism

    ^^^ not sure i agree with the relevance of a GOAT at all. it doesn’t really matter anyways. music isn’t like sports; record sales and popularity don’t equate to greatness.

    to stick to your reggae topic, since i’ve gotten into reggae, i’ve found that among people who are really, really into it (as in they have searched for and found 1000’s of limited edition vinyls) most don’t seem to consider marley to be the greatest. sure, he was great and made several ‘classic’ (whatever that means) albums, but they see others as making more consistently fantastic music. surely they should know better than the millions of people who have a pirated copy of Legend?

    whatever. i’ma go eat some chocolate chip cookies and milk with my flatmates. peace!

  • b.

    *shakes his head* don’t get classic albums mixed in with the title of “greatest of all time.” that title is a huge one for someone to just easily get. in response, one of my favorite “classic” underground albums is aceyalone’s all balls don’t bounce.

  • Jonnielluminati put his cock between ya mommy

    @Shake its ok, we understand..don’t have to defend yourself and your blog…Nas is G.O.A.T nuff said

  • daveg

    Quick Response
    Pac’s legacy was cemented before he died. Pac was not a rapper in a crowd of other rappers. Of course his passing propelled his status, but he was the GREATEST before he died.
    Shake, we gauge GOAT on the body of work left behind. There are many artists who passed away before their time that are considered GOATS, Marley, Cobain, Elvis, John Lennon…You can’t say “who knows what Pac would be today.”
    We judge off his body of work, his message, his character, his mission, PAC is the GOAT. Nobody could surpass Pac.

  • daveg

    Show me one person in hiphop that means as much as Pac? There isn’t any college classes being taught on Lil Wayne or Jay Z. Come on now.
    Nobody will ever enter hiphop that meant so much in so many forms to so many people…think about it.
    GOAT = 2pac

  • bubsizzle


    Just thought someone should mention his name in this discussion

  • Kamikaze

    Lupe Fiasco is the only “new cat” that could be considered the GOAT. That’s why we mention him, because he represents our generation. So yes, he does belong in this c-section.

    Just saying.

  • who cares

    To me a feel Nas the the potential of being the G.O.A.T or at least one of them.
    To me KRS is G.O.A.T and he’s been in the game long enough to the point where he has enough experience to receive the title

  • Lupe, the only new cat to be considered GOAT?!?!?!?!?!?

    I’m done.

  • Kal

    Don’t sweat the technique.

  • Me. Ill Transcend to a G.O.A.T if its the last thing ill do

  • Kamikaze

    Uh, what new dude you want to give the crown to? I’m too excited to hear this list.

  • |3lackstar

    Fuck outta here on that Lupe shit. He’s nice, but GOAT of this generation? I’d give it to Kanye for that personally, because while he’s mainstream he hasn’t sacrificed any integrity in his music to achieve super stardom IMO. See, this is why GOAT’s can’t REALLY be universal for all fans of the genre, shit’s too personal.

  • Kamikaze

    Kanye is a good contender for it, too. Lupe is more lyrical, but Kanye is [one of] the most lyrical mainstream rappers. Lupe walks that line of mainstream and underground, but yeah.