• smokeherb

    Sick shit. Cant wait for that HRSMN album. Its definitely gonna be the hardest album.

  • east fan

    now this is some good west coast music.

  • DG

    I need this instrumental Shake

  • pr0b

    God damn how the fuck bink be doing it ? .. smh i need this instrumental asap

  • varsityballin

    west sideeeeee

  • daveg

    HELLL YEAAAH. Detox should be soundin like this. Good shit Bink!
    Damn Bink! thats two in a row. Devil in a New Dress is super dope too. Damn this here...whoaaaa

  • D easy

    this is ill
    this Bink beat is great
    verses are on point too
    lol at the dude spittin in pig latin